kevin schafer


[ Sterphin 2017 ]

Duh Homie Sterph aka Stephon Deifer

Just a couple shots from this season mashed up for your viewing pleasure! stole shots from the internet and didn’t re edit.. still gonna send it! much luv to @killnthegame_ @686 @fluxbindings @bonusgloves @ltdoptics @highcountryhealing @hchsnow @ukihoods @bear_mountain @woodwardCopper and the people i stole the shots from ;) Bryan Cordero (@b_scales87) Kyle Schafer (@jupiterpeople) Kevin Lonergan (@wormlyfefilms) And All Duh iPhones involved!

Antarctica, Weddell Sea, chinstrap penguins resting on blue iceberg by Kevin Schafer

Did you know that glacial ice is a different color than regular ice. It is so blue because the dense ice of the glacier absorbs every other color of the spectrum except blue–so blue is what we see!