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LOVEBUG (Jughead Jones x Reader)

Song - Lovebug by The Jonas Brothers


Juggie lays on Archie’s bed, his hand holding the sleek device to his ear. Mr Andrews took his son to after school football practice and the dark haired boy was left alone in the family house. 

At first, he used the peace and quiet to write. But his fingers stopped after thirty minutes, the words stopped typing themselves and his head was completely blank. When you said hi, his mind was even more empty but his chest was pounding like never before.

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Young Love (Newt x Reader) [Valentines day special!]

a/n; happy valentines day! again, apologies for being a day late, my 14th was so hectic i only returned home very late.. still, hope you will like it! also based on Peculiar xx

warnings: fluff

words; 1185

prompt; given by @myrtus-amongst-the-stars ;  Hogwarts!Newt x reader having potions class….and they were brewing amortentia;

peculiar masterpost. |  MASTERLIST. KO-FI.

The dungeons held a strong scent of mold and dry herbs- most likely due to the damp walls – and you scrunched your nose displeased. You never liked the smell, and by the looks of it neither did Kevin – his normally friendly expression was twisted with annoyance as he stood beside you near the entrance of the class. Potions. Whilst Eveline was rejoicing somewhere near Leroy and clapping her lashes as she awed at the array of potions the professor was showing off, your gaze wandered to the very end of the line where a patch of yellow decked Hufflepuff’s stood curiously watching the presentation.

Your eyes caught an awkward student with fiery hair that glimmered in the faint light. Newt Scamander wore a soft frown: his brows were kitted in concentration, dew dotting his forehead, as he grasped the leather crested tomb in his hand, just like the rest of students watching the professor show the liquids swirling in silver and glass containers. Suddenly, as if feeling your eyes on him, his gaze shifted to you. You grinned. Newt smiled back shyly before shifting from foot to foot and glancing away with a light rosy blush blooming over his cheeks.

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Okay, so no ‘official’ Wednesday post, but here’s the beginning of a Raven!Neil fic. It would be cleaned up more and probably added to (not sure I’m happy with the Andrew part) and there’s lots more for the Neil part, it’s only a snippet of that, but you get a feel for the set-up/premise here. It’s maybe a little different?


Wymack pulled up to the Fox Tower and gave a bleary-eyed Kevin a sympathetic look. “Hernandez said he’d work on the kid, would talk to him some more on Monday. I’m not giving up, either.”

Andrew scoffed at that, because he was more than a little familiar with lost causes and Josten? Among many other things, that kid had ‘lost cause’ written all over him, along with ‘trouble’ and ‘rabbit’ and ‘better off forgotten’. He hadn’t missed how the kid had looked at Kevin, the expression almost one of hunger, and he was oh so pleased that the kid had turned down the mighty Day even if it had meant that he’d flown out to Arizona and back for nothing more than seeing a certain arrogant coward shot down.

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Sweetheart // Archie Andrews

HI OKAY SO I NEED MORE ARCHIE ANGST IN MY LIFE. I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is a vixen and she notices Ms.Grundy shows up everywhere near her boyfriend and she confronts her about it and Ms.Grundy in her bitchy way tells the reader who also happens to be Archie’s girlfriend about their little set up during his music lessons and it completely wrecks the reader because she’s so in love with Archie and just a lot of angst.

Thank you for the request! Still trying to keep up with requests but they keep coming in! Please bare with me and enjoy this.


‘Alright Vixens, you’re dismissed for another day.’ Cheryl announced and flipped her hair over her shoulder, walking away with her minions. Betty, Ronnie and I all rolled our eyes, leaving the gymnasium together from another cheer practise. I still couldn’t get over the fact I did cheerleading.

'Honestly, I don’t know how the hell she managed to get cheer captain. Who thought that was a good idea?’ I asked.

'The girls who Cheryl places fear in.’ Ronnie answered, causing the three of us to laugh. We made it in the hallway, getting ready for our next class before I stopped in my tracks seeing Ms. Grundy talking to Archie.

