Learn the tender love dance! Ft. Chanbaek

Step one

Grab your smol or tol boyfriend lightstick and start moving your arms side to side

Step two

Be in perfect sync with your boyfriend step front, step back then wave your hands like you just don’t care, then twirl

Step three

Be utterly adorable with your boyfriend repeat step two and then while waving arms lower them

Step four

Have adorable compatibility with your boyfriend practically do step two

Step five

Have da height difference with your boyfriend twirl, step front step back, start jumping

Step six

Have relationship goals with your boyfie practically do step six but instead of the jump do that one thing

Step seven

Kill people with you and your boyfriend’s cuteness after you do the thing step front step back the wave dat lightstick

Step eight

Get happily married to each other twirl twirl, step front step back then…

Step nine

Forever love each other GO CRAZY!!!

And that has been dance lessons with Chanbaek, we hope to see you next time~


i think a lot of the reason male vegans are such assholes is to make sure no one thinks theyre just oversensitive, weepy women who thinks animals are just too kewt to eat


Well I guess that a lot of yall don’t know a lot about me since I don’t post personal things on this blog! So if you want to know my main blog is @hanbinhateblog​ and I was tagged but the kewt @jinscollarbone​ aaaaaayyy :^DDD

Rules: Tag 10 followers you’d like to get to know better!

Name: Sarah! But u can call me Satan/Hoe/ or Smol 

Birthday: October 17th! /ILL BE 18 SOON AYY/

Sign/Zodiac: Libra

Gender: F

State/Country: France!

Siblings: 2 older brothers

Height: 5″ // 150cm yes i know

Favorite colour(s): TEAL or any light color tbh

Time right now: 11:20 pm

Wake Up: 11 am I think?

Average hours of sleep: a lot

Lucky number: 5


Number of blankets i sleep with: One

Favorite subject: Art /lol/

Favorite fictional character: I CANT CHOOSE ONE but these days its Nicky from oitnb

Favorite book: Forgive me Leonard Peacock

Favorite kdrama: I never watched any kdrama lmao im too lazy

Favorite bands/artists: Bts, Ikon, melanie martinez

Fave food: Traditional food are the best lets face it

Dream job: Working in the animation or smt

Dream Vacation: Israel bc I miss my country

What am I wearing right now: over sized t that my bro gave me

When did you create your blog: 2 years ago I think??

Current amount of followers: on my main blog 3k++ and here ALREADY 900 + ITS BEEN ONE WEEK LIKE WHAT

What do you post about: my main blog: drawing + kpop+ me hoeing on everyone and here drawing and bad puns

Do you have any other blogs: wel yea hanbinhateblog hehe

When did your blog reach it’s “peak”? (when did you get more followers, have popular posts etc): main blog: when i began the bts drawing scenarios and here well since the beginning i guess???

Who is your most active follower: i’m too lazy to look at it heheh

What made you decide to get tumblr: bc i wanted to know more about exo and bam i became a hoe well

Do you get asks on a daily basis: well yea hehe

Why did you choose your url: BC ITS LITERALLY THE AIM OF MY BLOG

Relationship status: dating yoongi

Pets: :^( 0

Cats or dogs: :^(((((((((((((

Coke or pepsi: coke ofc

Lemonade or ice tea: LEMONADE

Text or call: none i pref to see the person irl

Chapstick or lipstick: (dark) lipstick

smile or eyes: smile

shorter or taller: tbh everyone is taller than me so yea

city or country: cityyyyyyyyy

Last song i listened to: Just go by Ikon

Met a celebrity: not rlly??

Bonus- favourite pairing: me x sugamon or me x hanbin or me x ssam d 


So Mark is team instinct and a big baby. It also reminded me of how awesome those pokemon preschooler trainers are, I love the poses of the ponemon sun and moon games so I went with that! So here;s to our cute babuh Markimoon with his charizard and zapdos plushies. Reach for the stars you kewt lil baby!

@therealjacksepticeye this is kinda your fault but at least it’s adoreable, humm.. what kind of trainer would Jack be though?

anonymous asked:

firen, dat gif of u for international kissing day is TOO CUTE. surely if u were a cat, u couldn't pull off dat gud a h00man suit!!!

Cat Fren, y u keep attempting 2 get me 2 admit 2 hoominhood?!

Obviously teh fact dat I’m kewt proves I’m a cat. How could hoomins be cute being all hairless n lanky wif sticks up der bums?

But we also gotta ask ourselves: