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SHINee World 2017 in Kobe Day Two–170204

When Onew was saying “the next song is the last song,” Jonghyun, while tapping Onew’s shoulder with a finger, said “It’s sad, right~” and then Taemin copied [Jonghyun]. Jonghyun grabbed Taemin by the scruff of the neck. He said “Even though I’m older than you….!” And then Taemin replied “Come to the waiting room later.” While laughing Jonghyun let Taemin slide and was sweet to him.

Cr. 5ee_jt Trans: Professorjjong

After Onew said that they were at the last song, Jonghyun put his hand on Onew’s shoulder and, while looking at him, said “that’s too bad…” After this, Taemin said “That’s too bad” cutely in a high voice toward Onew,and then Minho and Key also also said “that’s too bad” to Onew, and he made a really confused face (and was cute).

Cr. ju_konew Trans: Professorjjong


Karasuno Volley Ball Club -a guide-

aoba josai ver. | nekoma ver. (fixed) | dateko ver.| kitagawa daiichi ver. | fukurodani ver.

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i can't do emojis rip but magic AU w/ neil n andrew!!!!

When Nathaniel is six years old, he sets his bed on fire. The smell of smoke and his mother’s screams wake him, but the flames lick gently at his skin like an affectionate pet. Nathaniel, six years old and sleepy, doesn’t understand why his mother clutches him to her chest and whispers harshly in his ear to never, never let the fire loose again. “Don’t let your father see,” she says, and clutches at his shoulders so hard he’ll have bruises the next morning and shakes him until Nathaniel promises.

They’re called powers, he learns later, or gifts, or blessings. At thirteen percent of the population, powered people are too common to be rare but too strange to be trusted. Most go to special schools to train their abilities, but Nathaniel doesn’t because he isn’t powered.

“You’re cursed,” his mother tells him. “Fire is dangerous, deadly. You must never use it, and you must never tell anyone.”

It’s his cardinal rule, though it’s joined, over the years, by others. Don’t disobey your father. Don’t tell anyone how you got injured. Play Exy like your life depends on it.

But always, always, hide your fire.

When Nathaniel is ten years old, he plays Exy with Riko Moriyama and Kevin Day. They’re good, better than him, and Nathaniel has gotten used to being the best in his little league team. He struggles against them, struggles against Kevin’s height and Riko’s brutality, and it’s fun but he’s frustrated. His fire has become more wild lately, burning under his skin, angry at being chained, and it burns higher and hotter inside him every time they score a goal against him, until finally he clashes against Riko and fire races along Nathaniel’s racquet as he slams it against Riko’s in an attempt to steal the ball.

They freeze, staring as one as the net of Nathaniel’s racquet turns to ash.

Finally, Riko says, “my uncle didn’t say you were powered.”

Nathaniel pulls the fire back into himself and it simmers under his skin as he shakes his head in denial or disbelief or regret.

Riko laughs, and Nathaniel turns to see him grinning. “This is good, Nathaniel! All the Ravens are powered, it’s what makes them the best team in the world.” Behind him, Kevin nods but stays quiet. Riko’s expression turns contemplative. “You need to be trained. If you come live here, I can train you.”

The chance to play Exy and use his power everyday. It’s everything Nathaniel’s mother has warned him against, but everything Nathaniel has ever wanted. “I’d like that,” he says, hoarse, and Riko’s grin thins to a smirk, triumphant.

But then Nathaniel’s father carves a man into bits in the lushly carpeted conference room, and Nathaniel’s mother takes him in the dead of night. Nathaniel leaves behind his name and his Exy racquet and his fire.

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Owarimonogatari S2 PV and key visual; airs Summer 2017

Darling (Mark x FemTwinReader) fluff

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Request:  Hello! I just read a lot of your YouTube stuff and I actually really like the twiniplier imagine, if you’re taking requests still do you think you could do another one, maybe one where they fight about who the older twin is?

