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can I get a calum imagine where you broke up cause of management a while ago and he's low key never moved on and he sees you at a party cause your kind of famous too and he sees you with a new guy and he grabs you and is jealous and still loves you THANK YOU

Of course, I am like, totally in love with this idea!

Being with Calum was the time of my life, sure, it was a few months ago, but I loved him dearly. Sometimes, you just have to move on. Many people didn’t even want us to be together, especially his management, they were livid when we got together. We were the perfect couple, we never fought or anything, until management tried to tear us apart, and they did.

My fans, supported me, even through the break up, and Calum’s fans supported me too, which made me so happy. It wasn’t until I was sent to an award ceremony that I had to be placed with someone for publicity. A few days before the award show, me and the guy I was paired with, were sent to go out into town and have a coffee ‘date’.

Mark, was nothing more than a friend to me, he told me about how he had a secret girlfriend that his management didn’t want anyone to know about, and I told him about what happened between Calum and I. “And then management forced us to break up. That was when we had our fist real fight, I tried to tell him even if my management wanted us to break up, I would have still been with him.” I sighed while trying to explain everything to him.

“It was really upsetting because he had to break up with me. Management told him the boys’ contract would be deducted if we stayed together and he couldn’t do that to him. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still love those boys, but it was just heart-breaking, you know?” I looked to Mark who sat across from me in a small booth.

He nodded, “Yeah, I get that, I can see things from both perspectives, but, we’ll be going to that awards show, and I know Calum is going to be there.” He grinned smugly, “And you’re going to talk to him, even if I have to make you.” I giggled, “Ok, it would be nice to talk to him again.” I sighed as Mark cheered.

“Yeah, that’s the spirit!” I nodded and we walked out of the coffee shop together. Outside, the paparazzi were buzzing trying to talk to us, I looked down and hid my blush. it always got to me, I still wasn’t over paparazzi. “Y/n! Y/n! Is this your new boyfriend?” “What about Calum Hood?” “What happened to you guys?” “Did you know he’ll be going to the awards show you’re attending?” Were some of the things being called out to me.

I tried to keep my head down so they wouldn’t notice the tears being welled up in my eyes. It still hurt to think about what happened between Calum and I. Mark dropped me off at my house and the next few days were me mentally preparing to go to the award show.

When Mark and I got to the place, it was a normal award show, and I didn’t see Calum for the most part. the real fun was the after party, music was loud, and blasted throughout the different rooms. “Look Y/n, there’s Calum! Go talk to him!” Mark yelled as we stood in a corner together with some drinks.

“Um, I’m not too sure I can talk to him yet, is there anyway I can practice on you what I’m going to say?” I asked hesitantly. Mark chuckled and nodded his head.

“Ok, Hey Calum,” I giggled, “This is so weird, I’m sorry.” Mark chuckled, “No, it’s fine keep going.” I sighed again, “Listen, I think I still love you, I haven’t stopped thinking about you since we broke up, and I miss you so much. Is there anyway-”

I was dragged away by the arm by someone. When we were a far distance away from mark I turned towards the person and looked at them -it was Calum. “Cal? Hey.” I said uneasily. I noticed him glaring and huffing. His fists were clenched and so were his teeth, I noticed that being his jealous look. “Cal, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“Do you like that guy? You were all over him and telling him how you loved him and missed him, and I know you didn’t date anyone after me, so does that mean you loved him while we were together?” He asked in an aggravated tone. I was about to speak, but he cut me off again.

“I know you probably love him or something, but I love you  ok? I’m sick of sitting back and seeing you with someone else. It drives me crazy and I want you to be happy but-” I cut him off by softly placing my lips to his. He was shocked, but kissed back fairly quickly.

“I was talking to him about what I was going to say to you when I walked up to you, but you beat me to it.” I giggled as he chuckled and kissed me again. “Well, I had a whole speech planned out and everything, but I guess I don’t need it anymore.” He chuckled as I hugged the life out of him.

“I missed you Cal.” I sighed.

“I missed you too.”

