kewpie flash


I was tagged by @nerdygeekypastrychef to post five random things! Thanks babe! Wheeeee!

1. New Mexican “Christmas” huevos rancheros because I’m nostalgic for the food of my home state ❤️🌶
2. Fuckin’ BAT garters!! (Photo courtesy tenaciouscurves) 🦇💕
3. Bathsalts Kewpie from some flash at my tattoo shop that saltandbyrne agreed Fuckpig!Chad definitely has inked on his body 💉
4. This little snack hole…. 🤤🤤🤤
5. The most delicious red wine you’ll ever drink (a Pinot Noir and Syrah blend from Hungary) 🍷

I’m tagging @saltandbyrne @clearlylostmymind @homo-pink @dollyluxe @secretproblemsihave @silver9mm @sammichgirl @baronsamediswife @mwildsides @blood-wives and anyone else who wants to be random today