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Bank Robber AU for @ambiguous-eyepatch for the Valentines @aftgexchange!

I had a lot of fun drawing these and I hope you like it! 😃

I realized too late that this wasn’t exactly what you meant by your prompt, sorry about that, but I hope it’s still okay!

The rest of my mini-fic/headcanons/ramblings about this AU are below the cut:

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“Red Light” – Caught in an impossible situation, Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) must square off with an old nemesis, and Derek Morgan (guest star Shemar Moore) comes to the team with a lead that might help find Mr. Scratch, the elusive fugitive that has been taunting the team all season. Jane Lynch returns as Reid’s mother. Season finale.


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Just friends, Right? pt-1

Originally posted by wendytran07

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: FLUFF, mentions of nightmares

Word count: 1,518

Summary: Bucky and the reader are madly in love but they are both unaware of the other’s feelings

Part2    Part3    Part4

Your POV

          Bucky and you have been best friends ever since you joined the avengers. You were a highly trained assassin and a science whiz. Half your time was spent in the lab and the other half, on the field. Immediately after joining the avengers over 2 years ago, you were drawn to Bucky and he was drawn to you. Soon enough he had opened up to you about all of the horrors that Hydra had put him through and you comforted him and assured him that you would always be there when he needed you.

        Walking the hallways of Stark Tower always helped you relax after a nightmare. Sure, you had them but nothing near as bad as Bucky’s. They still left you staring at your ceiling until the sun peeked through your blinds. Last night was a particularly bad one and all you wanted to do was crawl next to Bucky and have his arm around you like you did for him so often when you heard his screams from across the hall. 

       It didn’t take you long after meeting Bucky to realize that you had feelings for him. You never acted on them because you knew he didn’t feel the same way about you. To him, you were just a friend. He was constantly flirting with other girls, having his one night stands run through the common areas in his clothes, going on dates and sharing all of the details during game night in the tower.

“Hey Y/N” you heard as you turned the corner into the kitchen.

“Hey Buck, why are you up so early?” you asked. The sun had just barely come up and you had been walking around the tower aimlessly for hours.

“Probably the same reason that you are” he smiled at you softly. You nodded in response and frowned at him a little. Your hand found its way onto his shoulder and you rubbed it softly, even the smallest touch between the two of you helping you relax.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

“It was just the usual, nothing new.”

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to wake you” you said with a frown.

“You worry too much about me. I’m fine, I promise”

Bucky POV

     I was not okay. I had been in love with her ever since I first saw her. She was kind and compassionate. She was everything I’ve ever wanted. When she smiles it seems like everything that haunts my past, disappears for just a moment. She cares about me more than I thought anyone would ever be able to. I just can’t tell her how I feel. I don’t want to risk losing the friendship that we have. Anyway, she is always getting hit on and taken out on dates. I just take home random girls to mask my pain of seeing her with men who aren’t me.
Whenever I bring girls back to the tower Y/N hardly even looks in my direction so she really must not feel anything other than friendly love towards me.

“I’m always going to worry about you Buck, you know that” Y/N said and rested her head on my shoulder.

“Yeah I guess there’s no getting rid of you, huh?” I wrapped my arm around her and she smiled into my chest. I could stay like this forever.

Your POV

“So pancakes or waffles?” you said and slowly pulled away from Bucky.

“Hmm I’m thinking pancakes and maybe some bacon”

“I’m on it” you chuckled and reached up to ruffle his hair. He glared at you playfully as you walked toward the pantry to get all the ingredients you needed for breakfast.

The pancake batter sizzled as it met the pan and you could hear Bucky shuffling behind you as you cooked. Soon enough you heard soft music floating through the kitchen and turned quickly to smile at Bucky. The music was timeless and the piano melody is what you imagined Bucky would listen to as a child. Your hips began to sway back and forth to the beat as you placed the bacon in the skillet.

As the first song ended and the next began Bucky came up behind you and placed his chin on the top of your head. His soft humming vibrated in your stomach and chest. Gosh, everything this man did made you fall farther in love with him. He had no idea what he did to you. You flipped over the bacon with your right hand and Bucky took your left in his.

He spun you around to face him and his metal hand sat gently on your hip while his right grasped your hand. Buck led you around the room in slow circles and gazed just above your eyes the whole time; never meeting them. The next song started and it was a tune that you recognized. You hummed along just as Bucky was a few minutes ago. Bucky’s eyes met yours and he grinned. He rested his chin on top of your head once again and hummed with you.

A sudden beeping alerted both of you to the smoke rising from the stove. You both jogged to the bacon and you quickly removed the pan from the heat. Bucky burst out laughing and after overcoming your shock, you joined him.

“Oh my God Y/N” he wheezed between chuckles. His hand was still clutching yours from when you were dancing and he was bent over at the waist nearly in tears from laughing so hard.

“Buck, you good?” you joked with him while also being bent over trying to catch your breath.

“I don’t know. Did the bacon survive?” he smirked at you.

“Only if you like it extra crispy which I know you do.”

“Doll, you know me too well” Bucky smiled and grabbed a slice off the pan.

