kevin x joaquin

  • <p> <b>Kevin:</b> I wanna meet them!<p/><b>Joaquin:</b> Meet who?<p/><b>Kevin:</b> Your gang! It's like 'meeting your boyfriend's family', right?<p/><b>Joaquin:</b> .....<p/><b>Kevin:</b> .....<p/><b>Joaquin:</b> ...... Okay but dont bake them cookies or anything.<p/><b>Kevin:</b> *turns off the oven* haha, no, who do you think I am?<p/></p>

Hogwarts AU

“I’m in the Twizard Tournament. We’ve been fake dating for one week before you got kidnapped in order to be used as bait in a task. Only when I almost lost you I realized that I ’m in love with you, but you’re unconscious the whole time and when you woke up you still had the biggest of crushes on that stupid griffindor. So I’ve to try to seduce you before the end of our fake relationship.”

“Some weird first year enchanted our ties to match each other’s house colors when we’re entering the Great Hall and now every one thinks we’re fucking.”

“I brew this hybrid potion between Amoretia and Polyjuice that should transform the drinker in the hair’s owner crush/loved one, but when you drank mine you didn’t change at all and HOLLY FUCK I’VE A CRUSH ON YOU.”