thigh riding with jared; headcannons

nsfw work again but what did you expect?

-f u c k he loves it when you ride his thigh

-like it is the sexiest shit to him oh my god

-it’s started off this one time when you two were playing video games

-as most kinky things always do, if you’re pickin’ up what I’m throwing down

-*cough* spanking and orgasm denial

-but that’s not what this hc list is about rn okayp

-ANYWHO, you’re sitting on his lap, both of you facing the tv -you two have kinda been teasing each other the whole time

-you’re losing the game, so you start frustratingly moving yourself around 

 -and Jared kinda rolls his eyes 

 -you lose again and you’re like !!!!! NOT FAIR

 -but then you realize ooOoOo if you casually move your body so you’re lowkey straddling his leg, you can fuck with him

 -so you pretend that you’re just trying to readjust to get more comfortable

 -you start the game again, and in the middle of the round and you start grinding into his leg just a teeny bit

 -jared doesn’t really get what’s going on before

-he’s super focused on beating the shit out of you in this game

-so you decide subtle isn’t going to cut it

-you start to move your hips more, only half-focused on the game

-and you’re like,, f u c k this feels good

-jared goes

- ‘babe stop moving’

-you don’t answer, but you do put your controller down, completely abandoning the game

-he starts to get confused, and he kinda glances down at your body

-and he sees you moving and thinks like 

 are they doing what I think they’re doing?

-you know he’s looking at you and you’re lowkey smirking but he can’t see that 

-you moan really quietly and now jared fully realizes that you’re fucking dry humping his leg

‘are you fucking kidding me, y/n?’

-at this point he’s now  frantically glancing back and forth between you and the screen, trying to figure out which one he wants to focus on

-but then you moan his name

-and he tosses his controller to the side in like .2 seconds

-and puts his hands on your hips and kinda pushes you down harder against him

-‘fuck, jared’

‘i can’t believe you’

‘fuck off’

-despite him trying to act like you were being annoying, you could tell he was into it because you could feel him pushing and pulling your hips 

-you start to pick up the pace at which you’re moving

- ‘you look so pretty like this, baby. fuck.’

-and you become like a whimpering, moaning mess

-he starts to kiss the side of your neck

-and his hands are gripping your thighs s o  h a r d 

-‘are you gonna come for me, baby?’

- you moan ‘yes’ super quietly 

-‘louder. i can’t hear you.’

‘yes, fuck, i-i’m gonna cum.’

-he starts sucking hickeys wherever your skin is exposed

-and you c u m  h a r d

-after that whole experience it becomes quite a regular thing

-like you’ll come over and he’ll just pull you onto his lap and start moving you against thigh

-he thinks you look insanely sexy, just moaning his name and getting off like that

-and you’re obviously not complaining


-i’m finnnnnished