“During that time, I thought I was Jesus and decided that if i killed my grandfather, I would be imprisoned and therefore would be unable to be crucified.” ~ Kevin Adams 

Kevin Adams was only 19 when he stabbed his grandfather to death in 2008.  He was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.  Unfortunately Adams refused to believe he suffers from a mental illness.  Instead, he blamed his actions on marijuana.  He was sent to a mental hospital.

Figure Skaters

Yuzuru Hanyu: Tol Bean
Shoma Uno: Smol Bean
Nathan Chen: The Hot Young One
Misha Ge: Dank Meme
Stéphane Lambiel: The Hot Old One
Johnny Weir: gAY GAY SO GAY
Evgeni Plushenko: He-Man
Daisuke Takahashi: F A B U L O U S
Evgenia Medvedeva: Cinnamon Roll
Yuna Kim: Prettier than me
Dennis Vasiljevs: Pure child
Joe Johnson: Shitpost
Javier Fernandez: Tol Bean’s Husband
Patrick Chan: Cananda, Eh?
Kevin Reynolds: Elf
Adam Rippon: S E X Y
Mikhail Kolyada: Cray-Cray
Boyang Jin: Spooderman
Alexei Yagudin: Weird-Ass Footwork

Being a Fan of Supernatural
  • Us: Where is everybody?
  • The Writers: They're dead
  • Us: Who is?
  • The Writers: Everybody
  • Us: What, Bobby?
  • The Writers: Everybody's dead
  • Us: What, Gabriel? Gadreel? Adam?
  • The Writers: Everybody's dead
  • Us: What, Jo and Ellen? Hannah? Meg? Samandriel? Metatron?
  • The Writers: They're all dead. Everybody's dead
  • Us: Balthazar isn't, is he?
  • The Writers: Everybody is dead
  • Us: Not Kevin?
  • The Writers: Fucks Sake! Yes, Kevin, everybody, everybody's dead!
  • Us: Charlie?
  • The Writers: She's dead, everybody is dead, everybody is dead
  • Us: Wait. Are you trying to tell us everybody's dead?
  • The Writers: YES!!
  • Us: Bullshit. Where are you hiding them?
Masterpost :D

Since I haven’t done one of these in a while here ya go!!

(** means smut)
(Bold means angst)

[Updated: June 23rd, 2017]

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Here is the TMNT short for which I did the character designs ! Directed by Joseph Ksander and Kevin Adams, produced and animated by the talented people at Titmouse ! I’ll be posting some designs soon !

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you: omg i can’t wait to see dunkirk for harry!

me an intellectual: i can’t wait to see dunkirk for the history of WWII and pay tribute to those it’s based on!

Master list!

As I said, here’s the master list, and I honestly don’t know why I was putting off. Anyhow, it’s a bit unbelievable to me that I’ve written a lot, because I had never written this much before, and really it’s you guys who keep me inspired and motivated to do this, so thank you! 

Dean Winchester 

Sam Winchester 


Kevin Tran

Adam Milligan






  • Getting Caught I’m not that sure about fluff, but it sure as hell it’s angst
  • Kitten (Sequel to “Getting Caught”) Angst