kevin's highlights

tbh i’m always thinking about neil and matts friendship but here i am at 12:30 getting too emotional

☆ matt is a year younger than the girls but a year older than the monsters
☆this means there is a year where the girls are gone but matt is still playing
☆ and it’s his last year with the foxes so he really wants to make it count
☆ not only is he going to be done playing with his family, he still has to be working hard to get scouted by a pro team
☆ but the foxes aren’t great, they aren’t the fantastic winners they used to be
☆ (thanks to the newbies that don’t have the murder and kidnapping as a shared life experience with the rest of the team)
☆ it’s safe to say matts stressed
☆ he wants to win to secure a good team but more so that he wants to win because it’s his last year
☆ all the stress he’s felt is built up into their games and explodes on the court
☆ he’s being reckless and jittery but managing to channel his energy and be and amazing player
☆ (it’s one of the only times kevin will admit to his face that he is deserving of court)
☆ but it isn’t enough
☆ the foxes lose and matt is devastated
☆ they didn’t even make it to the final showdown
☆ and no one seems to notice the spiral he goes into
☆ he doesn’t turn back to drugs but he stops reaching out to dan for small things
☆ he stops trying to see if nicky wants to take a break from studying and play some mario kart
☆ he stops asking neil to meet up for lunch
☆ in a move reminiscent of andrew minyard, matt find himself on the roof
☆ he doesn’t have a mob boss looming over his head demanding he play exy like kevin or neil
☆ he doesn’t need to play to make his livelihood, dans salary will eventually provide for the both of them
☆ so he sits on the roof and looks out over the smallish campus he’s know for the past 5 years
☆ and wonders how things could have gone differently
☆ he sneaks away when he knows no one will follow him
☆ when he knows he won’t be a bother to anyone
☆ but neil isn’t harry potter, he’s actually perceptive and uses his observations to help
☆ he noticed matt withdrawing himself from his friends
☆ initially, neil was too caught up in his on worry from losing to notice what was happening
☆ it was his first year as full captain, and he wasn’t taking care of his team
☆ he wasn’t sure how he knew where matt would be, but he felt drawn to the roof
☆ when he showed up, matt was immodestly shutting down
☆"ah, hey neil! how are you doing?“
☆"just checking in. seeing what you’re up to.”
☆"just enjoying the weather, hah. didn’t mean to pull you away"
☆"what’s going on, matt?“
☆ he tried to keep it in, he really did
☆ but there was something about neil that just made matt spill everything that had been going on
☆ all of his nerves and stress was laid out onto the table for neil to see
☆ he didn’t want to burden neil with his problems but once he started he couldn’t stop
☆ he talked in circles until he felt there was not more that could be said
☆"so that’s where i’m at.”
☆ neil didn’t laugh at him
☆ or tell him his problems were inconsequential
☆ he wrapped his arms around matt and pulled him back down to matt’s suite
☆ he rounded up the remaining original foxes
☆ (including aaron to everyone’s surprise)
☆ together they watched exy highlights (for kevin), some movies (for andrew), played some video games (for nicky), and spent a couple hours in each other’s company
☆ in the morning matt called dan and talked to her about all the things he was going through
☆ as they headed back to practice the next week, matt stopped neil with a hand on his shoulder
☆ neil motioned andrew to head out without him
☆"neil, i just want to say thank you for everything you did. for listening to my problems and not laughing at me.“
☆"of course, matt. you’re my best friend, i’ll always be here for you.”
☆"same goes for you man.“
☆they were silent for a moment that was slightly awkward as they shared small smiles
☆ matt clasped his hand on neil’s shoulder
☆"lets go play some exy”


outofcuriosity94  asked:

Funny I came across your page for the right reason! Girl that makeup is flawless! I wanna know what kind of foundation do you use? 🤔😅

Hahahah! I use gergio Armani luminous silk HANDS DOWN BEST FOUNDATION EVER I use NYX hd concealer I set everything with Laura mercier translucent powder I also use Kevin acouin bronzer highlight is Laura geller in gilded honey and my lip color is by tarte the ulta matte in festival this is my everyday makeup 🔥🔥💕💕💕