Warnings: fucking fluff


“No way.”

“I’m not kidding.”

“It’s not kidding, it’s lying.” (Y/n) said “You’re a filthy liar.”

Fiercely, she snatched away the tape measure from Mark’s palms. With a relentless course of action, she pulled out the tape.

“Against the wall.”

(Y/n)’s twin offered an amused breath, standing up right against the pale surface of the wall. The girl briefly checked his feet before lining up the ruler with his form- her face icely dry.

“Five foot ten inches…” she mumbled.

“Ya’ see, sis’? Would I lie to you?” the male lulled, dropping his posture very lightly.

(Y/n) viewed him funnily, pushing back in the measuring tape “I think you would.” she said.

“Oh hush.”

From the couch, Ethan giggled slightly.

“So we know who’s taller- but who’s older?” he asked with a quaint title of his head.

In a parallel unison, both (Y/n) and Mark said:

“I am.”

Taken by humour, Ethan laughed fully. He offered the pair quick darts of his eyes.

All at once, the siblings looked at each other, rival resentment coursing through thin air. Mark squinted his eyes at (Y/n). In return, she eyed him suspiciously.

“I was born June twenty eighth, at nine thirty two in the morning.”

They both said.

“No, you were born at nine forty.”

“No, you were-”

Ethan coughed momentarily before he said:

“It seems we have a communication break here.”

“Yeah, because he isn’t hearing me when I try and tell him the truth- that he was born at nine forty.” (Y/n) defended, crossing both arms and swaying gently away from Mark.

“Sorry, I think I would remember being alive before Satan graced this planet with her presence.” Mark snickered, and so did Ethan.


(Y/n)’s cry of anguish didn’t go unheard, for Tyler responded soundly with a lawful grunt.

“Would you please explain to Mark that I’m older than him?” she whined.

For a couple moments, only soft taps of keyboard keys charmed the air. Then, from the room over, Tyler’s voice became audible.

“I could, but he’s older.” Tyler commented.

Quickly ushered into the air were Mark’s cheers of triumph. He slung one strong arm around his sister’s shoulders, reeling her into him.

“Aw, little sis’ don’t be sad~” the brunette purred, ruffling her hair annoyingly.

“Yeah, (Y/n), don’t cry.” laughed Ethan.

(Y/n) squirmed in Mark’s arms, trying her best to break away. She shrieked fakely and threw around empty threats.

“Ah, no! No little sis’!” Mark laughed, hugging his twin’s wiggling body harder. Her dismay increased.

“No, no, hush darling! Your big brother’s got you!”

Mark and Ethan both crackled wildly, the two siblings spinning in endless loops.

“Mark, let go!” (Y/n) pushed, almost laughing herself.

“Let your big brother love you~!”


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Writing Characters with Enhanced Senses

Characters with extraordinary senses come up a lot. Maybe your character is of supernatural or alien origin, or maybe they were just born with a genetic quirk. Maybe they have a sensory disorder that only makes their hearing seem extraordinary. There are lots of reasons why a character might have extraordinary senses and a lot of different ways those senses might be put to use, but here are some of the drawbacks you might consider when writing a character who has a super sniffer, excellent eyesight, or high-quality hearing!

If your character has super sight, chances are that they can see farther and more clearly than anybody else, which is pretty cool except that the human eye can still only really focus on one thing at a time…so your character might want to be careful not to get distracted when they’re, say, crossing the street. If they’re watching a burglary occur a thousand yards away, they might not notice the car that just whipped around the corner behind them. Other super-drawbacks might include heightened sensitivity to light, color, or movement - and you have to remember that nobody can see three-hundred-sixty degrees at all times, so your character is probably going to have a blind spot (unless they’re an owl). Also, they may frequently look like they’re staring off into space when they’re really just watching something very intently.

