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Wayne Rainey, Marlboro Roberts-Yamaha YZR500, 1991 US 500cc Grand Prix, Laguna Seca

as he did with much of the other tracks on the calendar, Rainey really dominated Laguna Seca in the early 90′s, winning 3 of the 4 Grand Prix organised (in which he competed) in that era


I’ve shipped Kevedd since I was a kiddo back in the early 2000’s. Even if I wasnt thinking about the emotional relationship I always thought they’d be good for each other. Then I started to see Kevedd on the Yoai tag. Then I got really into it, then I was sitting here at work readying Kevedd when I thought. “I bet Cas would love that place, all the bees and gods smaller creatures-” then I’m like Holy Son of Mary they remind me of those two assbutts! No wonder!

Although the relationship is so different it’s similar in smaller aspects. It’s like exbully!Dean and genius!Cas fall in love. Plus Kevin had his beloved bike, like Dean has Baby!
It’s perf