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I miss 2016 and all of these days. Lately things have been rough and I think back on these times and smile. Not that internet fandoms are everything to me but I feel so blessed to meet such hard working people. Sometimes it’s hard for me to handle school work but to think that these people can be successful and influence millions around the world blows my mind. I feel happy knowing that good people still exist. That hard workers still exist. That people care.

It’s the best feeling in the world to meet the people who inspire you the most and say thank you. If I could I’d have conversations that lasted hours with these people to learn about them and learn about what it’s like to be a creator. What it’s like to write music and scripts and to just create all of the time. I know it’s far fetched and I know I’m ranting and getting all sentimental but I just wanted to talk about this stuff.

Its the most amazing experience to hear your favorite song live or see the people you love do what they love and I hope you get to experience that one day. It’s truly spectacular.

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Let’s talk about Nathan Pierce from Teen Wolf! Let’s talk about Reggie Mantle from Riverdale! Let’s talk about Zach Dempsey from 13 Reasons Why! Let’s talk about ROSS BUTLER!


Glee casts makes the best WTF faces…

13x24 - A Few Thoughts...

                      *WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS!*

1) I am SO happy they did not kill off Edwards - the writers made the right choice here, she chose something else, she chose to heal herself rather than heal others. It was a beautiful send-off for a beautiful character. Amelia’s gonna be pissed though… Also “did you take the scenic route?” was a great one liner from her just to remind Warren one last time who is on top! Finally the song Dancing on My Own was the perfect fit - Edwards has lived her whole life in hospitals and then Dr Webber and Dr Shepherd were her mentors and now she needs to go and live her life, she needs to learn to dance on her own. 

2) Megan is in the USA and Riggs is driving to be with her! This will be a love story for the ages! Meredith was so altruistic, she saw the bigger picture and knew: “If it were Derek, I would already be gone”. I have no complaints about how they dealt with Riggs being told by Mer; for once it was not all about her!

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Are the TVD writers trying to kill me before the finale?    

But like really, I have to ask cause that ending last night…  

THAT ending last night…   

That ENDING last night…  

Had me like…     

Katherine Pierce is back? 

Katherine. Fucking. Pierce. Is. Back.     

AS. THE. FUCKING. DEVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!