This low-key killed my heart it was such a cute ask. Thanks for the request lovely. Sorry for spelling and shit, it isn’t edited. :-)

I can picture Alex and Piper’s wedding so clearly though. Red just sat there with a shit-eating grin on her face when ever anyone compliments the wedding cake/food on the buffet. Gina literally demanding to be the DJ. Lorna trying to give Piper tips on how to “properly” walk down the isle. Boo and Tiffany raiding all the refreshments. Yoda just analyzing all their gifts and what they mean spiritually. Everyone cooing over Lorna’s baby. Nicky and Boo furiously debating over who gets to wear the bridesmaid’s pantsuit. Alex low key cringing at everyone’s dance moves on the dance floor. Nicky making MILF gestures towards Lorna every so often. Probably a food fight. Can I just have this?

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I still cant believe that jong's hand brushed against key's crotch like that (end of 2015).... and a while when jongkey were moving chairs or something to get up and key fit right in front of jong.

Oh, believe it anon because it happened

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That awkward moment when you want to be intimate without being obvious, but end up doing the exact opposite….

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My headcanon is that Padparadscha Sapphires are a variety of Sapphires that have visions of the past instead of future vision. I also think Homeworld underrates their potential and considers them defective Sapphires. Like if a Padparadscha Saph comes out of a kindergarten she is shattered or harvested on the spot. I also think Padpa is the key to PD`s real murderer. Like maybe deeper a Padparadscha Sapphire focuses, deeper her visions will go in the past. So, whaddya think, Gemcrust?

personally, i  think  all sapphires have future vision it’s the standard for them the only difference betweens sapphires are minor  powers like  sapphires cryokinesis, but all of them  are suppose to see the future, padparadschas ability to see the past is being taken out of context, 

i personally don’t think that she can see back into the far off past, as it was stated she can only predict things that already happened in the here and now making her vision really useless.I don’t know where the power to  see into the far off past came from.

as for coloration, think about it the diamonds seem to be all about color i would think yellow diamond would want yellow sapphires and not and not regular blue ones like i’m pretty sure we’ll get to see some of pink diamond sapphires, presumably pink sapphires.

Créme is kei s “friend”. A high ranking cult kidnapped her when they predicted she was going to be a queen. She was successfully brainwashed by the cult , but never received a crown. With nowhere to go (no longer remebering her old life) she gave her self and body to the members of the cult and in return they gave her pretty dresses to wear and stuffed toys and a home. Eventually she was turned into a cult “doll”. The members convinced créme that she was being “loved”, when she was really just getting abused in every way.
‘Queen Sugar’ Ratings Score Core Demo Series High With Season 2 Premiere
There are a lot of unique elements to Queen Sugar, but last night’s Season 2 debut of the OWN series from Ava DuVernay had the rare distinction of returning better than its series premiere la…
By Dominic Patten

There are a lot of unique elements to Queen Sugar, but last night’s Season 2 debut of the OWN series from Ava DuVernay had the rare distinction of returning better than its series premiere last year among the Oprah Winfrey net’s core female demographic. Add to that, the midseason return of The Haves and the Have Nots also saw some bounce.

Relentlessly diving into themes of police violence, celebrity, equality, gender and heartbreak, Tuesday’s 10 PM Kat Candler-directed and Monica Macer-penned “After the Winter” episode of Queen Sugar snagged 2.3 million viewers, a 0.7 18-49 rating and a 2.09 rating among women 25-54. While down 14% in viewers from the Season 1 opener of September 6 2016, last night’s return was even among the 18-49s and up 1% in OWN’s key demo. A very small increase grant but still enough to make the Season 2 premiere of the Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Kofi Siriboe and Rutina Wesley starring show an all-time high among W25-54.

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Hi!! Congrats on the blog 😄 Could I please request some late night texting headcanons between Kirishima and his s/o? Do they use stickers? Who falls asleep first? That kinda stuff :3

Sure thing :3 and thank you ^^

Sorry the first post was so messy!


