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the foxhole court as john mulaney quotes
  • neil: i'll keep all my emotions right here and then one day i'll die
  • andrew: it is 100% easier not to do things than to do them
  • aaron: sometimes, babies will point at me, and I don't care for that shit at all
  • nicky: eat ass, suck a dick, and sell drugs
  • kevin: im really sorry about last night, it’s just that im mean and loud. it probably will happen again
  • dan: you have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair
  • matt: THATS MY WIFE!
  • renee: i think emily dickison is a lesbian
  • allison: i am a proud, asian american woman, and you will treat me with respect!
  • wymack: i pulled up to the drive thru window at mcdonalds and ordered a black coffee for myself and kept driving. The one thing no kid at mcdonalds can ever enjoy
  • riko: This is an on-fire trash can

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Okay how bout you just give us ur headcanons of dirty Kevin instead then

you ain’t gotta tell me twice! here are a few of my (completely made-up with little to no basis) kevin related headcanons!
- kevin studied chemistry in college, but he dropped out. he was no longer able to juggle school and his addiction issues. it didn’t feel important anyway, and to this day he doesn’t exactly regret it - though he does wonder what could have became of him if he stayed in school.
- if he meets with kids, sometimes he even tells them to stay in school. there could be a connection.
- by the way, dude’s good with kids.
- he started dealing after that, in a smaller scale, at first only to support his own habit.
- that was a pretty good time for a while. 
- UNTIL he overdosed on coke one night, got taken to a hospital, and was clinically dead for a while. later he described that being an “empty” feeling, and he’s anything but a poetic kinda guy.
- so like. no, he is not interested in your religon
- he was sent to rehab after that, which did do some wonders. the incident that got him there was a pretty big wake-up call - and he did realize he needed to change his lifestyle if he didn’t want to actually stay dead the next time.
- after getting out of rehab and working shitty jobs for about half a year, he got back to dealing - this time staying clean from the serious stuff himself. he was REALLY in for that profit.
- since then, he’d been kind of in a lot of different (see: illegal), not specifically drug-related operations, but he does keep it in mind to stay in line and mind his own business the best he can.
- at this point in life, kevin is not doing any Really Hard Drugs himself, but his lifestyle is still Awful. he’s been eating instant ramen every day the last month or so. someone help him.
- self care is selling drugs to girlscouts. 
- kevin is actually one of the FEW people who reads the fucking paper, so he knows who daniel is (though when meeting him face to face, he can’t exactly figure out WHERE he knows him from for about a day)
- he also refers to himself in third person an awful lot
- he’s actually very interested in chemistry and could talk about it for a good day or so.

How Seriously Should You Take Writing?

Every once in a while I get to thinking about all the writing stuff out there.

There is so much stuff.

There are so many opinions.

So much advice.

And sometimes I wonder what percentage of people who want to write really need all of them.

The title of this post is “How Seriously Should You Take Writing?” Do you know what the answer is?

However seriously you want.

There is so much stuff out there for writers.

There are conferences where you can learn about writing and meet authors, agents, editors.

There are writing retreats where you can get together with other writers, socialize, and write.

There are hundreds of books on writing you can read about and learn from.

There are blogs, youtube channels, podcasts, Twitter handles, Facebook pages for writers.

There are writing workshops where you can do hands-on learning and get critiques and feedback of your work.

There are open mic nights where you can read your work.

There are community events for writers.

There are writing groups where you meet with other writers and share work.

There are writing luncheons and dinners.

If you know where to find it, there is writing stuff everywhere.

If you really want to write, it can sometimes be hard not to get sucked into trying to do everything–everything mentioned above, including actually writing, and editing, and public appearances, and social media, and blogging, and contests, and …   the list goes on.

But everyone can be a writer. It doesn’t require any of the things in that list above. The definition of a writer is someone who writes.

It doesn’t have qualifiers.

How seriously should you take writing?

However seriously you want.

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Ohhh where did you get that Randal and Dante figure? I so want those!

Kevin Smith used to sell them like a decade ago on his website. Originally based off the Clerks Animated series, he re-released them in black and white to match the original movie. Each phase was based on a movie up to Jay & Silent Bob Stikes Back. Each set had a Jay & Silent Bob variant. Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma sets are still on his Secret Stash site, with Jay and Silent Bob being the only one available in some of the phases.

