There are awesome TMNT comics coming in the month of January from @idwcomics! Take a peek at the latest titles (from left to right).

• TMNT #66 (REG cover by @mooncalfe-art)
• TMNT Universe #6 (REG cover by @freddieart)
BATMAN/TMNT ADVENTURES #3 (REG cover by @sommariva)
BATMAN/TMNT ADVENTURES #3 (SUB cover by @ericafailsatlife)
BATMAN/TMNT ADVENTURES #3 (RI cover by Billy Martin)

Leonardo goes into deep meditation to regain focus after he and his brothers lose their first battle and Master Splinter has gone missing.

(9"x12" mixed media on hot pressed watercolor paper)



There’s an awesome batch of TMNT comics coming in the month of December! Take a peek at the latest titles (from left to right).

• TMNT #65 (REG cover by @santolouco)
• TMNT #65 (SUB cover by Kevin Eastman)
• BATMAN/TMNT ADVENTURES #2 (REG cover by @sommariva)
• BATMAN/TMNT ADVENTURES #2 (SUB cover by Rick Burchett)
• TMNT Universe #5 (REG cover by @freddieart)

Give Mikey a SERIOUS Arc

An arc that I’d love to see Mikey go through in the IDW comics is him dealing with killing and taking a life in self-defense.  

Out of all of his brothers, Mikey is the one that is against killing the most and even though it was a live-or-die situation with the Shredder, he still doesn’t like the prospect of killing even when the person deserves it. He would rather handle situations without blood being spilled. 

So for him to kill someone out of self-defense and having to live with the fact he took a life would be a great arc to develop his character as a whole. Especially when it comes to his relationship with his brothers. 

Now that his brothers are living with him again in the old lair, I think that they would be the ones to help him deal with his PTSD and help him get back on his feet. One of the best things about the comics is that it always has a focus on the relationship between the brothers. Even though the animated series does a good job at showcasing the family dynamic between the brothers as well, I think that the IDW comics does a real good job showcasing the ups and downs a lot more. 

I feel like with all the focus on Mikey’s handling of Splinter being the head of the foot now, I think Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz are planning something bigger for our favorite turtle.