•Kirishima is a rapid texter, he often makes typos and errors alongside acronyms (ttyl/ily/brb)

•He is the type to spam text because he’s too impatient to type it all out at once

•He likes to send emoji’s and stickers whenever possible because it better shows emotion

•Is not afraid to send selfies after a work out or before bed or after a shower (his S/O doesn’t complain about it)

•Low key anxious if his s/o doesn’t reply fast enough

•High key panics when he sees the three dots and they disappear

•Sends tons of pictures, even captions them at times

•Will stay up till four am messaging his S/O because he adores them

•Probably sends lots of pictures of dogs (s/o returns with more dog pictures)

•C o m p l I m e n t S

•“You can sleep if you wanna” “you don’t have to stay up w/ me” “you need your sleep, though you’re already beautiful enough!”

•Falls asleep hugging his phone because he misses his S/o

•“I’m sorry i fELL ASLEEP LAST NIGHT” (“Kiri your fine stop apologizing”)

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''Sees Otabek and Yuri's new key chain'' Me: *Dies*


They are smiling. Holding each other. Wearing suits and corsages. Dressed for our funeral.

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I've been calling you Ciri, pronounced like "Siri" (although I found out it's key-rey :O)! I always get excited to see you on my dash so sometimes it comes out mentally in a higher pitch, which is weird but there you go!

aw man that is the cutest ask ever ouo !!!! omg i know your name tho, when i see you in my notifications i usually call u “wonda” in my head :D :D


I haven’t seen a Tumblr explosion of pictures yet, so here’s a preview of what’s inside the Animestyle issue with the YOI feature. I’m planning to upload better-quality pictures once I have decent light quality. (EDIT: Better quality here.)

Included in the issue:

-image of the pre-airing poster (the all-blue costume images on the website),
-Phichit’s group selfie on the ice with all skaters in costume
-Animestyle cover without text

-2-page character design sketches of Yuuri, Victor, and Yurio

-6-page interview with producer Otsuka Manabu

-part of the ep1 scene of Yuuri skating Stammi Vicino - step sequence into the camel spin with change of foot (60/117 key frames published in the magazine). 

-various comparisons of the key frame drawing and the finished anime frame

-key frames of what seems to be the opening scene of Yurio’s EX (23 frames)

-8-page interview between staff members (including character designer Tadashi Hiramatsu)
-a few key frames of Minako and Yuuko
-key frames of the beginning of Minami’s FS with little shimmy (25 frames)
-key frames of J.J.’s combination spin (frames 4-59)

Bonus pics:

Celebrating 17 Years of NASA’s ‘Little Earth Satellite That Could’

The satellite was little— the size of a small refrigerator; it was only supposed to last one year and constructed and operated on a shoestring budget — yet it persisted.

After 17 years of operation, more than 1,500 research papers generated and 180,000 images captured, one of NASA’s pathfinder Earth satellites for testing new satellite technologies and concepts comes to an end on March 30, 2017. The Earth Observing-1 (EO-1) satellite will be powered off on that date but will not enter Earth’s atmosphere until 2056. 

“The Earth Observing-1 satellite is like The Little Engine That Could,” said Betsy Middleton, project scientist for the satellite at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. 

To celebrate the mission, we’re highlighting some of EO-1’s notable contributions to scientific research, spaceflight advancements and society. 

Scientists Learn More About Earth in Fine Detail

This animation shifts between an image showing flooding that occurred at the Arkansas and Mississippi rivers on January 12, 2016, captured by ALI and the rivers at normal levels on February 14, 2015 taken by the Operational Land Imager on Landsat 8. Credit: NASA’s Earth Observatory  

EO-1 carried the Advanced Land Imager that improved observations of forest cover, crops, coastal waters and small particles in the air known as aerosols. These improvements allowed researchers to identify smaller features on a local scale such as floods and landslides, which were especially useful for disaster support. 

On the night of Sept. 6, 2014, EO-1’s Hyperion observed the ongoing eruption at Holuhraun, Iceland as shown in the above image. Partially covered by clouds, this scene shows the extent of the lava flows that had been erupting.

EO-1’s other key instrument Hyperion provided an even greater level of detail in measuring the chemical constituents of Earth’s surface— akin to going from a black and white television of the 1940s to the high-definition color televisions of today. Hyperion’s level of sophistication doesn’t just show that plants are present, but can actually differentiate between corn, sorghum and many other species and ecosystems. Scientists and forest managers used these data, for instance, to explore remote terrain or to take stock of smoke and other chemical constituents during volcanic eruptions, and how they change through time.  