She’d been doing this for the past few weeks, appearing either when I’m with him with just the two of us or just him. I knew she was helping him with his music, but it was very consistent thing.

'Honestly?’ I sighed. Ronnie and Betty followed my gaze to my boyfriend and his music teacher who were in conversation.

'Don’t think too much of it Y/N, she’s only helping him with music.’ Betty reassured me, watching them interact.

'She better be.’ Ronnie muttered.

'I’m going over there, wish me luck.’ I walked away from my two best friends to my boyfriend. I greeted him with a kiss on the cheek and a smile, seeing his face light up when he noticed me.

'Hey babe,’ he greeted, wrapping his arm around my waist. I looked over to Ms. Grundy, who was glaring at me over glasses.

'We’re not done talking about this.’ Ms. Grundy said to Archie, walking away from the two of us. I frowned, staring up at my boyfriend.

'What was that about?’ I asked, staring back to where Ms. Grundy left.

'Nothing, it’s all okay.’ He kissed my temple, wrapping his arm around my shoulder.

I knew there was something more to this story…

And I was going to find out.


After math, I stormed out of the classroom, walking to the direction of Ms. Grundy’ office. She was having a go at my boyfriend when he didn’t deserve it and I was going to find out why.

I opened her door, seeing her with her chello in hand, lifting her head to see me at the door.

'Y/N Y/L/N, what seems to be the problem?’

'The problem is what you have with Archie. What’s going on?’ I demanded, glaring at her.

She laughed, cocking her eyebrow at me and removing her glasses. She looked like a completely different person, hardly recognisable. 'You have no idea, do you?’

'About what?’ I shook my head at her, confused at where she was going with this.

'You see, you’re boyfriend, he isn’t as innocent as you think he is.’ She smirked, stepping closer to me. I frowned at her, standing back a bit.

'Why are you saying this?’ I asked, my heart rate increasing immensely.

'You think he’s Mr. Perfect? You’ve got the wrong idea, sweetheart.’ I shivered when she said the nickname that Archie had given me.

'What the fuck are you talking about?’ I spat, clenching my jaw.

'While you’ve been living in your own world of the perfect relationship, Archie and I have been doing more then just…music lessons.’

I felt my heart stop at her words, feeling it shatter into small pieces.

'I’ve been giving him what he wants - no, what he needs. Every music lesson, here in my office…’

'Please…stop…’ I pleaded, feeling my eyes starting to water and my vision becoming blurry.

'In my car…all summer long.’ I shook my head, putting my hand over my mouth, feeling a few tickles of tears fall down my cheeks.

'You’re lying!’ I exclaimed at her, shaking my head.

'I’m afraid not.’ She chuckled sarcastically. I turned around, pulling open her office door before sprinting out of the toxic room.

Students who I ran passed watched me run, tears streaming down my face as I passed them in the hallways. I saw Archie with Betty, Jughead, Ronnie and Kevin as their facial expressions changed.

I didn’t have enough time to look due to sprinting past them, especially Archie. I couldn’t look him in the eye, he’d completely broken my trust and my heart.


'Y/N, wait!’

I ignored my friends as I exited the school, sprinting down the steps. I stormed over near the school parking lot, hearing footsteps not to far behind me.

'Y/N-’ Archie grabbed my wrist and stopped me from walking. I ripped my wrist away from him, glaring at him.

'No! No you - you don’t get to talk or speak or anything!’ I screamed at him. He seemed taken aback, confused as to why I was screaming at him. 'You’re a fucking liar!’

'Y/N…’ Betty looked between Archie and I, ready to stop me before I physically hurt him.

'No! How could you, Archie? With Ms. Grundy!?’ I exclaimed. His face dropped, looking at me with sorrow.

'Y/N…I’m so, so sorry. I ended it today-’

'You should’ve never started it! You’re my boyfriend!’ I sobbed, holding a handful of my cheer top in my hand. 'You were suppose to love me-’

'I do love you!’

'Then why he fuck did you cheat!?’ I screamed. Ronnie, Betty, Jughead and Kevin remained silent, not speaking a word due to the shock of Archie having an affair with a teacher.

