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Caps Hat Tricks and 1st NHL Goals

In honor of Oshie’s hat trick on Saturday, I decided to compile a post of all the hat tricks of all the current Caps. This is also consolation for the fact that I couldn’t include them all on my masterpost, so here they are. I also included the first NHL goals of all the current Caps that I could find video for. Enjoy!

Hat Tricks

1st NHL Goals

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Betty and Veronica were childhood friends and they grew up next door to each other and one day, Ronnie’s dad was exposed for alleged embezzlement so the police come to her house and drag him away. This leaves Hermione to bear all the expenses so she throws herself into odd jobs and as a result, she’s never home. Ronnie spends 99% of her time at Betty’s house (much to the displeasure of the Coopers).

Fast-forward to when they’re in their twenties, Betty and Ronnie have a MASSIVE fight that leads to Ronnie leaving and Betty’s super guilty and upset. Ronnie is basically wasted outside of some club and that’s when she gets struck by lightning. She ends up getting rushed to the hospital and transferred to New York to be placed under observation.

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