My Anderson Live experience: NO READ MORE YOLO

When I say we, I mean me, my aunt, and my semi-aunt. Ok so I got there at 6:25 and jfc there were already like 10 people. When I saw the awning, I start crying and for crying out loud, it was just the freakin awning! I had a bad stomach ache that cost me my sleep earlier so I felt kinda crappy. Even with some sky flakes crackers and tea, I still felt blah…

At 7 we were then lead to a room w/ MSNBC on TV and I fill in my release forms and stuff. I was feeling so nauseous because I’m so close ugh. The lady who works beside Terence, idk her name help, asked if anyone had anything for Anderson, and I raise my hand like crazy. I tell her that I have Filipino food for him, Terence, Steph, and Kevin, and that I help run #KevinForCoHost2012, and all that. She then takes notes of everything I said and takes a picture of me for reference. She then said to someone that me and the rest of my group should be taken to the front row, so I was then lead upstairs and waited at another room. Front row was like the last thing I expected to be seated in so I was freaking out!

A few minutes later, I’m the first to step in to the studio, and I seE KEVIN THE STAGE MANAGER. He was sitting on the front couch and we were assigned to the couch behind him. When I took my seat, Kevin and I had this intro:
Kevin: ! *turns around and sees me* hey my face is on your shirt

Then I introduce myself and he shakes my hand. We talk to him about stuff like Sandy Hook and he asks me about school and where I’m from. Then I give Kevin his gift of sampaloc and polvoron. Turns out he likes Filipino food so I pretty much feel accomplished…I asked for a picture with him but he was like “I have a better idea”. Then, he takes me to the photo booth and we snap some pics. Everyone starts heading inside, and I take my seat. Thank you Kevin for giving the two of us some lone time hehe you’re so down to Earth :)

While the warm up lady was entertaining people, Terence comes and I see him and I’m screaming his name in my head. We then make eye contact and he says “hi Ellie” and I was like “omg I’m not Ellie”. He then comes over to me for a hug and omg he smells so nice is2g. I also correct him saying that my name is Elise and stuff and I give him his gift and he asked for Anderson’s gift.

Then the show starts and when Anderson walks in, I have the biggest smile on ever! I couldn’t believe it, he’s rill!!! I really don’t want to go into detail about the show, since you could catch it January 4th 2013, so I’ll just tell you something gr9 that happened off camera:
- there’s a baby story involved in this episode, so before the take, Anderson’s like playing with her and it’s so cuteeeee
- during the take, Anderson gives the baby a sharpie and omg he’s so adorably bad with kids because the baby could do anything with that
-The co-host even took the sharpie away from the baby hehe

Before the last segment, Terence (who finally got my name right, I still love you though) came up to me and asked about the Filipino food. I told him the sampaloc is sour then sweet, and that the polvoron is tarty. He said to give Anderson and his co host a try on both. So after a quick Frugal Friday tip, Terence tells Anderson to go to me and here’s what happened:
Anderson: *sees me, laughs* Hi Elise *shakes my hand*
Me: hi Anderson
Anderson: how are you?
Me: good, you?
Anderson: Good, what are you doing on the holidays?
Me: seeing you

He then blushes and the take starts. I first give Anderson the sour then sweet sampaloc. I was hoping that he’d react bad like when he tried spinach, but he didn’t…he liked it. I was going to ask him to share with his co host, but freakin Anderson chomped down on it ugh. I then broke the polvoron in half, so the cohost gets one. The cohost says it tastes like shortbread, and Anderson says it’s chalky aw. After that, he offers me a hug. I take it in, and not let go for 30 seconds. I rly wanted to take it all in. I kept apologizing to Anderson because of all the Freudian slips I had when explaining to him the food, and I got some polvoron on his shirt…

Before I left the studio, I went into the photobooth with Anderson. I asked him if we could make Courtney Stodden faces at each other, but he was like “no I want you to cherish this moment” aw so close to an Anderpson photo :-( We hugged one more time and this time, he didn’t want to let go, which clearly shows that we need each other okay

So yeah that’s what happened. Remember, catch this episode January 4th, 2013 k?

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