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olivia takes a balloon in the butt from a former friend

Rabble Rabble!!

Kevin Pereira is in town at Harford County Fair and I cant even find anyone to go with me to meet him and try out to be on his new game show. All while simultaneously liberating some farm animals from their cages. This could be the most awesome adventure that I will miss because I have no good friends and the ones I have suck donkey dick.

Kevin Pereira left Attack of the Show

Kevin left aots today. :/ I’m pretty bummed about it right, and probably will be for awhile. I’m sure the show will still be good without him. The ending to the show today was pretty cool. Showing a few things Kevin had done in his past on the show and the part when he was in the parking garage, I was not expecting that. Haha. 

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olivia munn and kevin pereira being awesome.