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Book of Mormon Pet Headcanons

Kevin Price: someone got him a gray tabby kitten for his birthday. He hated it at first, but he slowly warmed up to it and now he can’t sleep unless the cat is on the bed with him

Arnold Cunningham: he has a golden retriever that he got as a child. The dog is very old now, but still enjoys the occasional short walk or game of catch with Arnold

Nabulungi: she adopted a black cat from a shelter that had been severely abused during Halloween. She helped nurse it back to health, and the cat couldn’t be happier

Gotswana: he has an African Grey Parrot that he trained to repeat doctors notes (Kevin wanted to murder it after it wouldn’t stop saying “just let it pass naturally” for a week after the Book of Mormon was shoved up his ass)

General Butt-Fucking-Naked: he has a Rottweiler, which is very protective of him. The dog’ll bark at anyone unfamiliar who comes up to the General, and the dog must smell the new person and receive lots of pets from them before it’ll let the new person go up to the General

Connor Mckinely: everyone thought he had a big fluffy cat, considering that he’s always covered in cat hair, until one day someone was at his house and learned that he actually has a Burmese Python. (Kevin is terrified of snakes, and refuses to visit Connor’s house after he learns this). Nabulungi helps Connor handle and feed the snake since everyone else is too afraid of it. He’s still covered in cat hair all the time and no one can explain why.

Why I loved Split and hate people who are easily triggered

Look, I know I’m gonna get a whole bunch of hate for this..but quite frankly, I don’t give a shit. I LOVED the movie Split. I am a person who aspires to become a psychiatrist when I get older..and this movie, while I do know that it does not represent ALL who are diagnosed with the disorder DID, it made me even MORE interested in the topic. Things like DID are what MADE ME become interested in psychology. It made me become interested in how the human mind works and what a mystery it truly can be at times.
I want to HELP people like this, I want to help them get through their tough times. I want to understand them, get to know them.
***This post has spoilers to for those of you who DO want to see it and care about not proceed past this point.***
Now, to me, this was barely a horror film. If anything it was a thriller. I found my heart pounding during scenes where one of the girls would attempt to escape. The ONLY time I felt horrified was when Casey’s uncle started with that ‘come be an animal with me’ bullshit. It was disgusting. It made me physically sick to my stomach and it disturbed me on so many levels. As a matter of fact, it haunts me to this day, that one scene had more of a horrific impact on me than ANY OTHER part of the movie.
Then it briefly delves into Kevin’s backstory, and it explains so much that the descriptions and trailers that you boycotters have been reading and watching doesn’t. When he was younger, his mother would punish him in awful, mentally scarring ways when he stepped out of line, hence the 'Dennis’ personality. His other personalities weren’t evil..they were normal people. Like Barry, for example, he loved fashion, designing clothes is his passion. Another one seems to be a scholar. Jade is a woman, very sassy, but seems to be that person you would always want as a friend. It made me sympathize with him. Made me love his character even more. I was not scared of him, I did not view him as the bad guy. Neither did my friend who went with us to see this movie. And before you claim that I did not see him this way due to my love of psychology, my friend who also did not see him this way isn’t interested in the human mind. She isn’t interested in becoming a psychiatrist like I am. We both viewed the uncle as the most villainous character, believe it or not. We felt awful for Casey having to go through that at such a young age. NO ONE should have to suffer such a trauma. What’s worse is that she was stuck with him after her dad died..and I have the sneaking suspicion that he found out what his brother had been doing and THAT had caused him to have the heart attack.
Kevin’s disorder did NOT give him superpowers. He was born with them. This movie takes place in the same realm of 'Unbreakable.’ A superhero movie. Kevin merely buried these powers deep down.
In the end, we (my family and I) loved Kevin. We loved his character and we felt bad for him. We were upset about what he had went through. We felt bad for Casey as well. This was an emotional roller coater for me..and I loved every bit of the ride.
People who have not seen the movie, please stop. There is more to Kevin’s character than the two evil personalities, he is an amazing character whom I love dearly.
Thank you for reading! Xoxo

the foxes as shit i’ve done

neil: tried to convince my mom that i wasn’t bleeding out when in fact, i was bleeding out and from two different places

  • + neil: lectured a girl for 15 minutes on why she needed to shut the hell up during a class because exams were in two weeks and i really needed to pass because i currently had a C in the class. she ended up crying afterward and i felt no sympathy

andrew: brought an entire pint of sherbert to school for a party when the teacher didn’t supply a lactose-free substitute and put toppings on the entire container while staring her directly in the eye

nicky: went on vacation for the first two weeks of 2nd grade and managed to put off all of my makeup work until December by faking sick on the days the teacher collected the makeup work

aaron: managed to convince all of my friends that i didn’t have a sister when in reality we attended the same school 

kevin: went inside a pet shop just to look at the dogs

matt: asked my girlfriend if we were going to hyphenate our names when we got married then remembered that i hadn’t even asked her out yet

dan: twisted a boy’s hand behind his back when he said i couldn’t then punched him in the nose when he said it didn’t hurt

allison: got into an argument with a boy about whether or not “fro” was a real word and refused to end it even though i knew i was right

renee: as a kid, wrote on a wall, then when asked to write the same word down in order to match the handwriting, deliberately changed my handwriting so i wouldn’t get in trouble

  • bonus:

jean: cursed all of my friends out in French when they didn’t believe that I was taking lessons

jeremy: got a free cookie from Subway because i had “such nice manners”. proceeded to go back to the same Subway for about 3 weeks to claim my free cookie since all the employees knew who i was by then