'I-I don’t know! She manipulated me!’ He answered. I shook my head, letting out a sarcastic laugh.

'Really? That’s the best you got?’ I bit my lip, shaking my head at him. 'You’re pathetic.’

'I love you!’

'Stop saying that!’

'No, because it’s true!’ He exclaimed back at me. 'I never loved her, I never will.’

'She gave you what you couldn’t wait for with me. I’m sorry that I wasn’t that easy Archie.’


'No. We’re done. Even if I still love you now, I’ll learn to get over it. You e wrecked me…I loved you and your broke me. You promised you wouldn’t…I guess I was kidding myself to ever believe anything you say.’ I spat.

'Y/N, don’t - don’t do this…’

'Archie, enough,’ Ronnie finally spoke up, walking past him to stand next to me, 'you’ve done and said enough. C'mon Y/N, let’s get out of here.’ She wrapped an arm around my shoulder, leading me away from my ex-boyfriend.

Betty walked on the other side of me with Kevin beside her, leading me away from my heart that had shattered in front of the boy I love.

And I don’t know how I’m gonna fix it.

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A little birdy told me it was @sai-shou’s and the twin’s birthday today~ XD Happy Birthday Sai! Lucy and I wish you a wonderful day and many more nice days to come. Thank you for being you. Stay golden!

Today was April 20, the twin's 22nd birthday, and it seemed Faith would be spending it alone.

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Party of the Century/ Archie Andrews

Hi! I loved your last Archie imagine so I wanted to request one 😂 I was wondering if you could write an ArchiexReader one where the reader and Archie are kinda a thing, they spend a lot of time together, hold hands, kiss, etc (even at school) but aren’t official yet, and when the reader arrives at Jug’s bday party all happy and ready to party, she sees Arch kissing Veronica? And it’s all sad and angsty and I’ll let you end it like you want to 😂💕

So here’s another imagine! Thank you to @sweetvengeancee for the first request! Hopefully I’ve delivered well!


To say the least, if someone asked me this time last year that I would’ve ended up with someone who reciprocated feelings for me, I would laughed in their face. But, things have changed, I’ve changed.

Meeting Archie has changed me for the better. He’s brought out the best version of me that I could ask for and I couldn’t thank him enough.

When we first started dating I was worried. Due to his history with Ms. Grundy, I wasn’t exactly trusting of him. Thankfully, he respected that choice and waited patiently for me to trust him and I’m glad that I did.

We’d spent every moment together, playing guitar, writing songs, going to Pop’s, it was honestly blissful. He was never shy about his feelings towards me. He’d kiss me in front of the gang, causing Veronica and Betty to gush over his cuteness towards me, he’d hug me from behind at my locker, holding me closing to him and giving me cheeky neck kisses, causing me to blush madly. To me, even with his imperfections, he was perfect to me.

The only thing was, because after my experiences with males in the past and getting hurt continuously, I didn’t want to make anything official just yet. Archie respected it and said that he would wait, which caused my heart to swell.

But when I found out that we were throwing a small gathering for Jughead for his birthday, I was pleasantly surprised that we were going through with it, since Jughead sinned his birthday.

I was setting up the food, placing everything on Archie’s dinning table. Betty went above and beyond, as per usual, having party hats and even made him a burger cake. I chuckled at her set up, seeing Ronnie walking into the kitchen.

She looked miserable, probably due to everything happening with her father. It crushed me to see her the way that she was, shattered. I gave her a smile, walking over to her and grabbing both of her hands. ‘You okay there, Ronnie?’

She gave me a half hearted smile, giving me an unconvincing nod. 'Yeah, just…its hard, Y/N.’ I nodded, agreeing with her.

'I get it. I don’t understand personally, but I get it. I’m here always for you Ronnie, don’t forget it.’ I pulled her in for a hug, seeing Archie enter the kitchen.

Ronnie pulled away and turned her head back, finding Archie. 'I’ll leave you two alone.’ She sighed, walking past Archie and out of the kitchen. Archie stumbled slightly over towards me, causing me to frown.