Have you ever been standing in a crowd of people who are all talking at the same time? Now imagine if you had super hearing! It can be hard to pick out individual pieces of information or even follow a single conversation when you can hear everyone in a six-block radius…and it’s not just conversations. You can also hear every car, every pet moving around, every jingle of a key, the air moving through the vents, and so on and so forth. This is another one of those abilities that may make it look like your character is just really easily distracted - it’s not that they don’t want to pay attention to their friends, it’s just that they’re playing “name that tune” with a radio four blocks to the southeast!

Think about your shower routine, whatever it might be. How many scented products do you layer on your skin? Soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deoderant, maybe perfume or cologne, shaving cream or aftershave - the list goes on and on. If you had a super nose, you might be able to smell every single layer a person was wearing, and that kind of assault on the nose could be eye-wateringly overwhelming. Consider your reaction to someone wearing strong perfume! There are a lot of other types of smells in the world too, from cut grass and shoe polish to rotting garbage…and a lot of bodily functions have smells too: passing gas, excrement, or urine, menstruation, or sweating, for example. Your character might even be able to smell disease. This type of character might have to wear a mask or a scarf over their face to dull their super-sense, which might give them an odd appearance, but just imagine how much weirder it would look to be standing on a street corner sniffing at the air when all anyone else can smell is car fumes.

What’s the strongest flavor you’ve ever tasted? Maybe it was something fishy, or spicy, or sour. Everyone’s answer is bound to be different, but imagine if every single thing you ever ate or drank tasted that strong. Eventually you might get kind of tired of it and start preparing food that is more bland, right? Alternately, imagine if nothing ever just tasted like itself to you: you’re eating a french fry, but instead of tasting “french fry” you’re tasting potato, salt, oil, the metal of the fryer, the latex in the gloves used to scoop them into the paper tray, the paper tray itself…that would be pretty overwhelming! The major drawback to super taste is that your character might have trouble eating out or eating in front of other people. When you taste a lemon, your face puckers up…just think of how much more sour it would taste with a super tongue!

Did you know that every day you suffer a million tiny hurts and your brain just ignores them so that you can keep on functioning normally? If you had an enhanced nervous system, that might not be the case. Think about the number of tiny things we ignore every day: actions like walking, scratching, accidentally biting your tongue, or blinking could hurt pretty bad if you were super sensitive to touch! People with super touch might have a hard time getting comfortable all the time, and they might have to deal with not liking the feeling of clothes, being annoyed with air moving over their skin, or being extra-sensitive to physical contact. If a hug felt to me like someone was trying to break my ribs, I’d avoid them too!

So what are some things to keep in mind when writing about characters with extraordinary senses, other than drawbacks? Here are some things to consider:

  • Set limits. Your character shouldn’t be able to see past the curve of the earth - that’s just silly! Likewise, if they can hear something happening through the entire planet, you may want to rethink. Consider things like range and clarity when you’re setting limits on super senses: how far away can they see things and how clearly can they see them, for example. When it comes to touch, this is a little more tricky, and you might want to think more about the direct effects of pressure on the character: how much pressure does it take before it hurts?
  • Enhanced senses require enhanced brainpower. I don’t mean that they raise your character’s IQ level, but consider how much effort it takes to sort through and process sensory information. If your character’s brain can’t handle it, they might be in a constant state of sensory overload.
  • Speaking of sensory overload, that might happen to your character sometimes anyway! Everyone faces extreme situations in their lives where their brains just can’t keep up with the workload, and the threshold for that point is probably lower for people with super senses. If you’ve got a character with super hearing and four people are trying to talk to them at once, they might experience sensory overload and have to go recover for a while, so do your research into sensory overload and what to do to help them.
  • Finally, their super sense is going to impact how they experience and relate to other people. Maybe your character doesn’t remember a person’s name or face but they’ll never forget her voice. Maybe they just can’t even be in the house with Great-Aunt Helen because she always wears the same musty old perfume and it gives your character a headache. Maybe your character appears to be constantly zoning out when really they’re just looking closely at peoples’ jewelry. How your character perceives others, and how others view your character, is going to be impacted by their ability - count on it.

