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Here's my two cents, KCI, but I'm keeping the other 48

Well, I am officially no longer a member of Key Club International, and I’m leaving with a very poor taste in my mouth. Over a massive fifty cents too.

For those who DON’T know, as of July 5, 2014, every Key Clubber now has to pay AT LEAST fifty more cents to join this organization, probably more to be completely honest. To many, it’s not a big deal (very debatable); fifty cents can’t even buy you coffee or boba, but it’s International’s reasoning for pushing the amendment in the first place that’s embarrassing.

Let me get this straight, I still love Key Club. I may be burnt out, and I may not want to do work anymore, but this last ICON just makes me feel gross about where this organization is going. $40k on a two minute video that could have been produced by a high schooler, $60k on a godawful Key Club app, and thousands more on who even knows what have dropped us tens of thousands of dollars in debt, and what does International do to fix this problem? Make Key Club members across the world pay for their mistakes.

What kind of message are we trying to send if our organization isn’t even fiscally responsible enough to keep ourselves from dropping $170k in debt? Are we to follow the branch of Key Club that can barely run themselves administratively? Are we to learn from their example and make sure we make others pay for our mistakes? Are we to be honest and caring servant leaders when those we’re SUPPOSED to look up to lack even the most basic transparency so that WE can understand what will affect us in this organization?

This is an embarrassment to ALL of us as Key Club members AND as a branch of the Kiwanis Family. Whether or not this amendment was truly necessary is no longer even the question. The question is whether or not the example that the “leaders” of this organization are setting is one that we should all follow to be model Key Clubbers.

Here’s to you, Key Club International. I’ve given you all my 2 cents, but until this mess is made up for, neither I nor many of the other individuals that are the ones truly affected by this amendment are willing to give you the other 48. Cheers, and I truly hope that someone fixes this, for our sakes and the sake of the organization we all love.


To those who complained about CNH fighting the amendment as well, I do hope you realize that WE are doing our duty to represent the members that could not attend this convention. Yes, I am sure that you are dying to go buy your overpriced dinners. There were many of us that would have rather been eating as well. Although we may be obnoxious and loud and spirited, we know our duty as leaders in this organization. Do you?


Sneak peek at the new Key Club/CKI/Aktion Membership Update Center


2013 Key Club Recruitment Video

Fall Rally South [11/19/11]

Yesterday morning was horrible, contradictory to the amazing day I was about to have. I had just started my..ahem, “lady problems” the day before, and woke up with horrible cramps at two in the morning. From then on, I couldn’t sleep because I was so uncomfortable. When it was finally six o'clock, I started getting ready. Everything went fine, except that I couldn’t find my memory card for my camera. I honestly don’t know where the heck it went, so I had borrowed my mom’s last minute. 

At school, I found my other part.

If you don’t get the reference, then I’m sorry. :c Haha.

On the bus ride there, I sat with my friends Jenille and Scott, and I honestly don’t know what happened during it. I just know that we laughed until we died. 

Skip to Six Flags!

Hell yeah! I was so excited to get into Six Flags, but we had to wait a really long time. I’m not exactly sure what for, but I think we had to wait for the rest of our division to get there. Slackers [I kid]. So we waited, and admired other division’s spirit gear. Our school didn’t get our shirts in on time, but we had some really cute homemade ones. I was kind of sad that we didn’t get anything else besides pom poms, like giraffe ears, or tails or something. But it’s okay, you do with what you have. I want to try to do everything I can with a position next year to get us amazing spirit gear! :D

We rode on Goliath first, then went on Batman. We rode Scream like three times because there was no line. Hehehe. Our pictures are so attractive. 

Now, to the actual rally. We got in random spirit battles with divisions around us. I honestly can’t tell who wins these things, but I feel like our giraffes did a pretty good job. We waved our pom poms in the air. We waved ‘em like we just didn’t care. All I can remember, is that there was so much yelling. My throat hurts so much now. I probably looked like an idiot, jumping up and down trying to see what was on stage, but I didn’t care. Division 15 made it to the top five divisions for most spirit, and I was SO PROUD. It really made me happy. However, our cheer to be one of the top three didn’t go so well. We kind of just randomly stopped. I don’t think that many people knew the words. We also didn’t start at the same time. I don’t know, I was a little disappointed, but now that I think about it I’m glad we made it in the top five this year! 

Then, after the rally, we stood in the 45 minute long line for french fries that weren’t that great. When we ran to X2, I burned it all off. Haha.

The line to X2 was 90 minutes long, so me and Jenille went to check if Tatsu was long too. I didn’t know Tatsu was on the other side of the park. I didn’t know I ran so slow. I didn’t know that I could get so tired so easily.  But it turned out that Tatsu was 90 minutes too, so me and Jenille ran back, dying from laughter. I can’t even…

We didn’t really meet anyone from other divisions. There wasn’t much mingling going on. We took some random pictures with other divisions, but didn’t even introduce ourselves. Hahaha. Oh well, I wish I met some of you.

So when night fell, we all had to meet up at the front. Me and Jackie gave everyone holding a “Free Hug” sign a hug. Then, we went on the bus and drove home. I had interesting conversations about break dancing with Scott. We both made a new friend named Nathan, who I sat next to. Then, I fell asleep within the last twenty minutes, but Paak kept waking me up. Stupid Paak. 

After, me and Jenille went to Jackie’s house, ate her food, and slept on her couches. 

It was a great day, and I can’t wait to go again next year!

At the close of just the first day on my trip here, my muscles ache with a sense of deliberate dedication to testing my body and mind. I am in a whirlwind of happiness and disbelief that my fingers press down the keys of this all too familiar laptop in an entirely foreign place where trees tower above with shaggy bark and billowing green leaves as long as I am tall. The air hear is not as thick as I had guessed but something about it is sweet with the luxury of this area. What I have seen today is people simply caring about each other- caring to ask questions, caring to hold doors, caring to make friends. Some kind of caringness hopefully brought us all to this city for this week and to the positions each of us possess in Key Club. It is that simple thing that I find myself loving most about today- not just the lights and attractive quality of this hotel in such a beautiful city. The only thing to top such an observation is that today is the very first day. I cannot wait to see what is in store.  

I don’t know if running my KEY Club meeting was a good idea today. It really strained my throat and I’m sick as it is. I have a massive headache and dealing with 60+ people in a small, cramped classroom probably wasn’t very good as to how I was feeling.

But it went well, my roster as 60 people and I’m sure those who turn in applications will add onto that list.

So excited to see how this year pans out.

Day 18

Key Club International. I cant get enough of you! I was in this club for all 4 years of my high school year. I was the treasurer and vice president. All 4 years… it was very inactive sadly. I love doing community service and I love key club. I’m just sad I couldn’t do more with it. I hope to start the circle K club at Southeastern or get it from it in-activeness. I think it will be one of my main supports in college.