'Archie, are you - have you been drinking?’ I asked, my eyes widening and crossing my arms over my chest. Archie chuckled, wrapping his arms around my waist. I frowned at him, making him sigh dramatically.

'I have, but, I’m not drunk. I’m just tipsy, I promise.’ I rolled my eyes, moving out of his gasp. He knew my feelings towards drinking yourself blind and I hoped he didn’t attempt anything stupid. 'Don’t get mad, I promise I’ll be on my best behaviour.’

'You better keep that promise.’ My phone vibrated, Betty texting me telling me they’d arrived at Archie’s house. 'Guys! Hit the lights - he’s coming!’

Kevin turned off the lights quickly, the rest of us scattering around and hiding. I ducked behind the wall next to Archie, hearing Jughead enter the room with Betty.

'Surprise!’ We cheered, Jughead’s face reading anything but happiness. Archie stumbled over to his best friend, hugging him. Jughead seemed confused, probably because he said he didn’t want anything special.

After we sung happy birthday, the door bell rang, causing all of us to freeze in our place. I frowned in confusion, walking to the door and opening it to reveal Cheryl and Chuck, along with the rest of the school waiting to enter Archie’s house.

'You didn’t think you could throw a party without having me?’ Cheryl smirked, a hand on her hip.

'Or me?’ Chuck smirked, making me raise my eyebrow, my facial expression evident with annoyance.

'Where do we put the keg?’

'Put it out the back, let’s get the party going!’ Archie cheered, making me turn my head to him, not believing what I was hearing.

It was a few hours in and everyone was drunk, making out, or making a mess everywhere. I sat on the kitchen isle, my elbow resting on the bench and my chin resting in my hand, watching my peers making fools of themselves.

I hadn’t seen Archie in over an hour, making me frustrated because I wanted to finally admit to him that I was ready for our relationship to turn to us being boyfriend and girlfriend. This party has managed to put a spanner in the works, and in my mood.

'Y/N, have you seen Ronnie?’ I turn my head to find Kevin. 'I haven’t seen her for a while and I’m getting worried.’

'C'mon, I’ll help you find her. I’m tired of waiting for Archie.’ I sighed, moving from my seat and following him back into the crowded living room.

'You still going to tell him?’ Kevin asked. Kevin was the only one that knew I wanted to have Archie as my boyfriend and that I was going to do it tonight. But, now I wasn’t sure.

'I don’t know, Hun. He seemed drunk before the party even started.’ Kevin grabbed my hand, taking me upstairs to look there.

'Where the hell is she?’ I muttered, checking the bathroom and the other spare room, finding nothing.

'Wait - Y/N, I hear shuffling in here,’ Kevin pointed to Archie’s bedroom door, which was closed. I didn’t know if I was ready to see what was behind it.

'Kevin, maybe we shouldn’t-’ it was too late before I saw Veronica and Archie both locking lips with each other, 'open the door.’

My heart broke into two. I felt my eyes instantly becoming glossy. Their eyes found Kevin and my shocked expressions, causing Archie’s face to drop when he caught my gaze.

'Y/N-’ Archie started but I didn’t let him finish before I moved away from Kevin and sprinted down the stairs, pushing past everyone to make it to the front door.

'Y/N, what’s wrong?’ I looked up to see Cheryl, a smirk planted on her face. 'Archie finally realised that he could get better then you, even if it is with Veronica Lodge. Guess the pauper doesn’t get the happy ending after all.’

I pushed past her and out the front door. I looked at some students who were standing on the lawn, drunk and stupid. Now I knew why I hated parties. I jogged down the stairs, stopping at the bottom.

I started sobbing right there on the spot, my hands gripping my sweater as I bend over, feeling like I was going to vomit. I lifted myself up, running my fingers through my hair and looking left and right, trying to figure out my best escape route away from here.

'Y/N, please, stop!’ I turned my head, seeing Archie, now clothed, running down the stairs. I sprinted left, running down the footpath, away from him. 'Y/N!’

I knew it was a matter of time before he would catch up to me, but I never stopped running. I could no longer hear the thumping music, but the sound of my breath, and my heart thumping. He broke me in more ways then one and so did Veronica.