If you’re writing about a character with super senses, I hope that this has been helpful and maybe even inspiring to you, and I’d love to hear your thoughts too! Thanks for reading, and good luck!


The New Princess - chapter 11

Pairing: Dean x reader, modern prince!Dean AU

Summary: You look exactly like the princess of Genieve who is promised to marry the prince of your country, Prince Dean. But what happens if the princess doesn’t want to marry him and meets you, her look-a-like?

Words: 4100ish… This got out of hand, but I did have something to make up for.

Warnings: nada

A/N: Hiya friends! The series is back and I hope this time without a 3 month break. In this time I reached 1300 followers (like what? You guys are insane!) so consider this extra long chapter as a celebration and as an apology for my awful timing skills. I hope you enjoy this one and make sure to leave a like and a comment if you liked this chapter! Love y’all!

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The double doors creaked as Jo pushed against the wood, tiptoeing into Ellie’s bedroom, followed closely by Charlie. You hadn’t answered either of their calls, their attempts to wake you up being met by silence. Both of them were getting worried something was wrong. Maybe you had left, tired of this whole circus. What they didn’t expect was the sight before them. There you were, sprawled out across the mattress, fast asleep, still fully clothed.

“Jesus, Y/N, what happened?” the blonde shrieked when she came to a halt at the foot of the kingsize bed.

At her outburst you woke up, only now registering their presence in the room. “Shut up,” you grumbled into your pillow. Your new friends kept whispering back and forward rather loudly, prompting you to throw a cushion in their general direction.

“That was uncalled for,” Charlie replied and she catapulted the object right back at you. An irritated sigh left your lips as you sat up straight. The bright light of the early morning blinded you and you blinked a couple of times, your vision clearing up. You felt disoriented, the gears in your head spinning, searching for memories of yesterday evening and how you had gotten into bed.

That’s when your gaze landed on your body, clothes still on. “Why am I still in my clothes?” Charlie snickered at the frown forming on your face. “Ugh, and what’s that smell?” you questioned until it clicked in your head. “Oh wait, that’s me.” Both of your friends burst out laughing at the disgust written in your features, their shoulders shaking uncontrollably.

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Siren Song Elixirs introduces new Dragon Age inspired fragrances for Fenris, Isabela, & Varric!

Lyrium Ghost - Dragon Age Fenris

Fragrance - Cool lyrium upon the skin, electric to the touch, kissed with the fresh smell of new rain dripping in from the ceiling of an abandoned mansion. Faint wisps of black coconut, bergamot, lime, lavender, rosemary, mint, white gardenias and geraniums hearken back to forgotten days on sunny Seheron and a faded past of playing in majestic gardens as a child. Dry notes of aged white wine linger with a hint of haunting green notes of dry moss and blue musk.

Key notes - Cool blue musk, Mint, Gardenia, White Wine, Fresh Rain

Pirate Queen - Dragon Age Isabela

Fragrance - Salty sea breezes, tropical coconut, black amber, lavender, and exotic violets drift upon the air as she passes, the fragrant smells of the Siren’s Call, rosewood and mahogany, linger upon her skin and hair. She’s beauty and grace but beware her sharp tongue - this pirate’s kiss is laced with spiced, honeyed ale from the Hanged Man.

Key notes - Ocean air, Violets, Coconut, Honey & Ale, Lavender, Mahogany, Rosewood, Spices.

Storyteller - Dragon Age Varric

Fragrance - The aroma of vintage red wine mingles with honeyed mead in the Hanged Man. Smoldering embers from a fire rise from beneath an ancient mahogany mantle where he writes by firelight, accompanied by the smell of aged books he’s collected on his travels.

Key notes - Vintage red wine, Honey Ale, Old Library books, Smoke, Mahogany