Crowdsourced Satellite Images of Disasters   

EO-1 was one of the first satellites to capture the scene after the World Trade Center attacks (pictured above) and the flooding in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. EO-1 also observed the toxic sludge in western Hungary in October 2010 and a large methane leak in southern California in October 2015. All of these scenes, which EO-1 provided quick, high-quality satellite imagery of the event, were covered in major news outlets. All of these scenes were also captured because of user requests. EO-1 had the capability of being user-driven, meaning the public could submit a request to the team for where they wanted the satellite to gather data along its fixed orbits. 

This image shows toxic sludge (red-orange streak) running west from an aluminum oxide plant in western Hungary after a wall broke allowing the sludge to spill from the factory on October 4, 2010. This image was taken by EO-1’s Advanced Land Imager on October 9, 2010. Credit: NASA’s Earth Observatory

 Artificial Intelligence Enables More Efficient Satellite Collaboration

This image of volcanic activity on Antarctica’s Mount Erebus on May 7, 2004 was taken by EO-1’s Advanced Land Imager after sensing thermal emissions from the volcano. The satellite gave itself new orders to take another image several hours later. Credit: Earth Observatory

EO-1 was among the first satellites to be programmed with a form of artificial intelligence software, allowing the satellite to make decisions based on the data it collects. For instance, if a scientist commanded EO-1 to take a picture of an erupting volcano, the software could decide to automatically take a follow-up image the next time it passed overhead. The Autonomous Sciencecraft Experiment software was developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, and was uploaded to EO-1 three years after it launched. 

This image of Nassau Bahamas was taken by EO-1’s Advanced Land Imager on Oct 8, 2016, shortly after Hurricane Matthew hit. European, Japanese, Canadian, and Italian Space Agency members of the international coalition Committee on Earth Observation Satellites used their respective satellites to take images over the Caribbean islands and the U.S. Southeast coastline during Hurricane Matthew. Images were used to make flood maps in response to requests from disaster management agencies in Haiti, Dominican Republic, St. Martin, Bahamas, and the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The artificial intelligence software also allows a group of satellites and ground sensors to communicate and coordinate with one another with no manual prompting. Called a “sensor web”, if a satellite viewed an interesting scene, it could alert other satellites on the network to collect data during their passes over the same area. Together, they more quickly observe and downlink data from the scene than waiting for human orders. NASA’s SensorWeb software reduces the wait time for data from weeks to days or hours, which is especially helpful for emergency responders. 

Laying the Foundation for ‘Formation Flying’

This animation shows the Rodeo-Chediski fire on July 7, 2002, that were taken one minute apart by Landsat 7 (burned areas in red) and EO-1 (burned areas in purple). This precision formation flying allowed EO-1 to directly compare the data and performance from its land imager and the Landsat 7 ETM+. EO-1’s most important technology goal was to test ALI for future Landsat satellites, which was accomplished on Landsat 8. Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

EO-1 was a pioneer in precision “formation flying” that kept it orbiting Earth exactly one minute behind the Landsat 7 satellite, already in orbit. Before EO-1, no satellite had flown that close to another satellite in the same orbit. EO-1 used formation flying to do a side-by-side comparison of its onboard ALI with Landsat 7’s operational imager to compare the products from the two imagers. Today, many satellites that measure different characteristics of Earth, including the five satellites in NASA’s A Train, are positioned within seconds to minutes of one another to make observations on the surface near-simultaneously.

For more information on EO-1’s major accomplishments, visit:

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sweet creature


after being overseas for six years, bucky is struggling to adjust. being home after an honorable discharge isn’t as easy as the movies make it seem, but could you and your child be the key to bucky’s happiness?

pairing: bucky x reader

word count: ~10K 

warnings: angst, children, mentions of abandonment, nightmares, mentions of PTSD, mentions of guilt, mostly fluff, happy ending

a/n: this is for @bionic-buckyb‘s 5K AU writing challenge. my prompt was number 18 (“I’m such an idiot. I made the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”), and i may have gone a bit overboard (like way overboard) but. oh well. i hope you guys like it! 

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