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BOI let’s talk about Neil “rabbit” Josten and Andrew “never lets his guard down” Minyard and how they inexplicably forget the rest of the world is a thing when they’re together???? Like 

  • everyone knows better than to interrupt their intense eye contact. They’ll stare at each other for minutes at a time and matt’s just standing there off to the side, waiting for their bizarre silent convo to wind down. Neil’s the first to look away. 
    • “Oh, how long have you been there, matt?“ 
    • "Just a few seconds don’t worry" 
  • even when they’re not staring at each other, they’re both completely useless if one is looking. Neil focuses his entire attention on Andrew when the sun hits him just right and Kevin sighs and closes the notebook of exy plays they’d been discussing. Andrew is not-watching Neil staring at him, Neil is probably mentally composing a sonnet about Andrew’s shoulders or arms or pinky finger, and Kevin starts talking about Quebec, potato salad, and cello music because anything he says Neil will never be able to remember 
  • they’re not much for PDA but also when the locker room is empty after a game, they might (always) make out against the lockers and sometimes they don’t remember that one freshman who was getting dressed in the showers and he squeaks in surprise when he walks in on them but they’re too wrapped up in each other to notice (or care) 
  • dan is sure she could blow an air horn next to their ears, but if they’re sharing a cigarette, they wouldn’t even flinch. Nearly every day after practice while they wait for Kevin to finish up, Neil and Andrew share a cigarette in the shade provided by the court’s walls. They stand not quite close enough to touch but the space between them is almost nonexistent, and take turns smoking while gazing meaningfully at each other. Or Andrew will smoke and Neil will steal his cigarette and he’ll steal it back and on and on until the thing is burned down to the filter. 
    • Nicky swears he caught them shotgunning smoke but his phone was "dead” at the time and without visual evidence he couldn’t cash in the prize money.
    •  He’s still bitter about it. 
  • one time they halted an entire game for a full minute because some asswipe had growled “Wesninski” at Neil and Neil got tripped up and twisted his ankle.
    • the combination of panic from hearing his old name and panic about not being able to play kept him on the court floor and Andrew was at his side in an instant. He ignored the rest of the players, the refs, and Coach in favor of kneeling on the ground and pressing his forehead to Neil’s. They whispered to each other for a full half a minute before the panic left Neil’s eyes and Andrew was content to sit back. 
    • Neil at least had the decency to look sheepish when he saw the dozen people crowded around them, staring at him with varying amounts of confusion and annoyance.
    • Andrew did not.

what i say: im fine

what i mean: i’m happy that in the closing number of The Book Of Mormon they reference the fact that Connor McKinley overcame his internalized homophobia however I think it would’ve added a lot to the story and McKinley’s character if there was some sort of Turn It Off reprise in which we could see him going through this emotional change. It is literally established that this man has vivid, traumatic nightmares regarding his sexuality every night. It would’ve added a lot to the production to witness him change his worldview as he begins to doubt the existence of god and the legitimacy of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints. And lets talk about Kevin. Did Kevin’s arrival at the mission center influence Connor’s worldview? I mean obviously the nonsense that Kevin, Arnold, and Nabalungi started prompted Connor to question the legitimacy of what he’d been told his entire life. But he also tried to kiss Kevin after the general shot that guy. Like he just tried to kiss Kevin and it’s never acknowledged again. How big of a role did Kevin play in Connor’s emotional development? Why don’t we get to see it happen? Connor was in serious denial about his sexuality since 5th grade, is he okay? 

Never Easy - Jughead Jones

hi, I fell in love with your writing since “It’s hard enough” and I was wondering could you do one where jughead and betty are together but somehow he ends up falling for reader?

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I changed this a little because Betty deserves to be hAPPY DAMN IT

The day that Betty and Jughead sat you and their other friends down, was the day everything took a turn. They told you, Archie, Veronica, and Kevin that they had started dating. For the most part, everyone was happy for them. Anyone could see that you were all a little shocked, Archie probably the most confused. Veronica just smiled and wished them the best, and told Jughead if he ever hurt Betty she’d snap him in half. Kevin agreed with Veronica, trying to seem hopeful for their relationship. You were glad too, but there was a small part of you that had your doubts. They were so different from each other; Betty was sweet and kind while Jughead was more closed off and cold. Then again, love is a very strange thing, so maybe there was hope for them afterall. You’d known Jughead for most of your life, but you had never seen him in a relationship with someone. One thing you noticed was that he seemed to smile more.

