Clarity is Confidence

Kevin Windham retired from motocross last weekend.  A real champion of the sport, he earned the respect of competitors and fans with his consistency, enthusiasm and riding style. But, after mounting an inspiring comeback from an injury plagued 2012, he found it difficult to compete and ride safely. As he openly talked through his decision, Kevin made a comment that caught my attention:

“If you aren’t riding with clarity, you are asking for your fears to come upon you.”

Kevin had raced with clarity for years.  Clarity is what can elevate you above polarizing distractions and fears. Find clarity and the game slows down, you relax and decisions can be made quickly and easily. I also call it “flow state”.  All important in Kevin’s world. Did Kevin have clarity to race?  No, but he found it in his decision to retire and start the next race.  In our own ways, we’ve all been there.  Simply substitute “racing" with whatever drives you and ask yourself the same question.

Rock on K-dub.