i was thinking of kevin’s dirty mouth and that got me thinking of submissive kevin and then this happened

  • kevin arrives to the dorm in a remarkably bad mood
  • he comes into the room and throws his bag aggressively to the floor without even checking where it lands
  • andrew is watching tv and neil is cooking dinner
  • when kevin does that, however, they  look at each other and share an understanding look
  • better stay away from kevin until he calms down and reaches to them
  • this is not what kevin has in mind, tho
  • as soon as he gets rid of his bag and shoes he goes towards neil and grabs him by the hips, pulling him closer
  • he stops before reaching his lips, though, clearly waiting for neil’s consent
  • neil doesn’t think twice and kisses kevin with all that’s in him

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ghostbusters headcanons
  • holtzmann is color blind. her glasses/work goggles are actually color corrective lenses.
  • on slow days, patty takes the rest of the girls (and kevin) to historical new york locations. she only starts taking them to weirder places when abby and holtzmann start making fart noises during the tour of carnegie hall.
  • abby is asexual. and really gay.
  • they’re all gay. all of the ghostbusters are gay. except erin. erin is bisexual.
  • holtzmann creates a device that fits inside the pringles cans and gets the chips for her. the rest of the girls ban her from pringles for several months.
  • abby and holtzmann are probably the type of people who eat the ramen straight out of the package.
  • patty is the only one of the ghostbusters who can actually cook.
  • kevin surprises everyone by being a natural at ghost hunting.
  • mike hat becomes the unofficial mascot of the ghostbusters. holtzmann refuses to spray paint his face on Ecto 1.
  • there was a moment in erin’s life where she actually did read eat pray love and considered running with it. then she looked at her bank account.