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Imagine 10, 20 or 30 years from now… and all your favorite youtubers are living different lives away from youtube, social media, away from the internet. Your life is different also, since they left the internet for good, you also left the internet because you already have a family and definitely have more responsibilities now.

Then imagine one day, maybe at a grocery store, you saw one of your favorite youtuber… then you remember all the internet feels. You remember your teenage years, the time you spent on youtube just watching their videos, at tumblr reblogging their gif and at twitter reading their tweets. You Remembered the fandom that became your instant bestfriends, the ships, the otp’s! The fanfictions you wrote! The fanfictions you read that broke your heart! You remembered how much it brought you so much joy, inspiration and comfort in your little room.

The nostalgia was too much that out of nowhere, water from your eyes touched your cheeks. You didn’t think about it but you approached your favorite youtuber and hugged her! You hugged her tight and whispered two simple words: t h a n k  y o u …

When you let go, you immediately turned your back and 
You didn’t want to see her reaction.
You weren’t able to see her face,
You didn’t saw her smile.
You didn’t saw her cry a little.

You got back to your car, then your kid asked: Who was that mom?
You still can’t believe what happened. You were still overwhelmed with the feels coming back.

So you just smiled and answered:

Just a wonderful part of my memory :)

anonymous asked:

did u have an emo phase

no i just sort of passively observed my friends’ emo phases bc i wasn’t allowed to have internet in like 2006-2008 when punk/emo/scene shit was at its peak. we were all in a writing club and they would write about the most appalling, genuinely depressing things, wore, like, tight neon green skinny jeans and eyeliner, and were obsessed w patd and fob and the academy is and shit like that. i would just like laugh about their myspace drama while never really understanding it since i couldn’t go online myself. i just listened to bollywood music and hillary duff bc the only western music my parents let us buy was disney music hahahaha :/ but then in 2008/09ish once i sort of pushed back on my parents’ over-protectiveness, i got an ipod and learned how to pirate music and eagerly wanted to listen to eVERYTHING i had never known was out there. so i listened to (and honestly loved) a few emo/punk-y/pop-rock-ish bands when i was in that explorative phase like sleeping with sirens and mcr and thirty seconds to mars and muse. but it was on the dl, and i somehow never really knew there was a whole like ~scene~ associated w that general genre of music hahaha. (and incidentally 08-09 was when i started watching youtubers!! jst a few of the really popular people like ryan higa and kevjumba and wongfu and jenna marbles, but somehow never found a certain amazingphil hahah) 


KevJumba Takes on Pole Dancing w/ Harry Shum Jr.

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After Us - New Short - Trailer

A new Short film exploring the path to recovery after a difficult break up. After everything shared. After Us.

When your whole life surrounded another person, it can seem impossible to imagine life without them. After what you shared, after your love… after us

A new SHORT film written & directed by Philip Wang
Written with Christine Chen
Produced with Wesley Chan, Christine Chen, Chris Dinh, Ted Fu

Victoria Park
Kevin Wu

Music: April Nhem

ATTENTION: A lot of people are going to think this is the full length movie we have been working on. Sorry, no, this is not the “Wong Fu Movie”, it’s just another short film like we normally make. A special project we shot before we started working on the movie.

Coming August 26