kevin mui

¿A quién le importa si eres o no un estudiante ejemplar? ¿A quién le importa si marcas o no la diferencia? ¿A quién le importa si lograste o no algo que te propusiste? A nadie le debe de importar eso, sólo a ti, tú decides si vas a hacer cualquier cosa, nadie puede impedirte hacer algo, tú mismo pones tus propios límites.

Alright, so here we go, another late night post and another Sami one shot. This one… I don’t know. I had a small idea after watching a few videos on youtube and from seeing all those El Generico gifs. I hope it’s not horrible. 

Title: Ole?! 

Paring: Sami Zayn [El Generico] x OC (as if I write anything different right now…) 

Rating: SMUT! 

Warnings: Language and smuttyness. 

Summary: OC and Sami are moving in together. OC is helping him pack his apartment up and finds some fun things in his closet. 

A/N: I was not around for El Generico and watched a lot of interviews of him. I hope I did him justice where ever he is raising orphans or whatever…. :] Enjoy! OH and I got you use the word CLAVICLE. It’s my favorite word. (I know I’m weird, but I work in the medical field!) Its the collar bone in case you didn’t know.

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