kevinturnr asked:

since vidcon only happens once a year, you should use the other 11 months to showcase small vloggers - maybe just post one a month or so.

That’s a good idea. We might just do that i’ll make a mental note of it.


kevinturnr asked:

i laughed aloud. because. you know. you take great photos. tumblr is fine, i was just wondering if you had them all somewhere to look at. :]

Oh my goodness, I don’t think you realize how flattered I am.  I’ll probably get around to creating a flickr account eventually.  I will let you know. :)

kevinturnr asked:

(more) Advice for first time goers: Be friendly! I met two great people in the taxi from the airport and we hung out all weekend. Tell people who you are, ask them about themselves, follow each other on twitter! It's VidCon and EVERYONE IS JUST LIKE YOU. Make yourself talk to as many people as possible, but be yourself the whole time. :]

It’s funny, at the first and second year of VidCon when I arrived at LAX i could totally sense people who were there for VidCon. (mainly because a few of them had cameras pointed to themselves) 

Anyways my point is, I also met a few people on a shuttle bus who were going to VidCon too. A good tip to really make the best of the weekend is to talk to as many people as you can.