You both got yourselves settled with some breakfast and the music still played in the background. It was around 8 am now and you could hear some of the other avengers shuffling around their rooms. Your phone alerted you to a text with a loud ding and you reached for it with a mouth full of pancakes.

* Hey there gorgeous. What are u up to today? :)*

It was from that security guy downstairs, Kevin, who had asked for your number last week. He constantly tried to make conversation with you whenever you left or entered the building. Sometimes you humored him but you were never really interested. Obviously, you were too in love with Bucky to be interested in anyone except for Bucky.

*Not much*

You decided to go with a short response in hopes of him taking your hint and leaving you alone to pine after a man who didn’t love you.

“Who was it?” Buck questioned.

“Oh that security guard, Kevin. He just asked what I was up to today and called me pretty” you chuckled at him and rolled your eyes when you told him the part about Kevin calling you pretty. Bucky didn’t chuckle along with you, in fact his smile faded all together. It was replaced with a scowl and his eyebrows scrunched together. If you were being honest, he looked a little jealous. But that must’ve just been your imagination letting you see what you wish was real.

“I don’t like that guy much. You shouldn’t be hanging out with him if you ask me”, Bucky grumbled out.

“Well, I didn’t ask you but I’ll take your opinion into consideration”, you joked with him. His stoney looked faded away to be replaced with a small smile.

“But if you really don’t want me hanging out with him that much, I won’t”, you stated matter of factly and plucked your phone back out of your pocket.

*On second thought, I have plans today*

“There it’s settled. Now, what do you want to do today?”, You beamed down at Bucky from where you were standing.

“Wait, you’re serious? Just like that, no more Kevin?”, he grinned.

“Yup, no more Kevin”

Bucky’s POV

This woman was maddening.

“Didn’t you like him at all? You did give him your number” I asked trying to contain my joy that she would rather spend time with me than that douchebag of a security guard. I saw the way that he looked her up and down when her back was turned. It made me want to poke his eyes out so he wouldn’t have anything left to objectify her with.

“Nah I wasn’t really all that fond of him. I could tell he was kind of a sleaze ball. And besides you know you are just about my favorite person on the planet, so I’d much rather hang out with you” I could hardly contain my smile. There was something strange in the expression on her face. It was like she didn’t mean to be saying these things out loud. As if she was sharing a secret. This sparked a hope in me that I haven’t felt in a long time. A hope that maybe she loved me back.

princepscorvum  asked:

Wait what if Andrew had a food allergy. Like, I'm allergic to soy and you'd think that's no biggie but almost all junk food is fried in soy oil and soy is used as a stabilizer in SO MUCH candy and ice cream. Imagine his outrage! Maybe not soy BUT something irritating enough that he tries to avoid it unless he wants to piss off ​Kevin. I also know someone allergic to 90% of vegetables that seems to fit imo ((kevindayum))

I’m not familiar with many allergies, but I am familiar with my roommates. My roommate is allergic to a couple things, the most important for this hc are chocolate and red dye. Her favorite cake is red velvet, which is both 😒

Andrew isn’t like going to flat out die if he eats it. He gets itchy and feverish, and maybe if it’s especially bad his throat gets a little tight. He has an epipen so he’s not really worried about it. He’ll take an allergy pill before bed.

What’s bad is that he never makes it for himself or buys it for himself. No, Neil makes it and even though he will leave out the most enticing looking snickerdoodles (Andrew’s absolute favorite cookie), Andrew has a chocolate sniffing nose. It’s a gift, really. One benefit of being 5 foot tall is that, if the person is over 5'7, it’s super easy to sneak up on them. Neil has Kevin guarding his brownies in the oven, snickerdoodles are on the island, warm and tempting.

Andrew may be short but he’s not able to flit as quick as a breeze and fly into the kitchen for a sneak attack. Mostly because he smokes a shit ton but also because he’s thick and muscle-y. (I’m getting off track. Anyways) he is able to sneak into the kitchen, undetected and snipe three brownies.

Neil walks out of the bathroom, hair damp and sees Andrew stuffing his face with brownies.

“No! Oh my god!”

Through a mouth full of brownie, “Relax, they’re not fudge brownies. Those are worse. I’ll take an allergy pill.”

Kevin screams

part I of my gift to @josteninski for @tfcsecretsanta. because 🎄 is actually 🐝 (get it? get it??) (i took your alternative meeting idea and ran with it…in a completely different direction. 

neil gets wind of wymack travelling to arizona and bolts before he can ever take a borrowed (stolen) racquet to the belly.  running doesn’t prevent him from becoming entangled with kevin day - and his guard dog)

Neil likes Exy, but he likes the fans of the sport more.  For a start, they have a habit of putting their wallets into their back pockets after a few beers during games.

Take his current mark, for example; big enough that Neil might be in danger if he did notice anything, but so focused on his phone that there’s no chance of him turning a hair.  The outline of his wallet is clear in his jeans, an easy target.

There’s plenty of security, but the seething post-match crowd is enough protection for Neil to get to work.  His height means he can easily disappear into the throngs of people, and his speed can do the rest.

