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This is still my favourite Sami Zayn Vs Kevin Owens moment I’ve ever seen

Bonus Cesaro and The Miz reactions 

Then Cesaro does his part and Sami is like DUDE!


Things overheard in the Fox Tower
  • Matt Boyd: I don't have a favourite friend. How could you even think that? All of them are of totally equal importance and worth.
  • Allison Reynolds: It's Neil, isn't it?
  • Matt Boyd: I can't help it. He has those love-me tender eyes and I'm weak.

Night of Days 

This is no way to be
Man ought to be free
That man should be me
Talk to the walls
Echoes down the halls
Dream of dreams
An allusion freedom seems
Write thoughts on paper by reams

Toilet flushes
Water gushes
Makes such a noise
Lack of privacy annoys
Nightime [sic] sounds
Jailer makes rounds
No freedom abounds
Prisoners are clowns

So the night slowly passes
No wine of wine glasses
No girls to make passes
Just us caged asses
Cards are alright
I play them all night

Sleep comes on slowly
Read the words of the wholly
The scriptures bring peace
They talk of release
They bring you to god
I’m here that seems odd
But His gift is so clear
I find that He’s near
Mercy and redemption
Without an exception
He puts me at ease
Jailer, do what you please
No harm can befall me
When the Savior does call me

I look back on this day
And what can I say
More of my life wasted
No freedom I’ve tasted
7:30 it’s chow time
At that hour who feels fine
Milk, mush, and toast
Not much of to boast

Sweep the floors
Talk of whores
Hear the thunder of prison doors
Do your chores
Listen to bores
How guys made scores
Or escaped distant shores

I wrote a letter
That made me feel better
Words to the outside
That’s how I keep my pride
I write words of hope
It’s really no soap
I mean what I say
Where there’s hope there’s a way
I’ll be free someday

I sleep quite a lot
Escape though it’s not
In sleep I don’t care
I forget the night mare
The bars and the screams
Are not in my dreams
I don’t smoke cigarettes
Or have sad regrets
This sleep liberation
Is tranquil salvation

- A poem by Ted Bundy sent to his friend and true crime writer Ann Rule.

Underrated things from The Book Of Mormon
  • Elder Poptarts
  • Satan implying that all Catholics and Jews go to Hell
  • “He answered your prayers, huh?”
  • the golden plates in “Joseph Smith: American Moses”
  • the mission president
  • the gasps of Genghis Khan, Jeffrey Dahmer, Adolf Hitler, and Johnnie Cochran when they hear that Kevin broke rule 72
  • the “Hasa Diga Eebowai” reprise
  • “fuck you in the eye!… fuck you in the other eye!”
  • the x-ray of the Book of Mormon in Kevin’s ass
  • “I have maggots in my scrotum” “You should really see a doctor about that” “I am the doctor”
  • Johnnie Cochran playing the bongos in “Spooky Mormon Hell Dream”
  • the entire airport scene
  • “Africa is nothing like Lion King!  I think that movie took a lot of artistic license!”
  • the kraken that shoots Joseph Smith torpedoes that will turn you into a lesbian
  • the insanely fast costume change in “Turn It Off”
  • the fact that Arnold has never read the Book of Mormon
Things overheard in the Fox Tower
  • Aaron Minyard: FIGHT ME
  • Neil Josten: *appears out of nowhere and fucking decks him*

that one quote from kevin about how making neil pro would be a lot easier if he “remained heterosexual” gives me a lot of gay!kevin emotions, so…….

  • when he was growing up, he had crushes on a bunch of different exy players
    • most of them were ravens, so they didn’t really pay him much attention
    • when he’d first met neil (or nathaniel, whatever you want to call him) it only took a little while to develop a crush
  • kevin never actually told riko, but riko figured it out
    • riko used it against kevin as much as he could
    • it just got worse as they got older - riko’s torture got a lot more “creative” and kevin learned to hate that part of him
  • it’s one of the reasons why he dislikes nicky so much sometimes
    • nicky is so open about his sexuality and kevin feels like he has to hide
    • he won’t admit it, but he’s jealous - especially when he sees Erik
    • sometimes when he’s drunk he wants to take advantage of the fact that he’s on nicky’s “List” (what? nicky is attractive, anyone with eyes can see that, even if his personality rubs kevin the wrong way sometimes)
  • he’s not actually dating thea, he just lets his teammates think he is
    • he knows that they wouldn’t judge him (aaron is the only straight one of the bunch)
    • thea was just the only one he could talk to about riko (aside from jean, but jean is still stuck there)
  • sometimes he wonders if he’s doing the right thing by sacrificing his own personal happiness for his career
    • sometimes he wonders if it’s necessary
  • he likes USC because they’re a good team
    • but the reason he loves them has the initials J.K.

I was thinking about the foxes playing True American (drinking game from new girl) and then started thinking about snapshots of the foxes wearing the winner’s outfit (a flag cape, crown made out of beer boxes with crushed cans as gems, 2 pillows taped to the feet as slippers):

Kevin leaning against the kitchen counter in the cape and crown, eating nutella out of the jar at 3 am

Dan winning and sharing the outfit with Matt when they go downstairs to meet a pizza delivery. Dan in the crown, Matt in the cape

Aaron passing out using the cape as a blanket. Someone matt points out that it’s a trophy not bedding when he tries to drag it into his bedroom so he drapes it over the edge of his top bunk for a week to annoy

how the living hell does Allison pull this awful look off?? witchcraft. (It’s strategic outfit and hair styling; she came to win). At one point she places the crown on Renee’s head with a wink, Renee smooths Allison’s hair back down in return

Andrew wins and only ever wears the pillow shoes bc he has permanently cold toes. Neil gives Andrew the slippers when he wins

Listen, Neil thinks the crown is dumb (it falls over his eyes sometimes, ok?) but Will wear it if trashed enough. One day when he’s gone enough to wear it all, Matt gets him to stand on the desks and pose. It becomes Matt’s phone background for a month.

Nicky is That Obnoxious Fuck who takes victory laps around their hall, cape billowing. Someone takes a slowmo of it at one point. He clips a corner and a screen cap of him falling is posted in the locker room


Anon prompt: “omg! I love your imagines! could you pretty please doone where jughead and the reader are at a party and juggie gets drunk and sings sex by the 1975 an then in the morning wakes up and doesnt remember dooing it? please!”

A/N: Sure can, sorry I didn’t post this last night :-( 

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