I first discovered Jamie Beck (@annstreetstudio) when I saw a From Me To You tumblr begin following me, and I clicked through to see who it was. I only had to scroll down a few images to recognize this was someone extremely talented, and also seemingly kind. When I later found out that Jamie was from Texas too, I couldn’t help but imagine myself (only 21 at that point) creating the kind of work she created, beginning with similar roots. I wanted to make art like she made art. Not in imitation of her work, but in equaled passion. Her work is extraordinary and it transcends talent when you take into account the obviousness of her love for what she does.

I couldn’t help then, what is still true for me today, sharing her amazing photographs with everyone I know. Her photographs have changed my life, the way I think of it as more than a habit, but a way of life. Her name recognition and work has taken her everywhere around the world and now, inside the covers of this months PDN magazine. And here I am once again, trying to show her work to everyone I know, and say, look how beautiful it is! Isn’t it extraordinary? Because what is most inspiring about her work is that she is showing us the world inside her head, in a tangible way that is becoming lost with technology. She is able to do a very powerful thing with her photographs. As Maury Postal says, “To get people not just to look but to actually see something.“