Come on by @culturebrewingco in Solana Beach on Cedros this Friday night, April 3rd from 5-9 for a photo show I am doing with my buddy, @kevinroche I will be exhibiting some skate and art photos and Culture will have their usual arsenal of finely crafted beers including their Triple IPA. Our photos will be available for purchase. Kids and dogs are welcome, so no excuses. 111 S. Cedros. @tonyhawk #tonyhawk #kevinroche #blackandwhite #craftbeer #culturebrewingco #ipa #skatephotography #skatephotographer #surfphotography #skatelegends #skateboarding #theskateboardmag @theskateboardmag #grantbrittain

Cummins Corporate Office Building, Kevin Roche architect (1983). #indiana #columbusindiana #columbusin #modernoffice #cumminsinc #kevinroche #igersindiana #igersmidwest #columbuslandmarks #jackcurtislandscape #rochedinkelooassociates #precastconcrete #glass #architecture #columbusarchitecture

Cummins Engine Company Sub-Assembly Plant by Kevin Roche, Columbus, IN 1975 #columbusin #kevinroche The Cummins Engine Company sub-assembly plant is a building of 572,000 square feet built to produce diesel engine components. The site is 322 acres of which approximately 200 acres are heavily wooded.

The design inserts the manufacturing facility into the rural landscape with minimum damage to the ecology. The building is located in a corner of the woods which was previously logged. It is partially sunken to a depth of seven feet with the excavated earth banked up on the exposed side. The layout of the plant provides all occupants with a view of the outside. In the middle of the manufacturing area is a landscaped courtyard completely surrounded by glass. Use of light and the outside environment is facilitated by the slanted glass roof of the cafeteria, located in the southwest corner of the building.

Using the roof for parking provides a convenient and pleasant access to work stations for employees. Escalators lead directly down through lounges to the working space which is light and airy and with no part more than ninety feet from an uninterrupted view of the outside. Surrounding this space is a perimeter ring of offices, and these too have a direct view of the woods enclosing three sides of the plant.

This factory was proclaimed a prototype of future factory buildings in the early 1970’s. A model was on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City in a three-man architectural display entitled, Work in Progress: Architecture by Philip Johnson, Kevin Roche, Paul Rudolf. via Instagram

Musician Earl Flores dropped by at the perfect time. Absolutely loved collaborating with @kevinroche and @seaweedandgravel 👌

PHOTO VIA INSTAGRAM by seaweedandgravel - A classic shot, a result of things happening organically at Seaweed. @nicolekayclark shooting with @kevinroche and our good friend and musician Earl Flores drops by to make this iconic shot possible.

Happy Friday from Seaweed in the flowers with @aldensteimle by @kevinroche hat, kimono, bell bottoms from instore. (at Seaweed & Gravel)

PHOTO VIA INSTAGRAM by seaweedandgravel - Ride! This Saturday.. Start off this weekend right with a ride with #seaweedandgravel route tbd. Meet at Seaweed at 10:00am. All are welcome. photo by @kevinroche