Additionally, they made some Comic-con exclusive side characters and Kevin Smith (with a bazillion variants.. I will eventually buy the Zombie one). 

They did have plans to do Clerks 2 but were canceled in the prototype stage. Which upsets me the most because Clerks 2 has my favorite figures in the line.

Also, they were going to make a Kinky Kelly and a Sexy stud figure. WE COULD HAVE HAD A TOY OF INTERSPECIES EROTICA! THIS COULD BE ON MY DESK!!?

Also I’m pretty sure the legendary Stephen Silver did most if not all the designs for the figures. (Some of these pictures are taken from his portfolio site)

One less fact. The company that made these also produced the Super Best Friends forever and most of DC’s comic con exclusive stuff. They sometimes sell surplus on their website and is how I got my Super Best Friends Forever collection for less than 30 dollars total. 


Adrian Neville superkicking Kevin Owens at 240fps is the coolest thing you’ll see today.


Due to the financial situation I am currently in (wedding budget, hospital bills, car payment, etc.)… I have to commit to one action I thought I would never take. 

He gone to his first con … Still fantastic condition!


He is the original and only one I made. Soon I would make another Kevin for myself, but now he can be company to another.

I made him with all fleece and felt fabric. Green buttons for his eyes. His hair is … A mess which I apologize in FULL advance since his buzz cut really annoyed me since I have so little of orange in my supply. I tried to keep it clean and groomed. His glasses are made from fleece and felt combined which it can be taken off easily including his cap.

Plushie made by me.
Reverse!Kevin belong to Asphyxion

For pricing information, Kevin is only $50 dollars just for all!!

Shipping and handling is included into the total.

Please, message me for further information or ASK in my inbox.

If you believe Kevin is worth more than he look. Convince me.

He is a once and a life time opportunity!

Additional information if you want to have your own Kevin made IF he is sold to one lucky person

My Review of Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

Sell Me in a Sentence: If Gossip Girl was set (mostly) in Singapore, focused on adults, and written wonderfully.

Short Summary: Rachel Chu is invited by her boyfriend, Nicholas Young, to his hometown of Singapore to attend his childhood best friend’s wedding of the century. Nicholas’ extensive family enters the picture and all Rachel’s plans for a chill summer vacation go to hell.

Review: One of the reasons I think I like this book so much is that I love the “middle class person is exposed to high society life” trope pretty much in every book or movie - unless it is overdone or rings false. I wonder if this is also true of many people, whom like me grew up lower middle class. We know that rich people have the same problems as us; that as a million fables have taughts us, money can’t buy happiness. But it’s always fun to have this socioeconomic immersion. 

Even if this book wasn’t so glamorous, name-dropping everything from the top, private, Christian, elementary schools in Singapore to special edition Birkin bags, the writing is top notch. Not only does Kwan deliver on his wry observations, but he is witty and shrewd. Flip open the book and turn to one of his footnotes - no matter the chapter I’m sure it’ll either give you a laugh or provide you with some insight on Southeast Asian culture.

I think this is a great book to read when you’re more busy, because it’s easy to remember the details, yet each time you pick it back up your sucked right into the story. I already own the sequel and am looking forward to reading it once I get through some other TBR books.

I give it 4.25 STARS!

Buy: Crazy Rich Asians

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Dude for real abt Butters' family. Like,,,, Kenny's family isn't the best, but consider. Neither his mom nor his dad have ever thought of selling him, Kevin or Karen out for cash, none of them make their kids wear bags on their heads, neither of their parents abuse of their freedom as parents to ground them for the dumbest reasons or treat Kenny like a satan spawn when he's back from the dead. TL;DR the McCormicks may abuse substances but they will never be at the same low as the Stotches.

Honestly. I want to see the McCormicks more and the Stotches less, too much to ask?

Though knowing South Park and the whole “Adults are Useless” trope, I’m pretty sure the Stotches are held in higher regard because they have jobs and a decent house. I know it’s not going to make a fucking difference in the South Park universe, but I don’t like the Stotches at all.

