He Kexin, post-Olympics

Interviewer says everyone goes for the gold and asks her why didn’t she just gamble and do the 7.4 d score routine.

He Kexin: It’s not about what I want, it’s that I really can’t do it. These few days only when I am at optimal form can I attempt that routine and that does not happen every day. And to be frank these days I haven’t rested much. My body feels weak. I tried it yesterday…

Interviewer asks who made that decision.

He Kexin: I discussed it with my coaches but I made that decision myself. Because no matter how well they understand you, no matter how much hope they place on, you they won’t understand you the way you do. Because compared to 2008 I have been through a lot so I know it’s more important to do what you can handle well and not let that opportunity slip than to attempt something impossible.


Yao Jinnan BB aka I don’t know why I recorded this this shouldn’t exist

Summary of all round competition

The overall performance of the chinese flowers in the all round competition is not as spectacular as the one they put up in the team final. However, there are some REALLY good routines and general consistencies still improved compared to a few years back. The commentator He Kexin mentioned that many flowers are tired and in a poor state today so it partially explains their performance. 

The gold medal obviously goes to our wonderful songsong. Really consistent performance though she can STILL do better. Scored a 13.800 on vault with a step on FTY, 15.400 on bars with a late pirouette, 15.500 on beam without her BHS + LOSO x2, and 14.800 with a really lackluster floor (by her standard anyway) with a *yikes* 3 ½ twists and a failed gomez. Still, she easily clinched gold with a 59.550 (total of 0.5 internal bonuses)

The silver medal come as a surprise. Underdog Mao Yi, known for her talent in twisting elements as well as her inconsistencies, put up a great show today. She started the day with a bang as the only competitors who successfully completed a DTY in the game, with a 15.400 (0.2 bonus). She almost lost it on bars with a near fault but calmed her nerve, scoring a low but not catastrophic 13.050. On her nemesis beam, she displayed her improvements by completing her elements successfully, scoring a personal high of 14.450. She ended the game with a 15.200 floor featuring a stellar 3 ½ twist into front pike, with 0.3 bonuses. Overall, she scored 58.100 with 0.6 total bonuses. 

Liu Tingting is the bronze winner. She started the day with a crash on vault, scoring only 14.100. Her bars was decent but there are some late pirouettes, scoring 15.300. Going after Wang Yan on beam, she almost lost it several times but showed tremendous effort in disguising her wobbles and eventually scored a 14.300. On floor, she put up a good performance and scored 14.250. Her scores added up to be a 57.950 

Wang Yan missed the podium by only 0.1. She started the day with the lackluster DTT and decent bar, but fell on her front tuck 1/1 on her beam. She scored a 15.000 on floor with a good routine, though, adding up to 57.850 with (1.0 internal bonus - yep, 1.0)

All in all, the top fours showcased some really good routines despite the falls, but they do look very tired. I hope they can have a good rest and give their best in the event finals :).