Ok so during my junior year some dipshit thought it’d be fun to plan a food fight. The problem was that the teachers caught wind of it and the admins had more teachers than usual guard the cafeteria. Like they thought that would make a difference. Anyway, so the food fight gets started, idk who started it, I hear it was some sophomore, but everyone eating in the gym heard about it and stood outside of the cafeteria watching all of the chaos ensue.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE. That same day the seniors decided to do their senior prank, which wasn’t creative at all. They were gonna go through the halls and have a party or something (memory is failing me), but there was this one kid and let’s call him Kevin because I don’t remember his name…it may have been Kevin. So Kevin comes in with the crowd on a bike dressed up in a Gumby costume (that weird green claymation character). Our principal is so pissed at the prank and food fight that he fucking checks Kevin into the lockers and off his bike. 

So Kevin was forbidden from walking at graduation, but our school started a “Free Gumby” campaign to have him walk. Like there were t-shirts and a facebook page and shit. And y'know what? IT FUCKING WORKED. When they called Kevin’s name at graduation everyone shouted “GUMBY!” And the weird thing is that my school had more weird shit that happened…

Nazz’s immediate first guess is that Eddy would go to his brother. That is a very good observation coming from Nazz.

Ed… Pass it On was a very important episode about Eddy’s brother and who is true person really is. Each character has a very different reaction ranging from pure horror, to curiosity, or no interest.

Remember how the characters are all together in Kevin’s house asking Eddy when and if his brother is going to show up. These are the same people who find out a year later the true nature of Eddy’s brother. What if Big Picture Show takes place exactly one year later from the events of Ed… Pass it On?

Eddy is faced with the conflict one whether or not he should tell the truth about his brother’s true nature. You can see it in his face because the camera pauses on him for exactly five seconds. There is something more to the relationship in which Eddy is not telling his friends, cul-de-sac kids, or the viewers.

@book-o-scams brought up a great point that Ed… Pass it On also started the rift between Edd and Eddy. Edd encouraged his friend to finally tell the truth. Of course he doesn’t know what the real truth may be other then that his brother coming is only a rumor. Eddy once again lying to save himself makes Edd lose his respect for Eddy thus causing the rift that will finally be settled in the movie.

The one major difference is that the Kanker sisters are not present in Ed… Pass it on. Their reactions are more important in the movie as we realize they’re not the antagonists.

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Personal Essay- EENE Fanfic

“This personal essay is killing me,” Eddy muttered, wishing that colleges would just use his application, SAT scores and grades to decide whether or not to let him in. Thankfully the latter two were pretty good thanks to Edd’s tutoring.  “I mean what the heck am I gonna write about?”

“There are several topics suggested if you can’t think of one, Eddy,” Edd reminded him as he corrected the mistakes of Ed’s essay. He suddenly became teary-eyed. “Oh, Ed, that’s so deep. I never even thought of it like that.”

Ed grinned at the compliment while Eddy stared in surprise. Since when was Monibrow deep? he thought.

“Hey, Lumpy, what did you write about?” Eddy asked, half-hoping Ed would read his essay out loud and he could “borrow” some of the material.

“What kind of super powers we’d have,” Ed said simply, smiling broadly.

Eddy sighed, asking Ed to elaborate would cause Edd to catch on and he would put a stop to it. Oh well, at the very least, maybe he could give Eddy any idea of what to write.

“What about you, Sockhead? What did you write about?”

“I just wrote about one of my inventions and how it affected me,” Edd replied, evasively, not looking up.

“Well unless you count my scams as inventions,” Eddy began, rolling his eyes when he saw Edd shaking his head and Ed nodding. “I’ll just take a look at those topics again and try to figure it out what to write about.”

They were interrupted by a loud buzzing Edd turned scarlet as he pulled his phone out of his bag. “I thought putting it on vibrate would make it quieter,” he mumbled before greeting the person on the other line. “Oh hello, Mother, I’m at the library so would you wait a moment while I step outside?” She must have said yes because he quickly sprinted past the glaring librarian who was pointing at the “no cellphones sign”

“Why did Double Dee change his essay?” Ed wondered aloud.

