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After Us

Ultimately the path to recovery is not to find someone new for yourself, but to find someone new in yourself.
Directed by Philip Wang
Written by Philip Wang with Christine Chen
Behind the Scenes:
Director’s Commentary: coming soon

Produced by 
Wesley Chan
Christine Chen
Ted Fu
Philip Wang

Victoria Park
Kevin Wu

Anna Lisa Flinchbaugh
Elissa Shay
Philip Wang 

Featured Music
“Siren” & “The View” - April Nhem
“Weak” - Daphne Khoo

Additional Music
Kenson Lee

Sound Recordist
Dennis Tran
Taylor Chan

Visual Effects
Kenson Lee

Behind the Scenes
Taylor Chan

Production Assistants
Melody Cheng
Jillian Barayang

Special Thanks
Chris Dinh
Diana Tran
Janice Paik
“Chynna” Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
“Factory Tea Bar” San Gabriel

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Fans scream the loudest when it’s Kris’ part

Fans still want the galaxy.

At the gate of EXO’S Lost Planet Concert Stadium in Hong Kong, fans scream the loudest and cheer when Kris shows up in the Overdose music video.

We’re still here, Kris, Wu Yifan, Wu Yifine, Kevin, whatever you go by. We’re still here.

Tao is probably suffering this more than anyone right now.

He was friends with Kris during their trainee days.

He believes in Kris and relies on him.

This news is probably affecting him more than the others.

He once talked about how much Kris has taught him and continues teaching him. And when they bowed Kris willingly gave him his hand to hold.

And Tao cried afterwards too.

EXO wins a big award and what is Taos instinct? Hug Kris immediately.

He truly likes Kris unconditionally. And likes being unnecessarily close to Kris/Hugging Kris.

And now at the SM Building Tao doesn’t want to leave and is crying & singing alone. 

And after Kris wrote a hand-written message on weibo, Tao posted this that says ‘I love you Wu Yi Fan’ and it was immediately deleted.

And I read somewhere on tumblr that maybe Tao is lying down in their dorm right now and looking at Kris’ empty bed and it’s killing me and probably killing Tao more.

Be strong Panda~