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'The Flash' Boss, Grant Gustin Dissect Those Shocking Twists

Well, that was quick!

As fast as the Scarlet Speedster’s engagement happened, it was also put on hold during Tuesday’s episode of The Flash — and for good reason. It turns out, Barry (Grant Gustin) didn’t just propose because he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Iris (Candice Patton). It’s because he knew she wasn’t wearing an engagement ring in his original flash to the future, meaning he hoped that by asking her to be his wife, he could prevent her death at the hands of Savitar.

“That’s a moment that Barry then has to own up to the reality of, which is, he does love Iris more than anything, but he did propose because he wanted to save her life and change the future,” Gustin tells EW. “Initially, he denies that to himself and everyone around him. But Wally calling him out on that, it ticks him off and he pushes Wally away a little bit for sure. But I think he knows that it’s true and that he did have a motive that pushed him to propose that wasn’t necessarily just from the heart — it was out of fear.”

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The Flash: Grant Gustin Previews Tough Talk From Fallen Foes and Friends, Holds Out Hope for 'WestAllen' Future
By Matt Webb Mitovich

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so this Tuesday on The Flash (The CW, 8/7), Barry Allen will again become one with the Speed Force in a bid to rescue Wally, who involuntarily traded places with the long-imprisoned Savitar.

Of course, the first time Barry (accidentally) merged with the Speed Force — in last May’s Kevin Smith-directed “The Runaway Dinosaur” — he was met by the faces of people he trusted and loved. Here, the avatars include the late Leonard Snart, Eddie Thawne and Ronnie Raymond (played by series alumni Wentworth Miller, Rick Cosnett and Robbie Amell).

Previewing this return trip, Flash star Grant Gustin tells TVLine, “Because we did it last year, I think Barry went in knowing what to expect, more or less — but then it is not the same experience.”

Indeed, Snart et all will present Barry with some tough talk as he labors to save Wally from the torturous hell that drove Savitar mad, over and over again.

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