kevin roth


For people who aren’t into film business/don’t know/don’t care:

Fantastic Fest is a huge ordeal. It’s a big fucking deal. You find Kevin Smith, Eli Roth, Keanu Reeves, and other huge names dropping new projects there every year. This isn’t some small, hole in the wall event. Just because you haven’t heard of it, doesn’t mean no one else has.

This is a really big deal. This could get a LOT of outside-the-fandom notoriety for the film, which leads to a wider release if it does well at the festival. The more hype, awards, and screenings the film gets..the wider the public release will be. Because the company handling the public release decide how wide a release it gets, based on how well they think it will do in the box office. This is why the public release hasn’t been announced yet, nor how wide it will be. (Look at films like The Babadook, which took the event by storm last year, and went on to win endless awards around the world, get international wide release, and more.)