I felt Archie grab hold of my hand, pulling me back towards him. I ripped away from his grip, shoving him at his chest away from me. 'Is this some type of game, Archie?! Do you want to hurt me so badly that I’d get jealous or something?! You’re a real prick!’

'Y/N, let me explain-’

'Explain what?’ I screamed at him, cutting him off, 'Explain how your tongue was down Veronica’s throat? She did it to Betty and now me, see a pattern?’ I went to walk away from him, but he stopped me.

'Y/N, I swear on my life and everything that I am that Veronica kissed me. She was lonely and dealing with everything with her father she’s lost her way. She feels horrible for what she did and I know it’s no excuse-’

'You god damn right it’s no excuse! Can’t you see it? I don’t belong here, Archie. I’m weird and not like everyone else here. I’m better off going back to who I was.’ I wiped my eyes of my tears that continued to fall, seeing Archie’s lip tremble whilst looking at me. 'Cheryl’s right; I don’t belong with you.’

'No,’ he shook his head, standing closer to me. This time, I didn’t move away. 'No, you’re perfect. You’re too perfect for me, Y/N. I fucked up, not you. But please,’ he grabbed my face in his hands, keeping my eyes on him. 'Don’t leave me, I need you. I have no feelings for Ronnie. It’s only you. I wouldn’t have waited if I wasn’t serious. Because I’m seriously in love with you.’

My mouth fell open, hearing him speak the words out loud. I moved my hands up to hold Archie’s wrists. 'Archie…how can I trust you-’

'You can trust me. I only need one chance to prove to you this. Only one.’ Archie pleaded. I sighed, showing his face drop slightly. I watched him sigh and mutter 'screw it’ before kissing me with all the passion he had left.

I closed my eyes in bliss with his lips against mine. We’d never kissed like this before and I was glad to experience it. I was willing to give him one more chance and only one.

I pulled away wrapping my arms around his neck, whilst he wrapped his around my waist. 'I’m never letting you go, Y/N, and that’s a promise.’ Archie whispered into my ear, before kissing my forehead.

Midnight Dance. ::Sami Zayn One Shot::

Pairing: Reader x Sami Zayn

Word Count: 2,830

Warnings: Minor swearing.

So this was inspired by the following adorable gif:

Gif Credit: typhoidcandy

I saw it and just had to write an imagine for it, but featuring Sami x Reader of course. This is exactly how I wish I could be spending my New Year’s Eve, but unfortunately it’s not to be :(

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Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

New Year’s Eve. Traditionally, a start of new beginnings, new resolutions (some kept, some broken) and saying goodbye to the current year. And, if you were friends with certain people, a time for alcohol and lots of it.

For better or worse, (I couldn’t tell), but I just wasn’t really a great drinker, at least in comparison to my teenage years. My tolerance seemed to shrink over the years as I got older and I was just plain out of practice. New Year’s though, was the one night I was willing to make an exception.

The hotel bar was booming, mainly with WWE staff and their families, the area having been rented out for us. The members of the New Day had set up an impromptu dance floor and Xavier had even brought Francesca along, though it was a struggle to hear the instrument over the pounding of the speakers, the typical cheesy New Year’s Eve music being played.

I was stood to the side, slightly out of the way as I conversed with Nia, who was looking stunning in a red dress and with her hair pulled back. Despite the character she played on screen, in reality she couldn’t be more different. Nia was my bona-fide mum friend. She even came with a certificate that said so. Taking a page out of The Miz’s book, I had whipped up a certificate for her, stamped with Y/N’s seal of approval, as part of her Christmas present. She had found it hilarious and had immediately snapped a picture of it, sending it to both Dean and The Miz, stating how much better hers was. Miz had jokingly threatened to sue me for stealing his idea.

I was slightly bouncing and half swaying on the spot, enjoying the way my skirt was swishing around my legs. Sometimes it really was the small things that amused me. Behind Nia, I could see Sami approaching us and I raised my hand to wave at him.

