kevin trevor

its so fucking baffling – like damn a skinny white blonde woman walks in front of you just don’t know what to do with yourself???? but buy her drinks????? and send her cupcakes ?????? and take selfies ?????? and defend her on twitter????? while???? she????? makes?????? money ????? off?????? of?????? hating????????????? you???????????????

Kevin Rigby Jr. on Trevor Noah


Aaron Bailey Broussard, Cierra Skye, Kevin Thompson, Trevor Signorino, Mark MacEachen & Sahara Lin by Mariano Vivanco for King Kong Magazine Spring/Summer 2016.

Stylist: Nicola Formichetti  |  Hair: Franco Gobbi  |  MUA: Maki Ryoke


Rio 2016: the Journey of Team Yavbou

I’m proud of my boys and their achievments. Even though they didn’t make it to the quaterfinals, we know they’ve come so far and it’s just the beginning.Team Yavbou will come back stronger than ever.