pentatonix just won their third grammy and this time it was for country performance

i am so proud of them, three out of three won as they continue growing and inspiring

can you believe they have a grammy for an electronic song (daft punk), a classical song (dance of the sugar plum fairy) and a country song (jolene) being an a cappella band? how beautiful is that? they are a perfect example of well rounded musicians and it is so empowering

congratulations pentatonix i love you 

xx beatrice

This video is Avi’s last moment on stage as the bass for Pentatonix.

I think I actually might be dehydrated from crying so much. It’s gonna be really really hard to see someone else doing his job with the band but I wish both the new guy (whoever he may be) and Avi with his solo endeavors all the luck in the world. I honestly just feel so damn lucky that I actually got to see them in concert and meet them before OG Pentatonix is no more. Thanks so much for the past 6 years, Avi. You’ll never know how much it really meant to a lot of people, myself included. 💕

With that being said, everyone be on the lookout for Avriel and The Sequoias. He already has an amazing ep out called Sage and Stone but he’s just getting started y'all and I for one cant wait to see what else comes from this musical genius.

they’re standing in a different order for the first time in history are they okay has the universe overturned