“Hey Nia, Y/N” he greeted, pulling me into a friendly hug with one arm as he was holding a drink in his right hand. His beard momentarily scratched against my cheek before he pulled away and I could still smell that gorgeous aftershave he always wore. Not that I had told him, how much I loved the scent. No one wanted to be known as that girl with the weird smell fixation.

“Hey Sami” I replied in return, having to tilt my head to look up at him. He was looking rather dapper in a fitted sky blue buttoned shirt, the sleeves having already been rolled up to his elbows. His signature cap was missing from the ensemble though, which was slightly disappointing. I rather liked it on him, you know that whole victorian paper boy vibe. At that mental thought, I realised that might just have to limit my reading. No more Philippa Gregory, Jane Austen and the likes for me.

I could hear Nia shift on the spot and turned to see her looking out at the crowd, her focus on a distinct mane of purple-pink hair.

“Sorry guys, just need to have a word with Sasha. I’ll talk to you later” she said as she made her apologies, stepping into the crowd surrounding us. Pausing momentarily, Nia turned to call out over her shoulder to me.

“If I don’t see you again tonight Y/N, text me to let me know that you got back to your room safe,  okay?”.

I would have almost rolled my eyes at her, if it wasn’t for the fact that I appreciated her thoughtfulness and gestures of care. Beside me, I could feel Sami’s body shudder slightly as he sniggered silently to himself and I elbowed him playfully in the ribs to get him to shut up.

“What if I don’t make it back to my hotel room safely?” he muttered with a fake pout, standing up straight and shaking off the elbow to the ribs, as though he hadn’t even felt it. Not that I had been particularly rough with the action to begin with.

“You can text me” I reassured him, playful patting him on his shoulder in mock sympathy. Sami just raised an eyebrow at me and stepped forward, taking up the space that Nia’s absence had left.

“You look amazing” he told me, genuine honesty reflected in his voice. I couldn’t help but almost preen as he glanced over me, his eyes lingering on my face and drifting slightly to my neck and where the precious stone of my necklace laid further down. Sami blushed slightly as he realised that I had caught his wandering gaze, but I was too busy trying to control the heat that was flaring up across my own cheeks, to say much to him about it.

“You look great too” I replied, trying not to focus too much on his exposed, strong forearms.

“You’re missing your cap though” I added, pouting at him as I did so, causing him to chuckle. His laugh was deep, infectious and with the ability to cause shivers down my spine. He bowed and doffed an imaginary cap at me.

“Me apologies, ma’am” he offered, in what I suspect was an attempt at a Cockney accent. I laughed again, shaking my head at the dreadful accent.

“What are you drinking?” I questioned, as my eyes fell to the amber liquid that was contained in the glass he was holding, eyeing it with great suspicion. Sami raised his glass to eye level and examined it for a moment, slightly baffled himself, judging by his expression.

“Kevin” was all he said in answer, shrugging his shoulders as he spoke, as if that answered everything. Which it kind of did. Kevin was a good answer to a lot of things sometimes.

“Want to try some?,” he offered, holding out his glass to me. “It’s actually pretty good’.

I timidly accepted the drink from him, my fingers brushing over his as they wrapped around the glass. I took a small sip, letting the liquid slide down my throat. It was as Sami had said ‘pretty good’, though slightly stronger than what I was use to and I licked my bottom lip to collect every last drop of the alcoholic beverage. Sami was watching me, his eyes tracing the flickering movement of my tongue and I blushed deeper, hastily passing the glass back to him, seemingly snapping him out of whatever moment he had be in.

“Well credit to Kevin, where it’s due” I spoke up, hoping to move on past the awkwardness, undoubtedly of my own doing. This was Sami we were talking about after all, my imagination probably running away with me again, because there was no way that the Underdog from the Underground was looking at me like that.

My attention was caught by Big E, as he suddenly busted out some impressive (and also slightly alarming) moves on the dance floor, causing the crowd that had gathered around, to let out a sudden roar of approval. I only turned back to look at Sami, at the sound of him clearing his throat and he nodded his head towards the dancefloor, where my attention had just previously been.

“You want to dance?” he asked.

