Hot Fuzz

Happy tenth birthday to the film that gave us the immortal line “Want to be a big cop in a small town?  Fuck off down the model village!”  What’s more to say about this one, from the superb take on the bromance angle that’s always in buddy movies, but rarely gets addressed as text, to the superb performances all round, to the premise that is so quintessentially British, to the sheer number of Easter Eggs that have kept film clickbait websites happy for years.  This one has aged very gracefully, especially in the light of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright’s subsequent careers.  Rather than a review or anything this time (as if you haven’t seen this already, what the hell guys?) I’ll just mention a bit of personal history regarding me and this film.  In June 2007 (I think, having to remember a lot here), I was at the Hot Fuzztival at the Prince Charles Cinema.  To celebrate the films release on DVD the next day, Edgar Wright had a special day of free films to those that came first come, first serve.  These were all ones that in some way inspired Hot Fuzz, with him providing introductions; John Woo’s Hard Boiled, Tony Scott’s The Last Boy Scout (as Edgar put it “It has perhaps the best scene involving a glove puppet in any movie”), and, of course, Kathryn Bigelow’s Point Break (we all joined in with the “firing the gun into the air” moment).  We also got a special showing of his Grindhouse trailer, Don’t, as this was when it wasn’t certain if it was going to be released in the UK at all.  But the climax, for those that were there the whole day was a showing of Hot Fuzz with a live audio commentary from Wright, Pegg, Frost, Paddy Considine, The Actor Kevin Eldon, Olivia Colman, and Bill Bailey!  Highlights of that included pointing out Peter Jackson and Cate Blanchett’s near unrecognisable cameos, and mentioning that with Timothy Dalton on set, they were geeking out less about having James Bond in their movie, and more about Prince Barin from Flash Gordon.  Yeah, it was a good night.  It was also the last time I was in the old upper circle of the PCC before it got converted into a second screen.  Ah, good times.