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I have a confession to make. A month ago, even though i’m Asian, not that i’m being a racist or something, i just don’t find these guys attractive at all. And one boring night, i stumbled into Ryan Higa’s video and i’m like, “Whaaaaaaaat?”. At first i’m not really that impress you know then i had kept on clicking his links one video after another and Man, I just really couldn’t surpass my giggles. I mean, comedy is one of the hardest thing to do  and yet he does it effortlessly. And i’m just sooo amaze on how witty and wholesome he is! Little did i know, i was getting addicted to his videos and he’s just really really cute . Seriously. Maybe i was such a loser for only noticing it now because other people had been watching all his flicks for years now, but  i’m just totally awed by him. And then there are some videos were he features KevJumba on it and i’m like, “Oooh, that guy is cute!” so that’s when i started watching his videos too. But not that i’m being bias but i still prefer Ryan. Haha. And then yesterday my friend and i had watched the movie, The Maze Runner and we think  it’s great! I mean, Dylan is awesome yet seriously? Our eyes were only for “Minho” in there. Haha No other than Ki Hong lee! He’s a stud bro! We’re like, “Damn those biceps!” Hahaha Oh well, sorry for being such a loser by realizing these things only now. I guess, i’m now officially a sucker for Asian funny, witty, hot, and very very cute guys too. haha  :)