when I went to Planet Comicon at the end of April I got to meet Kevin Eastman and in his pannel I asked

“What’s your favorate cameo and/or easter egg you’ve ever done?”


Imagine April, Casey, Karai, and the turtles are in like their mid to late thirties or something. 

Imagine Casey has the brilliant idea to start a comic book series about the adventures the turtles had when they were younger.

Imagine he goes to his bff Raph with the idea, since he and Raph are both artistic. 

Imagine he gives Raph a long spiel stating that 1. not only would these comics become a historical reference for future historians about their lives (as Renet had already told the turtles how famous they’d be), but 2. that their lives could easily be made into a comic book series that a wide range of people could find compelling.

Imagine Raph agrees.

Imagine them asking Leo for a journal he kept when he was young (or rather, asking him to type up an edited version he wouldn’t mind them seeing) that they could use as a chronology reference.

Imagine them asking Mikey for help with comic relief.

Imagine them asking Donnie to proofread/write his own technobabble since, “It’s important to be accurate.”

Imagine Raph and Casey start to brainstorm pen names since they want to use their actual names in the story.

Imagine while brainstorming pen names, Raph asks Casey, “Hey, what were those names you used to write on your gear?” and Casey answers, “Eastman and Laird.”

Imagine they decide to use the pen names Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.

Imagine them checking in with the clan before sending it off to be published to make sure everyone felt accurately represented (so it wouldn’t be like those sitcom episodes where one person writes a book and obviously copies real life but from their point of view, making everyone else look awful).

Imagine their semi-autobiographical comic becomes a huge hit.

Imagine it eventually gets out that the comics were true stories.

Imagine that’s how they become famous (in the 2012 universe, postseries).

Finn ‘N’ Jake-Kevin Eastman style: This is Finn and Jake from the Adventure Time miniseries, Elements, drawn with the Kevin Eastman art style and with the Mirage gray toning style, I had so much fun drawing Finn and Jake in Kevin Eastman’s modern art style for the IDW-ninja turtles, Kevin Eastman’s art style much more Frank Miller sketchy visual style with a thick ink toning graphic style, I also began to look up the visual differences between co creator, Peter Laird’s smooth and clean solo art style and Kevin Eastman’s Frank Miller sketchy solo art style, so I chose to draw Finn and Jake in Kevin Eastman’s ninja turtles art style, it was so much fun drawing Finn the Human and Jake the Alien-Dog in that Ninja Turtles art style sketch expressive and visually unique, and I hope you folks like my Kevin Eastman stylized sketch of Finn and Jake today?