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cecil's neurodivergent headcanons list

this is list is by no means complete. I’ll update it when I’ve more to add. if you’ve got one, reply it and I’ll edit it on! the list so far is:

  • Dr Spencer Reid* (Criminal Minds) — Asperger’s
  • Carlos the Scientist (Welcome to Night Vale) — Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Kevin (Welcome to Night Vale) — Autism, PTSD, psychosis (possibly due to the same things that caused his PTSD)
  • Hercules Mulligan (Hamilton) — Tourette’s
  • Cecil Palmer (Welcome to Night Vale) — ADHD, Autism
  • Freed Justine (Fairy Tail) — Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Harry Potter — Autism
  • Jacob Lester (Archive 81) — Autism
  • Rat (Archive 81) — psychosis (appears to be due to extenuating circumstances)
  • Steve Carlsberg (Welcome to Night Vale) — Autism
  • Icarus (Death at a Low Price) — Autism

* = became canon!

The Army Of Darkness attacks the Windham family
[January 12th, 1985]

Florida wrestling was plagued in the mid-80s by The Army Of Darkness, a group of miscreants led by who many considered to be the devil himself, Kevin Sullivan. During this segment in which Kendall Windham was set to receive an award for being Wrestler Of The Month by Sports Review Magazine’s Trudy Herd. Instead, The Army Of Darkness attacked, and in a shocking moment, Trudy was slapped across the face by Sullivan. The incident sparked a lot of controversy, especially when Herd was “kidnapped” by The Army Of Darkness and was driven mad, having her head shaved by Fallen Angel as Sullivan spoke.

To watch this taking place in the mid-80s while at home must have been pretty striking and uncomfortable. Mark Lewin, seated next to Sullivan, sat with his eyes rolled back and a knife in hand. Abudadein was crawling around the room with a snake while Fallen Angel (later known simply as Woman, the late wife of Chris Benoit) stood in BDSM gear, shaving Trudy’s head. At the time, this group couldn’t have been more evil, as punk rock and kids being torn from their families by cults were two major concerns due to news media spreading panic.

This was Trudy Herd’s transition to become Luna Vachon, a heavily made-up, BDSM-outfit clad madwoman who spread fear throughout Florida and the WWF for over a decade to come.

pls imagine modern!hamilton meeting Book of Mormon squad
  • •Eliza and Nabalungi hit it off and proceed to complain about boys for hours
  • •Lafayette flirting with Connor (making Kevin jealous)
  • •Hercules Mulligan and Mitumbo having the time of their lives together probably fucking shit up
  • •Hamilton arguing with Kevin about random things and Aaron holding Hamilton back
  • •John Laurens getting in a fist fight with the general
  • •Elder Poptarts being attacked by the Peggy and Angelica for being adorable (and church getting jealous)
  • •George Washington probably is in charge of all of them some how and internally screams
  • •I want this to happen ok

Original Caption: A new tank cartridge was recently tested at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md. Pictured here are: (from left) Kent Evans, TRADOC Capability Manager - Armored Brigade Combat Team; Kevin Mulligan, Armament Research, Development and Engineering Command; Maj. Juan Santiago, assistant product manager; Lt. Col. Brian Gruchacz Product Manager; Greg Malejko, ARDEC; Steve Peralta, is Mounted Requirements Division, Maneuver Center of Excellence; and Col. Rocky Kmiecik, director, Mounted Requirements Division, Maneuver Center of Excellence. (Photo Credit: U.S. Army photo)