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Practicing.. Oh God

SHINee meets NCT Dream
  • Onew :* gives 90 degree bow, chill, nods and laughs to everything NCT says *
  • Jjong :* sings chewing gum and does a random dance, thinks NCT Dream members are puppies, hugs Jaemin.. doesn't want to let him go *
  • Key :* first one to shout "NCT DREEEEAAAAMMMM" takes photos.. uploads Instagram with a caption "chewing chewing gum NCT" *
  • Minho :* says "OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE" every two minutes, hugs Mark, "You love me the most,right Mark?"
  • Taemin :* laughing through the pain, constantly reminds himself he is cool and to act professionally... "hyungs why pay more attention to them ?.. I AM YOUR BABY.. PAY. MORE. ATTENTION. TO. ME."

(ENG SUB) [KCON.TV original] SHINee Ranting Monkey EP08 - Behind The Show [FULL]
cr: Yuie U


Amber WTF…no wonder Key was pissy with you, after you shoved him out of the way like that   (ノ_・。)

Amber’s Ranting Monkey ep 8