on twitter there was a heathers the musical q&a a couple hours ago and someone asked what the writers thought about the bootleg. 

samuel french: 

kevin murphy:

like he legit doesn’t give a fuck apart from the fact that the quality is shit and it’s not the complete original cast lol

also there’s a proper recorded one?????? gimme!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I’m sad that Nicky is half Mexican and he didn’t speak Spanish even a little bit in the books so to make myself feel better I’m declaring Nicky speaks Spanish. You can’t even tell me he doesn’t cause his mom is straight up from Mexico. (I have more to this but that’s for another post [mostly hc’s about Nicky and Maria’s relationship before all the shittiness that is the camp])
Also, considering I’ve read fics (and I can’t remember if it was in the books) where Neil was taking Spanish classes so they speak Spanish to each other. Both as a way for Neil to practice and because it’s something they can share together and bond over even more.
The twinyards + Nicky and Neil share German 🇩🇪
Kevin and Neil have French 🇫🇷
Neil and Andrew have Russian 🇷🇺
And Nicky and Neil have Spanish 🇲🇽

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you can't throw that last post at us without even continuing you heathen

Alright, here we go. A continuation of this post where Neil shoots his father’s men when they come to get him:

  • Neil inevitably ends up in custody because he just fucking shot two people to death with an unregistered gun
  • The team is still shaken up and horrified and scared, but they want to hear Neil’s side of the story and don’t like this whole not finding out anything, including about whether anyone has looked after Neil’s bullet wound yet
  • Andrew is not functioning well
  • He’s not really functioning at all
  • He’s mostly just acting on rage impulses
  • He still knows Kevin knows more than him, so Kevin still ends up with bruises around his neck
  • Kevin doesn’t tell much of Neil’s secret when Neil is not missing, but in custody
  • He says just enough to get Andrew’s hand off his throat
  • Saying he’s never seen the dead men before wasn’t enough, so Kevin adds that they probably worked for Neil’s father and were looking for revenge for Neil running
  • An ‘anonymous source’ tips authorities off to the fact that Neil Josten is actually Nathaniel Wesninski
  • That’s when the FBI goes to Neil looking for information

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ok i want to know how strange neil’s french must be because he said he spent eight months in france and ten in montreal to learn french but european and quebec french are COMPLETELY different?