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would you ever draw camila? like with lil nina?

camila loves her happy lil girl more than anything

Okay, HC time here.

So along with German, Spanish, French and Russian, Neil will pick up Japanese - he’ll do it because of Kevin muttering things at him and Andrew in it, because of playing games against the Ravens, because of Ichirou and the whole Moriyama thing. He doesn’t like the feeling of being in front of someone who holds so much power over him and not know what’s being said.

  • So it makes him popular with the Japanese Exy fans (that and other reasons)
    • Of course Ichirou takes advantage of this - any way to get more profit out of him and Kevin. Any potential source of revenue must be grabbed
  • Andrew is too often busy with his own team to go with them on the photo shoots (not that he’s heartbroken over this fact, missing out on the international flights)
  • Neil made the ‘mistake’ of bringing back various chocolate snacks for Andrew after one trip
    • The sugar fiend got hooked. The little chocolate burgers, the flavored kitkats, the chocolate filled panda things, the chocolate mochi, mushroom mountains - Neil had just grabbed anything ‘chocolate’

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