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I miss 2016 and all of these days. Lately things have been rough and I think back on these times and smile. Not that internet fandoms are everything to me but I feel so blessed to meet such hard working people. Sometimes it’s hard for me to handle school work but to think that these people can be successful and influence millions around the world blows my mind. I feel happy knowing that good people still exist. That hard workers still exist. That people care.

It’s the best feeling in the world to meet the people who inspire you the most and say thank you. If I could I’d have conversations that lasted hours with these people to learn about them and learn about what it’s like to be a creator. What it’s like to write music and scripts and to just create all of the time. I know it’s far fetched and I know I’m ranting and getting all sentimental but I just wanted to talk about this stuff.

Its the most amazing experience to hear your favorite song live or see the people you love do what they love and I hope you get to experience that one day. It’s truly spectacular.

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Glee casts makes the best WTF faces…


Glee Club Evolution

Thank you Glee for this amazing cast!

Bold What You Prefer - TVD Edition

inspired by [x]
season one or season four
steferine or steroline
damon salvatore or stefan salvatore
caroline dries or kevin williamson
katherine pierce or elena gilbert
klaus’ accent or enzo’s accent
rippah stefan or human stefan
the mikaelsons or the salvatores
elijah mikaelson or klaus mikaelson
witches or werewolves 
steroline or klaroline 
kai parker or kol mikaelson  
elijah and damon or klaus and stefan 
mythology or romance
canon or au
season tree finale or season one finale 
rebekah mikaelson or lexi branson
human elena or vampire elena
dalaric or denzo 
stelena or delena
the show or the books 
human caroline or vampire caroline