kevin selles


“It’s a thrill to meet you, sir.”  Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens run into the Undertaker after Raw, and Kevin’s sell of that chokeslam is a thing of joy and beauty. {x}

  One time I had the thought that in Night Terror, there had to be at least one or two hoaxes that a lot of people believed until it got proven wrong, so here it is-
Kevin Aspen.

Kevin Aspen was a fake character that was presented in an internet hoax back when Night Terror was still pretty new. People generally believed this character existed in the games as an intentional easter egg to find in every level. Kevin had a racoon as a spirit animal, and it was quite obvious.

  What Kevin did was sell the player items while in a level, and even sell items that they couldn’t get a hold of in regular dreamscape shops. Some of the items presented in the fake screenshots never even existed. Supposedly, Kevin Aspen could be found in hidden areas in most levels, selling items that were unique to every level you found him in. 

   However, it was later found that the character was a hoax, as hackers found that there was no evidence of the character in Night Terror’s game files. It was later dubbed as a hoax, but there are still some people who theorize that Kevin used to exist in the game.

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