He’s smart about this because he has to be.  There aren’t that many options for a wanted runaway like him. Pick-pocketing is a skill he learned from his mother when he was young enough to avoid suspicion by dint of being a kid, and it’s one he’s relied on in a tight spot more than ever since she died.

His mark, doing the phone-focussed zombie walk amongst strangers, lets out a soft ooph when Neil bumps into his back in the crush. He only flicks half a glance over his shoulder, saying, “Watch it,” in a terse tone.

“Sorry,” Neil says briskly, starting to fall back to let people fill the space between them. It doesn’t pay to stick around the scene of the crime.

“That’s a neat trick,” someone says conversationally, right as something hard and cold touches his lower back through his shirt.

Neil’s first thought is that he’s going to turn and look into the face of one of the members of his father’s inner circle.  Because that is a fucking weapon, caught between his body and whoever it is holding it, and he’s been caught by surprise like this before.

He isn’t too proud to say that he freezes, his heart plunging in his chest.

Neil’s mark finally turns all the way around, and Neil finds himself looking into the face of Kevin Day.

He isn’t sure which of them is more surprised.  Neil can’t hide the recognition on his face, and after a moment Kevin blinks.

“You’re that striker from Arizona,” he says.

“He just gave you the most expensive ass-grab of your life,” the man behind Neil says.  

Belatedly, Kevin gropes for his wallet and finds it gone. He says, “There’s ten bucks in there.”

Neil, unable to help himself, replies, “That would have been disappointing for me.”

There’s not much point denying it. It’s also probably a bad idea to do so, with a blade at his back. He flicks a quick glance over his shoulder, sees blonde hair which is a complete giveaway and a grin that Neil doesn’t like at all.

“What’s going on here?” another voice interrupts, which is the nail in the coffin of Neil’s day. 

An older man with a frown and tattoos up his arms steps up next to them, and says, “Minyard.”

“Don’t jump to his defence too soon, Coach,” Minyard says. “He just robbed Kevin blind. Also, look at this face - does it look familiar to you?”

Neil left Millport in the dead of a school night to avoid this man, made his decision the second he walked into Hernandez’s office and saw a copy of his own file on the desk with a printed message from David Wymack clipped to it. Wymack meant Kevin Day, meant getting too close to truths that would end up with Neil as dead as his mother. Neil hadn’t stuck around to find out what the message said, let alone find out what Wymack could possibly want with him.

Neil was born under a bad moon. That’s the only explanation for this kind of coincidence, and such abysmal luck.

Wymack meets Neil’s eyes dead on. “Neil Josten. I was disappointed I didn’t get to meet you out in Arizona. Your coach sent us some pretty interesting footage of you playing.”

It’s a surreal conversation to be having with Kevin’s wallet burning a hole in the pocket of his oversized windbreaker. “That’s great. Are you guys going to call security, or what?”

“Nah,” Wymack says with a shrug. He holds out his big hand - Neil doesn’t flinch - open in invitation. After a moment, presuming he isn’t going to get gutted for moving, Neil reaches into his jacket and drops the wallet into it. Wymack tosses it back to Kevin, who catches it - right-handed.

Wymack continues, “Come on, kid. I’ll buy you a coffee.”

“Do I get a choice about this?” Neil asks. “Or is your team all about making offers at knifepoint?”

Wymack looks at him again. His gaze is evaluating, a slow roll that takes in all of Neil from his ratty sneakers to the tips of his dyed hair. Neil has no idea what he sees, but he does at least click his fingers at Andrew and say, “Put that shit away.”

This time, the command is obeyed. Andrew steps around Neil to Kevin’s side, shooting Neil a sly side-eye look. Neil stops himself from snarling fuck you in automatic response.

“You’ve got a choice,” Wymack says, drawing Neil’s attention back to him. “This time try and make the right one.”

Neil has never believed in the idea of an offer he can’t refuse until right now. He goes with them. 

inkstay; andreil soulmate au

INKSTAY; for the @uselc end of summer network exchange: @juliapeachy

pairing: andrew minyard/neil josten
rating: teen and up audiences
words: 2123
notes: soulmate au,
canon divergence:
events that occur may be (heavily) altered so that they happen differently, at a different time, or not at all. 

Finding your soulmate, according to the world, was supposed to be the most exhilarating and fulfilling moment of one’s life. Of course, there was the matter of finding one’s enemy, but few ever spoke of that. It was proclaimed to be an easy fix: find your soulmate, get it on. Find your enemy, and try to avoid them at all costs.

‘Easy fixes’ weren’t exactly much of a thing in Neil Josten’s life, however,—he had spent eighteen years with the same name on both wrists.

It wasn’t a problem, merely a nuisance, and Neil was too busy with surviving a life on the run to get into something as idiotic as romance. Still, Neil was well aware of who Andrew Minyard was (who wasn’t, really?), but his knowledge only extended to basic facts, never being bothered to actually delve deeper into the other boy’s life.

Not to mention, Andrew was the very embodiment of ‘trouble,’ and Neil tried to avoid anything related to the word. He realized, though, as soon as he was mercilessly whacked with an exy racquet, that despite his precautions, trouble tended to seek him out anyway.

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