“He didn’t. He just thinks we don’t know what it’s really about. He doesn’t know we found it on his desk,” Eddy explained, praying that Ed wouldn’t say anything when Edd got back. It wasn’t like they had been snooping. They just got bored waiting for Edd finish his errand and they just happened to glance over the neatly stapled pieces of paper: all twenty pages.  Their friend would be outraged that they invaded his privacy which is why they agreed not to say anything, no matter how touched and slightly guilty they felt after reading what he wrote.

“So what are you gonna write about?” Ed asked, changing the subject either because he understood Eddy’s answer and silent demand or because of his short attention span.

“Uh, maybe an important event that changed my life?” Eddy read off the list.

“Double Dee’s doing that one,” Ed pointed out.

Although it was on the tip of Eddy’s tongue to tell his big lug of a friend that it wouldn’t matter if the topics were the same, he realized that if he wanted Ed to keep his mouth shut about reading Edd’s essay on that particular summer, he better choose a different topic.

“Okay, “a personal statement”, whatever the heck that means,” Eddy recited, his eyes traveling down the paper. “Your secret love… Ed, wipe that smirk off your face,” he demanded, not even glancing at his friend.

“Come on, Eddy, that’s perfect for you,” Ed said knowingly.

“No, it’s not. A kiss that… geez, what is with these topics? A time when you saw your parent cry. Well that’s an easy one, when they realized I wasn’t going to flunk high school and be living with them for the rest of their lives,” Eddy laughed.

“I think they want you to write about something a little more meaningful,” Edd remarked as he returned to their table just in time for him to hear Eddy’s last sentence.

“Ugh, I don’t want to write about my feelings and all that sappy stuff,” Eddy groaned, disgustedly throwing the list away from him. Ed caught it and studied it thoughtfully.

“It’s not like no one who knows you will be reading it and no one is going to talk to you about it afterwards. It’s completely private hence the name personal essay,” Edd explained, thankfully missing the meaningful look his two friends just swapped.

“Here, Eddy, I found one for you,” Ed declared, using his finger to mark the particular topic he was showing them.

Eddy was fully prepared to sock him if he was pointing to secret love. Luckily for Ed, he had selected “what does money mean to you?” which would have been perfect if Eddy hadn’t spotted the one above it: If you could send a letter back in time to yourself six years, what would you say?

“Yeah, that’s a good one, Lumpy, I’ll get right on that when I get home,” Eddy said, packing his stuff up. He said goodbye to his bewildered friends before hurriedly leaving the library.

When Eddy arrived home, he decided to make a list before starting his actual essay.  

Things I would tell my past self:

1.  The Kankers aren’t as bad as they seem. Stand up to them and they’ll back off.

2.  Also thanks to your dope of a best friend falling for May, you will have to spend time with at least one of them. Prepare yourself ahead of time, otherwise you’ll just start screaming in horror when you see them on a date. Double Dee will never let you hear the end of it.

3. Jimmy can be an evil mastermind. At the friendship day thing, don’t give him a wedgie, just don’t.

4.  Sarah will become more attractive. Do not say she’s hot to Ed. He will go into big brother mode and you will suffer for that comment. (In his defense, he probably didn’t mean to throw you that far).

5. Johnny is weird but harmless. Even when he and Plank tried to be evil, they were mostly annoying for a few days.

6.  When Rolf asks you to help him get the chickens ready for dinner for enough money to buy a drawer full of jawbreakers, say no. Otherwise you’ll have nightmares of a blood-stained Rolf trying to kill you with an ax for a month. 

7.  Kevin still has his bike but you have a car! He’s never gonna live it down and you don’t even need to rub his face in it. Rolf does that for you.

8.  Yes, you will date Nazz. When you’re fifteen. Then you’ll break up after an incident at a party which will be very awkward for both of you.

9. Tell Mom and Dad about the neglect and abuse your friends go through from their folks. Trust me, one tongue lashing later, Edd’s parents are more attentive and Ed’s Mom is afraid of even raising her voice at Ed, least our Mom straightens her out.

10.  Bro’s not someone we should idealize. I know he seems great but there’s a reason our parents kicked him out. And under no circumstances should you put your friends in a situation where they have to meet him.

11. Speaking of Double Dee and Ed, they’ll forgive you when you are at your worst and they are pretty much the only two who put up with you. Stop treating them like crap, you big jerk.

