20 days challenge » day 2
Their  first date
⇒ 1x05 - Date Night

Scotty: "With me coming out was never an issue. I was so gay so quickly, there was no use in arguing with anybody about it. With you, I imagine it was more like pulling teeth.“
Kevin: "No, I was, I was just a late bloomer, that’s all. I didn’t come into this world loving clothes or musical theater. I was keeping it all pretty much to myself until senior year when I hooked up with this guy in his attic. Anyway, when I finally told mom, she immediately joined parents and friends of lesbians and gays.”
Scotty: "Oh…“
Kevin: "No, no, "oh.” I became her cause celebre. I was an exchange student in my own home.“
Scotty: "How did you get so cute?”
Kevin: "I was born this way. What’s your excuse?“

bomercriss asked:

i miss this show so much and i love your blog!! so few brothers and sisters fans on tumblr, man. also you may enjoy my url haha :)

OH MY GOD. you’re the one with the story about riker. oh my god I was there that day. but I was in the near-front of the second line and eugh I had a box of chocolates for cory and a letter and i didn’t get to meet him. ME CREYS.

but thanks so much I love your url!!! I know, it’s utterly ridiculous the lack of B&S on tumblr.