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  • Ghostbusters - Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones - #KCASquad #Ghostbusters
  • Rogue One - Felicity Jones, Forest Whitaker, Diego Lyna, Ben Mendelsohn, Alan Tudyk, Donnie Yen, Riz Ahmed, Mads Mikkelsen - #KCASquad #RogueOne
  • X-Men Apocalypse - James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Evan Peters, Tye Sheridan, Ben Hardy, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Sophie Turner, Alexandra Shipp,Olivia Munn - #KCASquad #XmenApocalypse
  • Captain America: Civil War - Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner, Chadwick Boseman - #KCASquad #CaptainAmericaCivilWar
  • Finding Dory - Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Brooks, Kaitlin Olson, Hayden Rolence, Willem Dafoe, Ed O’Neill, Ty Burrell, Eugene Levy - #KCASquad #FindingDory
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Crazy in love | Archie Andrews


Anonymous said: can you do an archie imagine where you both like each other but the other person doesn’t know but basically everyone at school knows

Word count: 2,077

Request here + masterlist + guidelines.

Originally posted by jughead-thethird

It was clearly known for every Riverdale High’s student the kind of guy Archie Andrews was. Unlike his best friend Jughead, the redhead was a popular kid, the guy every girl in school, even you, wanted to date, the fuckboy, the new golden boy, and he was pleased.

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Just want to keep you safe - Seth Rollins X Reader

Originally posted by 100proofvodka

Reader gets really hurt in a match and husband Seth Rollins makes sure she is okay and Dean and Roman come over and check on her, they are all friends. requested by  @beckygirl0523

You began to do a moonsault off the top rope. As you were coming down you knew something didn’t feel right once pain shot through your left leg. 

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The foxes and their pets - a headcanon

Obviously we have Andreil with their kittens… BUT allow me to propose:

With help from @jemejem, I give you The foxes’ various pets.

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Seth Rollins Imagine

Sasha, Nikki, Brie, Alexa, Naomi and you were either sunbathing or in the pool. It was one of your many yet not so often get together that you would organize. Because you were divided in the different main roaster of WWE, you hardly had times all together at once. Today was actually your first get together in 8 months and you all couldn’t be more happy. Seth was at the gym for the day so the six of you had Rollins and your’s house.

Brie: So Y/N how is your life in the bedroom with Rollins? He seems to be quite a man in there.

Y/N: I…Uhhhh… Yeah he is. Anyways what about you Nikki with your big John it must be pretty interesting…

You didn’t really like to answer this kind of questions but you loved to hear other’s answers. It was actually turning you on a little because you could imagine you and Seth doing what your beloved friends were saying.

Nikki was always the one who were coming up with the craziest story and today was no exception. Cena’s wife was telling the time they make out in the back of a tour bus without anyone noticing it.

Y/N: I need to try this with Colby one day…

Alexa: Y/N’s a dirty girl under her angelic traits.

Y/N: Uhhh?

Sasha: You just said you would like to fuck Rollins in the back of a tour bus.

Y/N: I did?

Nikki: Yeah.

Y/N: I thought I just thought about it. Naomi: I wonder what you and Seth are doing in your free time together…

Y/N: Okay enough. I’m going inside someone want something to eat or drink?

Nikki: More sangria?

Y/N: I feel you.

Nikki: Damn! Are we related?

Y/N: Maybe!

You headed inside petting Kevin as you walked pass it. You walked to the refrigerator taking out a full jar of sangria.

Seth: Slow down on the alcohol baby girl.

Y/N: Fuck! Seth! You scared me! I thought you were coming back later tonight.

Seth: The plan changed and I’m not mad about it…

Y/N: What? Why?

He eyed you up and down from your pink bikini top to your black ripped short before setting you on the kitchen counter. He attacked your mouth slipping his tongue in it. You moaned through the kiss. He left trail of sloppy kisses and hickeys along your neck and collarbones as you were pulling on his hair. He played with the strap of your bikini before finally putting it off and taking one of your breast in his mouth while taking care of the other with his hand. You were already a moaning mess. Your hands traveled to the elastics of his sweatpants pulling them down, leaving him in his underwear.

The decided to go check on because they were beginning to be impatient for the sangria.

Naomi walked inside immediately hearing male groans and female moans. She followed them and walked on the both of you in a heated make out session. Your back was facing her but Seth saw her as soon as she walked in. You followed his gaze, turning instantly red when you saw Naomi in the door frame. Rollins tied back on your bikini before pulling his own pants on. He helped you off the counter under Naomi’s amused and shocked look.

Seth: Ummm… Hey. Naomi smiled at him trying not to laugh.

Naomi: Now we know what you two are doing in your free time, right Y/N?

She left smiling to herself. You were putting your hair back in a bun when Seth questioned you.

Seth: Y/N… What does she meant?

Y/N: Nothing just drop it.

You took the jar of sangria heading outside. Seth: We have unfinished business.

You eyed his bulge.

Y/N: Don’t worry. I'mma make up for it.

You winked at him before joining your curious friends outside. Leaving him wanting more

bbcan twitter/bitch-ass alumni: karen is the DEVIL she burned my crops she caused the famine she murdered my family

me, an intellectual: karen is reacting appropriately because production fucked her over with family videos that had NOTHING to do with the game and william only had that LITERAL power of veto from the TRASH because production wanted to save their pet kevin martin even though it could have been VOID because KAREN FOUND HIM GOING OUT OF THE SECRET TUNNEL FUCK YOU PRODUCTION I FUCKING HATE YOU

anonymous asked:

Them: Veronica's adopted Kevin as a pet gay it's so cute! You fools. Veronica is simply the Alpha Gay at Riverdale.

Veronica is a gay god to Riverdale