12.  Quicksand pranks are not funny, neither is calling Sockhead a sap when he thinks you’re dead.

13.  Oh and speaking of Double Dee, that thing you’re feeling right now about him, it’s real. You’re not imagining actually liking that dare kiss or thinking he’s cuter then Nazz. You might not realize it but you’re starting to like him more than a friend should.

14.  Lumpy’s gonna figure it out. Don’t ask how. He just knows and won’t stop bugging you about it until you confess.

Eddy was about to cross the last two out but he was interrupted when his cellphone rang.



“Hold on one sec,” Eddy requested, jotting down one more thing for his list.

16.  Edd’s still adorable when he gets mad. But if he gets too upset with you just say something honest that will shock him.

“I love you.”

The next morning the sun rises up over the land. Wow, this is the most realistic sunrise I have ever seen in a cartoon. And once again we’re brought back to where the Eds had their infamous fight. This is the area where everyone had their downfall.

I wish we could have seen more or how the kids slept through the night. It’s their first night away from the cul-de-sac and sleeping outdoors.

Kevin has been wandering around all night in search for Nazz. And he’s had no luck.

Did it rain? There are wet patches scattered around the land.

Kevin is towing his bike as he walks through the wet land. Again, he normally has the bike in front of him whenever he’s walking with it. The bike isn’t that important to him right now. 

“Ah, what’s the use? Probably gettin’ back at me, for what I don’t know.”

The writers have turned Kevin into a clueless mess. Well, technically he’s been clueless regarding the way he treats others. Kevin still has a soft spot and cares deeply about the people around him. For instance, he looks out for Sarah and Jimmy. My favorite moment is from Fistful where he makes sure that everyone is out from the cafeteria before slamming the doors shut.

Kevin has a strange and yet important relationship with his bike.

I have a head canon that Kevin’s parents are divorced. He lives with his Dad as his mom lives in the city. It’s implied that Kevin moved into the cul-de-sac and lived in the city before. The decision to move was very one sided between the parents. I also believe that Eddy’s brother is part of the reason who Kevin’s mom left.

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i don’t usually pay much attention to romance in cartoons but c'mon nazz and kevin were cute they even got foreshadowed here in the boys’ crush episode because (1) kevin’s the only one of the guys to go after nazz to apologize, and (2) he actually leaves his bike in the grass to do that KEVIN NEVER LEAVES HIS BIKE ANYWHERE


Nazz stands up complaining how much the crash hurt as she snaps her back back into place.

I never noticed that piece of wood sticking to Nazz’s head. I really hope it wasn’t nailed in there.

See, Nazz isn’t freaking out like she does about the bugs smashing into her face or when she has a fashion/hair emergency. It’s all an act to get attention. She can handle herself and react very calmly to situations. It’s when the kids use her that she loses it.

Kevin freaks out calling out how sorry he is for the accident.

Believing that Kevin is consoling her Nazz returns to her sweet girl act reassuring Kevin that she is okay.

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I’ve shipped Kevedd since I was a kiddo back in the early 2000’s. Even if I wasnt thinking about the emotional relationship I always thought they’d be good for each other. Then I started to see Kevedd on the Yoai tag. Then I got really into it, then I was sitting here at work readying Kevedd when I thought. “I bet Cas would love that place, all the bees and gods smaller creatures-” then I’m like Holy Son of Mary they remind me of those two assbutts! No wonder!

Although the relationship is so different it’s similar in smaller aspects. It’s like exbully!Dean and genius!Cas fall in love. Plus Kevin had his beloved bike, like Dean has Baby!
It’s perf

In this wonderful display of animation the Ed’s go careening through Peach Creak forest spitting multiple trees in two. 

This opening is so different from all the episodes. The episodes open up with a calm, fun, or mischievous atmosphere, They immediately get to the point drawing viewers in. Big Picture Show has viewers on the edge of theirs seats the second we open up to a very silent cul-de-sac. That is unheard of. Nobody lives in silence.

The car is getting more and more damaged as time goes.

I don’t know if anybody has ever read or seen Stephen King’s, Christine, but this car reminds me of the evil car. Thank God this car is not cursed otherwise it would have brought the Ed’s to their ultimate doom. The car may look like Christine because it belonged to a bad person. It doesn’t do the Ed’s any good nearly getting them killed.

I really recommend that you sit down and study all the frames of this one little scene with the Ed’s careening through each tree.

Their expressions and reactions are the best.

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