kevin whittmore


Requested by anonymous

Kevin was an old friend from when you lived in Riverdale. You now lived in beckon hills but thankfully Kevin came to visit you during the summer. It was great and you got to fill him in about the crush you had on Jackson.

“I mean he flirts with me and all but he won’t actually ask me out” you complained “anyway there’s a party at his house this Friday”.

“Interesting… why don’t we make him jealous then?” Kevin suggested, with a devilish grin.

You gave him a side ways glance “what do you mean?”.

“I’ll pretend to be your boyfriend and we’ll give this guy a little push”.

“Kevin you’re gay”.

“Trust me I am fully aware” Kevin said rolling his eyes “but, what was his name? Jackson? He doesn’t know that does he?”.

“No” you paused and thought for a moment “you know what? This sounds like a great plan. Let’s do it”.