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Enzo, thanks for your comment about Darren. I really want to do more street portraits, as there are so many people who are so interesting visually. I think I'm just going to have to steel myself and do it. Best, Kevin.

Thanks a lot for your reply, Kevin … yes, you should do it definitely if you feel some kind of urge to do it … it’s a real thrill and it often turns out not to be that hard if you kind and friendly … anyway – wish you good luck!

Peace & happiness, Enzo

kevinnance replied to your post: So I was searching for found slide ima…

And when I say “you,” I mean the dream you in the picture. I know it’s not really you.

Whoever she is is beaming. I really like the image, even if it didn’t feature my doppelganger. I like to think that I’m smiling because time-traveler me knows the sort of random images present-day me searches for on the internet and knows I will find this and get a kick out of it.

kevinnance replied to your post:I’m not meaning to sound creepy but how’s your episiotomy doing? I don’t know if it was just my experience, but I’m surprised you’re not - uncontrollably - blogging about the searing and unbearable pain you’re in right now? Like are you not in pain? Is that normal?!

Glad you’re feeling better!

Thanks! I think I physically bounced back much quicker than normal, comparing notes with other new mommies. Psychologically remains to be seen - let’s see where my brain chemistry lands once the hormones level out. But with the rhythm and needs of a newborn (who is currently sitting at my feet, grunting like a piglet foraging for truffles and scowling in his sleep) are very trying. How do I not have time to reply to emails in a day? How can I not manage to scroll through tumblr?

That’s the goal for next week - get back to as close to the pre-babe daily pattern. 

Music tag

 I got tagged by the fantastic wincestsweetheart  and I set my Spotify lists on shuffle; listing the ten songs that come on. After that, I will then tag ten other amazing people :)

1. Undressed -Kim Cesarion 
2. Icarus- Bastille
3. Fix you- coldplay
4. Give me love- Ed Sheeran
5. String- Young the giant
6. Regn fra blå himmel- Gabrielle
7. Stronger than ever (MJ cole remix)- Raleigh Ritchie
8. Girls chase boys- Ingrid Michaelson
9. Sleeping on my piano- LidoLido
10. A room in a city- Linnea Dale

The people I tag:
worthyweenchesters , sammyalmighty , cxtesam  , samwincutie  , bagofships  , itsanathea , captain-converse , countess-of-lovelace  ,lady-of-nothingnesskevinn-freaking-solo

Salamander Auctions! with Nika & Revan Today @ 6PM SLT

Salamander Auctions! with Nika & Revan Today @ 6PM SLT

Salamander Auctions!
with Nika & Revan  Today @ 6PM SLT





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Can’t land them all but I’ll keep getting back up to try and try again. No pain no gain. #buttpadsonpoint #igotsomeairtimedoe #motivation #tilnextyear 👋🏂 vid cred @kevinn.k (at Mt Rose Ski Tahoe)