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Maybe something for a Demon AU. (Like Neil's a witch who summons a demon Andrew (maybe by accident) or they're both demons, but Neil's the son of a high up subordinate of Lucifer or something. Or they're both demons who have an mutually beneficial arrangement. Or there's somekind of demon exy. Idek, just something involving Andreil, demons and your writing because I am in love with your writing which is the best thing ever).

omg THANK YOU!!! i’m so glad you like my writing, i will never get over the fact that people do??? BUT FOR THAT, I LOVE YOU. TRULY. 

i swear i’m trying to do these asks in order, but i finished the WIP tag just as this popped into my askbox and i had literally JUST decided not to include a snippet of my demon!Andrew fic. so this is fated, ok? BECAUSE I HAVE A DEMON!ANDREW FIC I’VE BEEN WORKING ON. ask @burningfairytales, she knows all about it xD 

also maybe pop by @everythingthatmatters? she’s organizing the sin-squad’s headcanon discussions, so she might have a cleaned-up version of the sin-squad discussion of tfc demon aus because the topic has definitely come up. 

edit: lina put it altogether here: (X


“Neil isn’t stupid enough to make a deal with a demon. His mother warned him against them every night, nestled away in their motel rooms; she would stare up at cracked stucco ceilings and her voice would be curiously flat when she intoned, “They’ll never give you what you want. Not without taking more than you can give.” 

She was worse about demons than she was about girls. If the thought ever crossed Neil’s mind that a deal might save them some misery, she knew. Maybe it was mother’s intuition, maybe it was the wistfulness on his face, maybe it was just lucky guesses hitting their mark every time, but she always knew. She would pinch at his throat until he gagged, until the blood rushed in his ears, until the thought ran far, far away, too fast for even him to follow. 

Neil isn’t stupid enough to make a deal with a demon, but apparently Kevin is.”




“Neil drags Andrew away from the huddle, hands furiously fisted in his jersey. 

When they’re out of ear shot from the team, Neil snaps. ‘What are you doing? You could have stopped that goal! You should have! Yous stepped out of the way!’

Andrew doesn’t deign to answer. He stares derisively at Neil’s hand until Neil huffs and removes it. Then he nods, dismissive, and turns to go back on the court. Something thick and acidic nearly chokes Neil. He shoves Andrew before he can stop himself. 

Andrew starts to stumble but freezes midway through the motion. His body jerks upright, impossibly, like a macabre marionette. He twists back around to face Neil, eyes blackened, pupils slit. The shadow of horns peaks out of his sweaty hair. 

Neil takes a quick step back. 

‘The next time you try to command me,’ Andrew warns, ‘I will bleed you dry, one drop at a time.’

Neil nods silently in a show of submission, but he can’t soften the stubborn set of his jaw. One of Andrew’s hands shoots out and squeezes the hinge of it until it loosens. Neil’s mouth parts a little, forced open. Andrew stares at him so long Neil’s fury starts to waver. Something in that stare unbalances him. 

Andrew’s shoulders shift restlessly as he comes to some decision. ‘I’ll make you a deal,’ he purposes. 

‘No,’ Neil says. It’s instinctive, though a tiny, traitorous part of him wants to hear this through. 

Andrew knows it. He smiles. His teeth still look human, but his smile seems fanged. ‘I’ll win you this game if you tell me a secret.’

‘No,’ Neil says again. His voice wobbles. He fights back a curse. 

Andrew softens his grip until his hand cups Neil’s throat. He glides his thumb along Neil’s pulse, a steady sweep, back-and-forth. ‘C’mon, Josten. Just one little secret. It’ll only hurt a bit.’

Neil remembers his mother clawing at his neck, vicious, where Andrew’s now gentle. ‘Don’t make deals,’ she had warned. 

But he wants to win

Neil lowers his head just a little and gives in. ‘My real name is Abram,’ he whispers. ‘It’s the only name I can claim to be true.’

Andrew’s eyes flash hell-fire gold. Triumphant. 

It’s stupid to feel betrayed when he’s the one who’s betrayed himself, but Neil knows in his gut he’s in trouble. No going back now, he thinks. So Neil demands his due, ‘Win me this game.’

Andrew laughs. ‘You traded too much. True names have power. For ‘Abram’, I will win more than games.’”