thatkevinsmith We shipping #sanvers, son! I got to watch @chy_leigh & @florianalima work their magic on @supergirlcw yesterday (i.e., I was “directing” again). The Alex and Maggie storyline has made a serious difference in the lives of some of the fan base, so much so that @glaad nominated #supergirl for Outstanding Drama Series. Credit goes to the honest emotional reality the @supergirlwriters bring to the scripts every week, as well as these two amazing actresses’ abilities to make us believe their characters are falling in love. We spent the day outside in the snow and rain but these radiant ladies kept the set warm and cozy. #KevinSmith #chylerleigh #florianalima #vancouver #supergirlcw #glaadawards

chy_leigh: #tbt … @thatkevinsmith is like the coolest ever. He gave stickers out to the actors to incentivize us to nail a scene in the first take. It’s amazing to me that at 34 years old, it was like major #goals to get one. Look Kevin! I still have mine! You’re missed by all of us on @thecwsupergirl Hope to see you again sometime soon 😉 #supergirl #kevinsmith #memeandchychy @melissabenoist

Of course, Kara wasn’t the only Danvers sister whose love life Smith couldn’t wait to explore. In many ways, he says, “Alex is the heart and soul of this show.”

“The Alex and Maggie relationship starts turning into something really beautiful,” he teases. “We got to do a couple of scenes with them, early in the relationship, where they start to figure out who they are as a couple.”

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“There’s a really tender scene between Chyler and Floriana [Lima]”

“I love Chyler Leigh. I think she’s amazing. I think she’s a fantastic actress, as is Melissa [Benoist],” he said. “But what they’re doing with Chyler’s character this year and hooking her up with Maggie Sawyer is not just great storytelling, but important storytelling for a bunch of people out there who see themselves reflected in that relationship. We’ve seen it online – there have been a bunch of stories generated by people who are like, ‘This means something.’ So we have a few scenes with those characters where we get to play with that, particularly because it’s early in their relationship. There’s a really tender scene between Chyler and Floriana [Lima]. I didn’t act in it; they did all the acting. I just put cameras on it. But I feel it’s a really strong piece of that arc going forward – the building of a real relationship between those characters. So I was proud and happy about that.”

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