You had been Jughead’s best friend since you were little, so you knew him better than you even know yourself. His choice to date Betty wasn’t entirely out of character, that you knew of. You hadn’t been hanging out with him lately since you’d been helping Archie with his music and helping Veronica study after school. You felt like a distance had grown between the two of you, and him dating Betty only expanded it. One day before school ended you decided that you should hang out with him, to renew your friendship.

“Hey Jug,” you said and the boy turned to face you with a half smile.

“Hey Y/N, what’s up?” You smiled and fell into step alongside him. “Nothing really, I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out after school?”

He nodded, “sure that sounds great.” Despite him agreeing, his tone sounded deflated. As if your invitation stole his smile and squashed it under your foot.

“It’s okay if you have other things going on, I was just-”

“No, it’s good Y/N. I want to hang out with you.” Your furrowed you brow as you walked beside him. This was not how Jughead usually acted, but it was probably best not to question his attitude at school.

“Okay, we can walk to Pop’s after school?”

He nodded, “see ya then.” You stopped walking to watch as your friend walked away. What was that all about?

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Kevin checks his student e-mail approximately 75 times a day.

Andrew never checks his.

They’re fighting about this one day, when Neil blinks owlishly, opens it up on Kevin’s computer and goes “oh.” He hadn’t realized he had a school email.

Kevin screams.

dan and kevin sibling hc's

•dan is average height. kevin is 6'2". think about it.

•they have family dinners with wymack and abby on the weekends, and with every family dinner, the more dan gets to see who kevin really is under his exy-obsessed exterior

•she knows, now, that he only loves and breathes exy so much because it brings him closer to his mother

•later, in the future, she’s talking to someone and refers to kevin as her brother. she doesn’t catch the slip up until much later, and even then, she doesn’t really think it was a mistake

•kevin and dan becoming gossiping buddies with Sibling Nights. it started when kevin interrupted dan’s Girls Night one too many times and allison and renee got so fed up with him they left

•kevin usually wears whatever face masks dan buys for them and tries to learn how to paint nails without fucking up. he gets better. eventually.

•Kevin showing up to one of their Gossip Nights with four bags hanging off his arms. one is for snacks, two is for fun beauty products he saw that he wanted to try, and the fourth is magazines. they have a blast that night.

•kevin, during practice and before games, likes to stand behind dan and look menacing. it doesn’t work a t a l l, but when neil starts being captain, it starts working on the freshmen


•dan cries for a solid minute and a half bc hello, her baby brother has grown up so much and also fuck gender roles

•kevin, while waiting for his nails to dry and a clay mask cleaning his pores: do u think andrew would do this thing for me?

dan, flipping through a magazine and waiting for her charcoal pore cleaning face mask to dry: don’t waste ur time thinking about him babe neil is his new man

•this, of course, launches a whole discussion on Neil “Death Wish” Josten

•they bond over their mutual mother hen tendencies when it comes to this 5'3" asshole

•matt is jealous only bc they don’t invite HIM to their Sibling Nights, mostly because hello, he loves face masks, and he loves when he gets his nails painted fun colors, and c'mon dan just one time i’ll be chill i promise!!!!!!!

•let these two siblings be happy

Just think about Neil talking about Exy in his sleep, loud enough that a sleeping Kevin across the room hears him. And sleeping Kevin starts mumbling too, disturbed by the noise but not enough to actually wake. Then slowly he starts talking about Exy too, prompted by Neil’s mumbling. And then they start having a conversation. And Neil is dissing a play Kevin made them try the week before and Kevin is adamantly defending it.
All in sleepy mumbles.
And Andrew just sits up in bed and stares at the two of them. Screw them if they think they are going to talk about Exy all of their waking hours AND all of their sleeping ones.
Neil is woken up by Andrew pressing his lips very very close to Neil’s - not in a kiss, just a hair’s breadth away, his forehead just about touching Neil’s and his nose against the skin of his cheek - and saying “Neil, shut the fuck up.”
Neil mumbles a sleepy “huh, fine” and goes quiet.
Kevin gets woken up by a thrown alarm clock.
“Fuck you, Andrew.”