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Ang dami laman ng utak ko na pang blog at tweet pero walang lumalabas hahahaha lahat sabaw. Pati english ko sumasablay haha!

Okay na si Gab at Shammi. Hahaha sabi na eh. Kelangan lang ng konting space or pause ? Alam kong mahal ni Gab si shammi, alam ko din na mahal ni Shammi si Gab. Pero siguro may mga weakness sila na kailangan ayusin. And sana this time okay na talaga sila.

Di ko alam pero I felt different na di naging okay si Eseng at Clouds. Pero okay lang mas nakilala ko bestfriend ko ngayon. Na kakaiba talaga siya mag isip. Na oo nga matured na siya at magaling mag desisyon.

Then it will fall down on me, they fix things, habang ako ganon padin. Hahaha well si Kevin lang at si Mama at sila ang maayos sa parte ng buhay ko ngayon eh. Pretty messed up, kaso ayaw ko istress sarili ko. I can’t even determine what the heck I want to happen in my life. Na hello pwede Im not getting any younger. I should plan and make things better for myself. Kaso ewan ko san ko sisimulan. Hahaha.

Pangarap? Drug lord hahaha kaso Duterte na eh. Vj? Dj? Oo pero la pang chance eh. Trainer? Susko gsto ko na nga umalis. See.. Im getting nowhere. Ewan ko kung ako may problema o si universe eh. Di ko din alam kung bakit ganto kong tao na okay na kung ano ung nanjan, na walang masyadong gusto kundi kumain at matulog. Magipon at bumili ng sarili kong sasakyan. Hahaha ung 10 wheeler truck hahaha

Nung una ang dami kong plano. Dami ko gsto mangyare sa buhay ko. Hahaha pero it turns out na okay ako pag chill. No pressure di pa nakakaiyak isipin.

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we all know that Taron has been in theatre, television and now of course film, do you think that he'd go back to any of his theatre and tv roots anytime soon? I'd love to be able to see him on my tv a lot more than he already is

I wholeheartedly believe that Taron will return to the theater, when that happens, I have absolutely no idea. Taron, like so many U.K. actors, got their start in theater and then progressively make their way from the theater to television and then eventually film.

That’s one of the many reasons why I absolutely adore UK actors, so many of them are established theater actors by the time that they’re teenagers or even in their early to mid 20′s well before they even venture into other acting mediums whereas other actors, like those here in the US go straight into television and then eventually immerse themselves in movie roles where they remain until the end of their career.

Back in the day, the succession of acting was to go from theater to television and then films (or from theater to movies depending on the era). Sometimes you’ll have a seasoned, accomplished actor that has NEVER done television until recently like Kevin Bacon (The Following) and Jessica Lange (American Horror Story) for instances and not a whole lot of actors can do all 3 mediums of acting professionally, very rarely will you see an actor who can do all 3.

Taron’s first real taste of acting was when he was a teenager playing the artful Dodger in Oliver in Abers, as well as being part of plays while he was at RADA, the National Theatre Live and the Royal Court Theatre. Many UK actors will try and find some time between their busy working schedule to do any kind of theatre work, just like Taron could more than likely do which, understandable is hard at the moment because of how demanding his current workload is. Taron has said that he wants to do more theater work in the future, and if that means doing that in the UK or even here in America (Broadway which I’d love to see him on the stage of course) so be it. Theatre is a HUGE passion for Taron

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Whether or not he’d go back to television is another thing. Theatre can be freeing and fulfilling because it’s a passion of acting in front of a live audience and done in one go compared to the multiple takes and tedious process of making films and movies.

I think that Taron would go back to the theatre before he’d go back to tv, no matter how much we’d all love to see Taron come across our tvs more than he already does.


Trailer: ‘Nightcrawler' - Oct 17

Written and directed by Dan Gilroy, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Bill Paxton, Renee Russo, Ann Cusack, Anne McDaniels, Kevin Rahm and Eric Lange.

I’m picking up 'Wolf of Wall Street’ meets 'Drive’ vibes off of this, which isn’t a terrible combination — but at this point looks more like drama and brooding for the sake of drama and brooding’s sake. The repetition is interesting though.

Animal Rights Activist Sentenced to 30 Months in Jail for Having Bolt Cutters in his Car

An animal rights activist with a long history of activism—and an equally long rap sheet—was sentenced to 30 months in jail for having bolt cutters in the back of his Prius.

Kevin Olliff and Tyler Lang were driving through rural Illinois on August 15, 2013, at about 1 AM when they were pulled over by police. The cops say they stopped them because the brand-new green Prius had only temporary dealer plates. But rather than let them off with a warning, police asked to search the car.

Olliff and Lang refused to consent to the search and quickly realized that this wouldn’t be a normal traffic stop. After police separated them into two squad cars, Lang heard one officer on the police radio say of Olliff, “He’s on the terrorist watch list.”

Police brought out drug-sniffing dogs, and not surprisingly, they say the dogs smelled something (Lang says “the hardest drug in the car was caffeine”). When police searched the car, they found, among other items, bolt cutters and wire cutters. The two were charged with “possession of burglary tools,” a felony.