in the orphan black tag while the cast is at paleyfest like… tatiana who??? titty malaysia??? graeme… granite freemason??? leaky fawcett? the jordan river???? kevin ham sandwich?? just josh jokesonyou?? air miller? maria conan doyle. ?? library of alexandria??? krispy brown?????

all i see is evelyne brochu who are all these other people i don’t know this must be a new show or something in which she’s the lead i just don’t know

okay okay okay so bear with me here. I know everyone is absolutely in love with the idea of white, old man Nick Valentine buuuuut… Have you considered a black, chubby Nick Valentine?

Nick Valentine who worked his way up to the rank of lead detective despite rampant racism and got the girl only to realize the whole operation he was heading was a joke? A decoy?

A Nick Valentine who woke up in a synth body, losing something he’d fought years to be proud of - his skin color? Who though - hell, maybe this was a good thing cause now he finally fit in with what everyone thought the noir aesthetic should be?

A Nick Valentine who had to encounter an all-new brand of racism and be subject to it, all while seeing human black people getting treated as equals to white people? Who once again had to fight his way from the very bottom to gain some semblance of respect in Diamond City?

Cause I think about it a lot man