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Kevin’s Guilty Pleasure

A/N: I just thought this was hilarious. This is something I do while doing dishes.

Kevin has a weird habit and Double Dee loves it.

It was an average morning Edd thought, sure Kevin had gotten up before him but that wasn’t unusual. Edd sighed quietly to himself as he got out of bed. He quickly straightened the blankets and began pulling out his clothes for the day laying them across the freshly made bed. Edd then strolled towards the bathroom, as he crossed the hall he could hear Kevin starting on breakfast, pans clanging softly as he pulled them from the cupboards. Edd hummed softly as he started the shower waiting for the temperature to adjust before stepping in.

Kevin, having heard Edd get up waited until he heard the shower start to turn on his music. Panic at the Disco came blaring through his speakers as he pulled out a couple eggs and cracked them into a bowl. Kevin hummed along to the song as he beat the eggs and added salt and pepper, getting into a little groove as he poured the concoction into a hot pan. Kevin danced over to other side of the kitchen to remove a waffle from the waffle maker and put it with the other five he made earlier. He returned to his eggs scrambling them as he sang aloud to the song playing not realizing the shower had stopped long ago.

Edd having finally dressed wandered downstairs, he was greeted by the smell of food and a quite amusing sight. Kevin was too caught up in his mini performance to notice that he was no longer alone. Edd knew Kevin had a tendency to burst into song while cooking but it was rare to actually catch him in the act. He bit back a smirk as Kevin belted out the chorus while divvying up the eggs onto two separate plates.

“I’m a scholar and a gentleman and I usually don’t fall when I try to stand. I lost a bet to a guy in a chiffon skirt but I make these high-heels work. I told you–” Kevin trailed off as he turned and spotted Edd standing at the foot of the stairs smirking.

“Aww, dammit Dee. Can you like announce yourself or something?” He groaned putting the empty pan in the sink.

“I apologize, Kevin. I couldn’t resist.” Edd snickered walking over to hug his boyfriend.

“Yeah, yeah, just make your plate before everything gets cold.” Kevin grumbled a light blush dusting his cheeks.