“Oh I can’t dance” I was quick to reply, shaking my hands in front of me vigorously as if to further demonstrate my point. Sami studied me for a moment, making a point of deliberately finishing his drink and placing the glass down on a nearby table. I knew immediately what was about to happen before he even reached for my hand.

“Sami, I can’t dance” I tried again and he paused for a moment, expression serious as he flashed me a comforting smile.

“Yes, you can. I’ll take good of care you” he reassured me, his face falling slightly as he noticed my continuing hesitation and nerves. He chewed his bottom lip thoughtfully.

“Please, Y/N. I really would like to dance you” he added. I sighed and nodded my head in affirmation, hoping I wouldn’t live to regret my decision.

“Fine. But the moment I step on your foot, I’m outta there” I warned. This seemed to be enough for Sami and his face pretty much lit up. I blushed at his response and my palms suddenly felt clammy.

Hands linked, Sami guided me through the crowd. Several times I heard him politely speak up, an “Excuse us” falling from his lips and one distinct “Fucking move, Kevin. I’m busy”. The man in question just laughed in reply, clapping Sami on the shoulder, whispering something I couldn’t hear into his ear, but that caused the ginger wrestler to blush and grumble something back. Kevin took a step back and let us by, winking at me as he did so, his face full of mirth.

We reached the edge of the dance floor and Sami steered us to a fairly empty space, slightly secluded by the angle of the wall, but with plenty of room to move about.

“So dancing….” I offered nervously as I eyed the people nearby.

“Well, you’ve got to have seen my entrance a hundred times by now, haven’t you?” he spoke up, grinning widely, absent-mindedly rubbing his beard. My eyes traced the gesture, almost surprised that my own hands itched to do just that to him instead, before his words sunk in.

“Wait, we’re dancing like that?” I queried.

“Yep” he confirmed with a grin. In his eyes, there was a touch of mischief and a determination that I was quick to recognise from his matches. I knew from that moment I was doomed, knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to deny him. Besides, despite what my hesitation might suggest, I really did want to dance with him. Sami was always such fun to spend time with.

“Ok. Just wait a minute, because this isn’t happening in heels” I warned him as I lifted up one foot off the ground and started to work on the buckle of my shoe. It wasn’t long before I began to wobble dangerously, my balance precarious as I stood on one foot. Ever the hero, Sami took a step forward to help, solid hands placed on my body. One hand rested on my arm, the other on my waist. I could feel the heat of them spreading through my clothing and onto my skin and I felt another curious, altogether different heat spreading from my stomach.

“You’ve gone all red. Are you feeling alright? We don’t have to do this” Sami told me, the questions rushing out one after another, clearly concerned.

“I’m fine. You asked me to dance and we will. I want to” I replied, suddenly feeling emboldened, though by what I didn’t know.  I certainly hadn’t drunk enough for it to be that kind of false bravado.

Using his shoulder to help prop myself up, I unbuckled my other shoe, tossing the both of them to one side, ensuring that they wouldn’t be in the way of anyone, not wanting to cause an incident. I felt his hand slide down from my upper arm to grasp my hand and I hoped he didn’t feel me shiver as his fingers ran over my skin.

“Just think of me, dancing in the middle of ring,” he paused, laughing quietly under his breath. “Preferably after a victory for me”.

He winked cheekily at me, pulling a laugh from me, our hands swinging in between us as he began to move. It admittedly took me a moment for me to join in, trying to bring up his entrance music in my head and superimpose it on top of the song that was actually being played out loud.  I thought back to how that upbeat song made me feel every time I heard it play and the anticipation, not to mention the adrenaline, that Sami provoked every single time he made his entrance.

Sami’s face seemed to light up the moment I joined in, my feet moving in time with his. He swung our linked hands together a bit more vigorously, as we continued to dance, Sami Zayn style. He swung me around occasionally, never breaking his grip on me, both of us laughing loudly together.

