Kevyn Aucoin “Bloodroses” Lip Products

A deep, dark, vampy obsession. 

If you are EQUALLY obsessed with deep dark lips but are wondering which of the 4 products above is right for you, I’ve got the swatches above.

But if you need more information on textures and tones, and a more detailed review of each of the products, click on the page below!

UNDER HYPED: Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow Sculpting Duo

Kevyn Aucoin is often referred to as the king of contouring and I have to agree, his sculpting powders are one of the most popular products for contouring to date… His creamy glow duo however, doesn’t get anywhere near as much recognition.  Whether you’re a beginner with contouring or a pro, this duo is perfect for contouring & highlighting the face. The contouring shade is a creamy, neutral brown (not too warm, but not overly cool and ashy either) the formula is pigmented upon first application, but blends out to a beautiful, sheer skin-like contouring shade. If you’re someone who’s fair you can finally rejoice about the fact there’s a contouring product that doesn’t make you look like you’ve got bright orange streaks down the side of your face. However, I couldn’t see this showing up very well on those with a darker skintone well. As for the highlighter, this stuff is dreamy. It’s a gorgeous luminous and dewy transparent cream with the tiniest amount of finely milded champagne shimmer, if you’re after the perfect Victoria Secret glow, buy this. It would be flattering on every skintone and is one of my all-time favourite highlighters. Despite being easily blendable and sheer creams these last an incredibly long amount of time on the skin, I can apply these in the morning and they still look fresh later in the day. My only gripe with this is that the packaging is poorly designed, not only is it tiny, but you don’t get equal amounts of both product but other than that it’s surprisingly affordable for such a good quality product and reminds me a lot of the Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate Duo. All in all I LOVE this product and I am completely blown away by the quality and how beautiful they look on the skin, I use this almost every-time I do my makeup and it never fails to impress. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

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My fave images from Kevyn Aucoin’s last two books.

1. This first picture has probably been the most influential image to me in terms of how I apply makeup. I love everything about it: the perfectly blended black eyeshadow on the upper lashes, cool beige on the upper and lower lids, sophisticated ombré lip and pale brows. It’s perfect.

2. This is probably the most important smoky eye of all time. It was Kevyn’s huge departure from the Way Bandy heavy, diffused smoky eye; Kevyn contoured the lid and gradated the shadow perfectly. In 1996-7 everyone and their aunt was taking this picture to their local cosmetics counter and asking for that look.

3. Kevyn was the king of period looks.

4. This is the best matte highlight look ever.

5. That eye shape is everything.

6. Hugely influential to me. I looove doing a bold lip with just tons of black, curled upper lashes and pale shimmer eyeshadow.

7. That cut crease, perfect brow, overlined lip combo is everything.

8. I love those pencil thin brows with the super diffused chocolate crease

9. Again, all matte everything. And those neutrals 😍

10. Just perfect makeup.