Another actor who feels the need to confess his love of Tom. The line is getting long! This is from Kevin O'Grady, from Planet of the Apes and who apparently also was in This Means War with Tom:

You’ve had a number of roles in a lot of different TV series and films – which has been your TV show to guest star on and who has been your favourite actor to work with?

Okay, well as far as TV goes I’ve had nothing but great experiences, I guess my favorite so far was ‘Smallville’. Fun set and I liked my scene despite them cutting out my best line (dooh)! TV movies, well the Hallmark MOW ‘Come Dance at My Wedding’ was a fantastic experience! I got to work with a bunch of my friends and met some amazing people, yah lots of fond memories there. But my best experience by a long shot was what I did on ‘This Means War’ last year. I got to work with the soon to be extremely famous Tom Hardy (the new bad guy in the upcoming Batman movie next summer) and we hit it off great. So yah, favorite time, favorite show to work on, favorite actor to work with — ‘This Means War’ and Tom Hardy!

Canadian lad Kevin O’Grady (Agent Boyles in This Means War) (sorry I don’t have a better sc of him than this back view) expresses his love for Tom (again) in a new interview with poptimal:

….The movie is about two spies who fall for the same girl… So where does Agent Boyles fit into all this? “I am, I would say, the Team Leader of Tom’s crew,” Kevin explained.

Now, I know most of you ladies (and a few of you gents) are more than a little in love with Tom Hardy. And you’ll be happy to hear what Kevin had to say about him.

“He was so awesome to work with. He was so humble,” Kevin said. “He is the genuine deal […] a really grounded, real person.”

For many Canadians, seeing actors and actresses from their home country find success can be thrilling and encouraging—even more so when the actor is talented, deserving, and his career is really starting to blow up.

So as a Canadian myself, seeing the blossoming success of actor Kevin O’Grady is incredibly exciting. But acting wasn’t O’Grady’s first love; before being bit by the acting bug, he had his sights set on becoming a comic book artist.

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