We probably looked like a hot mess. There was no finesse to our movements, probably moving completely out of step for this kind of music, our laughter drawing far too much attention than I would normally be comfortable with, if it wasn’t for the fact that I was just having so much fun. I could see several people, including Kevin and Nia glancing at us in amusement. Sasha who was still stood next to Nia, even waved cheekily at me.

Sami twirled me under his arm once again as the final strands of music began to fade out, the current song ending. I was admittedly disappointed as we were forced to stop, though at the same time I was thankful for the breather. Sami still had my hand gripped tightly in his and I was probably a damn mess by now, breathing far too hard for what could be considered to be attractive and my hair wild, but damn was I having a great time with him. He made me forget my worries, forget to be so self-conscious.

The DJ’S voice filled the room and I suddenly realised that all the couples in the room had paired off and that the image of a giant clock complete with a second hand, had been projected onto the far wall.

“And it’s time for the countdown folks, 2017 is rapidly approaching, so let’s get ready to celebrate”.

I looked up to Sami, to see him step closer to me. The number 10 was chanted out loud and at this he pulled me towards him, spinning me as the countdown began, bringing me straight into his chest, his hands resting gently on my lower back. My face was only inches from his, lips almost brushing, if only one us leant in a little bit more. He took a deep breath, steadying himself, arms wrapping tighter around me as he realised I wasn’t pushing him away.

“8, 7….” everyone else continued in the background.

“Can I kiss you?” Sami asked, his focus intent on mine. I shivered as a result of the anticipation his words created within me. If I was being honest with myself, I had wanted this for a while. No one made me feel like Sami did, being with him was easy. And while I enjoyed being his friend, that didn’t mean that I didn’t want more.

“6, 5….”.

“Please fucking do” I replied, my voice breathier than I had even realised. Sami couldn’t help but laugh at my response, a wide grin breaking out across his face.

“Fuck, it feels good to hear you say that” he admitted, cupping my face in his hands as he did so, pushing my hair back and out of the way.

“3, 2…”.

“1! Happy New Year everybody!” I heard the crowd roar as Sami lowered his lips to mine.

His lips were moving softly against mine, almost timidly, as if he was still half afraid that I would push him away and reject him. But how could I ever reject Sami?

Wanting to convince him that my feelings were the same as his, I wrapped my arms tightly around his shoulders, stepping closer into him as I did. I could feel the tension in his muscles fade away as my body pressed against his, Sami’s kiss becoming more confident. He continuously ran his fingers through my hair and I practically melted against him.

It wasn’t the most passionate kiss in the world, but even so I was breathing deeply as we parted. The kiss had been sweet, gentle and loving, perfect in every sense of the word. Sami was grinning down at me, wrapping his arms around me in a tight hug, even lifting me off the ground slightly, causing me to laugh.

As he set me back down on my feet again, I took the opportunity to go in for a quick kiss, wanting to feel his lips on mine again. Sami pulled me back into him as I went to break the kiss, kissing me more urgently this time, his hand laying on the hollow of my back. When he eventually did pull back, I experimentally licked across my bottom lip, still able to taste him, pulling a choked gasp from him.

Both of us blushing, he pulled me into a hug, letting my head settle in the crook of his neck.

“I hope the new year brings you everything you want” he whispered to me and I was only just able to hear him over the music. Looking up, I stroked his cheek, my fingers brushing over his beard.

“I think it already did”.

“i don’t share”

Rated: General
Warnings: -
Characters: Riko Moriyama / Kevin Day, Jeremy Knox
Word count: ~1700

Set during a Winter Ball before the events of the books. Kevin’s crush on Jeremy is obvious enough, that Riko takes a picture to taunt him.

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Neil is bad with expressions
  • Kevin: We gotta get out of here!
  • Neil: Yeah, thank you Katherine obvious!
  • Kevin: What?
  • Neil: I said thank you Katherine obvious.
  • Nicky: Did he say "Katherine obvious"?
  • Andrew: It's "captain obvious."
  • Neil: Huh?
  • Andrew: The expression is "Thank you CAPTAIN obvious."
  • Neil: It's not Katherine?
  • Aaron: No.
  • Andrew: Who would Katherine be?
  • Neil: Katherine could be a captain.

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